Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Corr that knocked me for six!!

Well I am finally getting back on my feet after being hit for six with this sinus thing. Still feeling a little rough around the edges but am 100% better than last week.

Boys are on their Easter hols at the mo and it is lovely to have no routine with school. I may even get a little crafting done later.

Got the new cd from Kirsty Wiseman last week but have been too ill to play with it. Am hoping that tomorrow is the day ;)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Must be feeling off!!

I have called in sick today which I have never done for work before.
Went to the docs yesterday and I have sinusitus which is very very painful and giving me nose bleeds too which are fun!!

Anyway needless to say no crafting has been done either as I just cannot concentrate - hoping I may feel better tomorrow so that I can have a play.

By the way we have a new addition to our family and when he is feeling a little less shy I will take some pics and introduce him properly xx