Friday, November 25, 2011

Feeling better

Well the last post was a real pity post. Not sure where all of that came from but let me assure you that my glass is def half full today.
I have decided that I need to teach them to be more independent and not rely on mum to sort stuff out automatically.
So tonight I have decided that Harry is going to make tea for them both (under my supervision of course) which will just be soup or beans on toast but it's a start!!
I have also realised that things need to change work wise and so I am trying to do something about that too. Can't say much now but obviously if something happens I will post on here.

In my haste to have a more organised Christmas I have already conjured out some thankyou cards for the boys. A simple design using accents from Cuddly Buddly. On the back I have added a preprinted thankyou with gaps for the boys to add their own notes.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I know this is supposed to be a crafting blog but it's also a diary of my life and a type of therapy so I suppose I need to write about the bad as well as the good.
I love my boys and I truly love being a Mum. I am so proud of these two young boys I am nurturing into what I hope will be fine, happy and well rounded boys.
However sometimes, like today/this week, I can feel utterly frustrated by being the only female in a male dominated household.
I do feel that I speak another language to them all and that when I do finally loose the plot they all look at each other as if to say 'here we go again'.
So I am thinking maybe I should take a step back from it. Organise them less and let them sort themselves out. But thing is I am a major control freak and a worrier so is it possible?

The card below is using an old favourite image from Lilli of the Valley, some pro markers and papers from a Kirsty Wiseman cd. Colours are obviously Saints ones - just what a Leicester Tigers fan wants ;-)

Saturday, November 19, 2011


That's how I felt today when I caught up with an old friend at work today.
A year ago next week a couple Steve and I have known for quite a while lost their baby daughter who was just a few days old. They brought her home from the hospital and she passed away surrounded by her parents and older siblings. It was devastating to them both and I often felt dreadful for them as although I have not lost a full term baby I did loose through miscarriage 2 babies and that was awful.
Anyway I spoke to the husband today and they are expecting another baby in the next few weeks. This baby will be another girl and I am sure much loved by her older brothers and sister and treasured by her parents.
I have another card from a couple of weeks ago. It is for my neighbour who I love very much and whose birthday is next week.
Have a great weekend ! X xx

Friday, November 18, 2011

Yay blogger on iPhone!

Loving the fact that from now on I can blog on the go and not just when I am on my lap top - how cool!
Have had a busy week so not much time to craft which is extremely frustrating but hey ho.
I must admit to almost finishing my Christmas shopping and the wrapping which I am really pleased with, although the credit card may say different :-)
Anyway I have posted a pic of a very quick card made last week using some old paper, a border punch and some ribbon.
X x x

Monday, November 07, 2011

So much for smugness!!

So in January and February I made some Xmas cards (about 60!!!!) to get them out of the way for the year. Last week I decided to have a look in te box I kept them in as I had just finished some special Xmas cards for close family and friends and thought I would store them together. Well I decided that the previously made cards were flipping hideous!!!! Honestly there was no way I could give them to anyone they were that awful.
So the last week has been spent dissecting said cards and making them look half reasonable.

Honestly it really does serve me right!!!!

The dreadful pic on the left is one of the 'special' cards made from a Hunky Dory kit. I am in love with the snow globes!