Thursday, November 30, 2006

Come and embrace.....

the total girlyness that is my tote. Finally finished in all its pink glory! Lets face it I shouldn't lose this! So Traci can I introduce my entry for the competition? (wink wink)

Not been feeliing so good today so after work and a chat to my mum and Traci I had a hot bath and got in my pjs. Bliss - I cannot remember the last time I did this in the afternoon and can highly recommend it.

So with the tote done I have one thing to do to cross off my list. Christmas cards later I think if I don't feel too bad otherwise I might just sit here, chill out and browse through the blogs.
Hmm tough decision to make but someone has to do it!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Well here it is.......

my work in progress is finally here!!! Started decorating the tote tis afternoon after a trip to stock up on supplies. This is as far as I have got with the top and to be honest I may leave it at that and start with the front. I am well pleased with it.... any comments good or bad please feel free to leave.
Not so bad day today once work was out of the way. Spoke to my Mum who is feeling abit better today after a few days of feeling a bit poorly so thats good. I feel pretty much useless when she is not well as I am 120 miles away but I do speak to her at least once a day so we don't feel to far away from each other. I am lucky to have such a good relationship with my mum so much so I have to say she is more a friend than a mum.
Anyway tote bag to finish and am hoping to try the exploding boxes which look fabby. Have a good evening everyone!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I know I know!!!

No piccies again today of my new tote and much to Traci's disgust I have not started to decorate it yet. I will get around to it - honest! All I will say is that it will be pink and abit girly.

No card making today but did nip around to the craft cabin and assembled a couple of Sissix Santas for a childrens workshop on Sunday. Harry is taking part in it and is really looking forward to it.

Work this morning was awful - I really cannot wait until 20th Dec which is my last day. As much as i love the kids in the creche I am sooo fed up of changing nappies and taking toddlers to the toilet. I have done all that with my two and don't want to do it anymore. I wake up each morning and just dread getting up and going to work. Roll on 20th - yippeee!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Manic Monday

Well first things first....... it's here my tote from Traci and it is huge!!!!!! I am sooo chuffed with it and it will be so handy when I start spending more time at the Crafting Cabin. Only problem is that when I picked up the tote I also picked up two scrapbooks too. Hmmmm I don't think that was the idea but never mind they are lovely and I got 10% off because of the loyalty card scheme she is now running. So the damage to my bank balance could've been worse - well that is what I am telling Steve anyway. I am just going to have to sell loads of Avon this month to pay for it all.

Been dashing here there and everywhere today shopping etc but was treated to lunch by my lovely hubby. It was nice to spend some time without the boys and have some 'us' time which is something we don't do very often but we make the most of it when we do.

Craft club tonight and apparently we are making notebooks so looking forward to that as it is something I have been wanting to have a go at for a little while now.

Heck just noticed the time. Better go and get ready for going out. Have a good evening everyone.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Its simple.......

but I have had so much fun today just doing some basic cards (Christmas of course) using odds and ends in those tubs that we all stash stuff in 'to use some day'. Well that day was today. Yes some are basic and very simple but I enjoyed doing them. It makes a change for me to do a card that takes minutes rather than hours like the family ones I make.

Here are a couple for you to look at. It would be so much easier if I could work out how to arrange a photo collage on Paint Shop Pro and I will work it out - just give me time!

I also finished an anniversary card for my Mum and Dad but am not posting that until January as Mum often looks at my blog to see what I am doing. So nah nah nah mum no sneak preview I am afraid. Hee hee hee .

I think I have finally calmed down after Friday's shock at school with Harry. We sat down and had a chat today while Steve and George were at a party. He knows he has upset me and his dad but I think he needed to know exactly how I felt. I also asked him how he feels about the situation and what he intended to do to make sure t did not happen again. It was nice to have a quiet chat with him and we finished with a cuddle which he doesn't hand out very often. So hopefully its all water under the bridge although he does have a major grounding as punishment to get through first.

Right more cards I think and then perhaps a tidy up. I think this room used to have a floor - what colour it is I am not so sure.

Forgot to mention my new storage tote should be arriving tomorrow courtesy of Traci. Can't wait - all those pockets to fill!!!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Not done as much as I wanted to.......

crafting wise today. Only made one card so far courtesy of Cuddly Buddly. It is pretty basic in design and layout but I like it and its a great quick card for a forgotten party which takes place tomorrow.
The reason for lack for crafting is that the enormous task of present wrapping has been undertaken and completed! Phew - all done and now feeling very virtuous.
Going to have a play with a few odds and ends I think tonight. Will post later ......if they are good enough ha ha ha.

Friday, November 24, 2006

You try your best.....

as a parent and I am so proud of my boys. But...... once in a while they can do something which not only makes you question the way in which you bring them up but also upsets you beyond believe. Oh yes I have had one of those days! :-(

I don't want to go into detail on here but today after a meeting at school to discuss an issue with his teacher Harry has succeeded in upsetting me up to the point of actual tears. I was past anger and the only emotions I felt were sadness and disbelieve. He knows this and is very subdued tonight. He is normally such a good boy and not a malicious child at all so this incident is totally out of the blue. The Feary household is not a happy one at the mo and Mummy bear is a very sad bear.

But on a good note I went to see Traci this afternoon and she has been filling me in on some new products she is acquiring for the Craft Cabin. Will I be able to resist the new scrapbooks she has just received - I doubt it! I can see my bank balance depleting drastically. But I will be happy!

At the moment I am a cardmaker but my New Years resolution is to Scrapbook too. I love the pages Traci has done and the various other layouts I have seen on other blogs. So watch this space!

Well its Friday and I have a weekend of crafting (hopefully) planned - be it cards or abit of scrapbooking. So will post again over the weekend - be good until then x

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I can't believe that someone asked me......

'What is so exciting about making cards and crafting? Surely sticking bits of paper together can't be that good????'

Crikey!!! Was he living dangerously or what?

I started crafting as a way to relax and destress after I had George (my youngest son). Now it is more a way of life but what an exciting way of life! I have met some fantastic people and made some good friends through this hobby. Infact this hobby is soon replacing my work, hence handing in my notice last week.

In the New Year I am going to be 'working' with Traci and Maggie. It will involve making samples, helping at Traci's Craft Cabin and also running a beginners class for cardmaking. I am sooooo excited but also soooooo nervous and also a teeny bit flattered that she asked me.
So changes are ahead for me but good and exciting ones with a hint of a challenge thrown in for good mesure.
One thing which remains constant in my life though are my boys who are my life. The eldest and with eye lashes any woman would love is my 8 year old Harry and the little devil with a twinkle in his beautiful eyes is George who is 4.
On a crafting note I have almost completed Steve's Christmas card, or rather I will have when a certain someone returns my Santa stamp. You know who you are Ms C!!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday......part deux

I think I am going to like this blogging lark. It is abit like talking to yourself - well sort of!

Finished work on time today - hurrah! So came home and finished a Xmas card which is for my youngest son George. I like it - hope you do too.

Hubbys card is next on the list. Hmmmm thinking cap for that. Then I have got some cards to do for my Avon customers - yup ding dong Avon calling - more to thank them for buying the products to fund my hobby.

Crikey is that the time. George will be back from school in a mo.

Where do I start???........

Well after weeks of looking at various blogs like Traci's and Kirsty Wiseman's I have decided to take the plunge and have a go myself.

Lots of exciting things are happening in my life at the mo and I am changing the way I look at life and how i live it. So many people regret things they should have done and I don't want to look at my life and feel regret.

So this first post is being typed quickly before I head off to work, which is one routine I won't be doing for long as I handed in my notice last week. See told you big changes were happening!

Anyway school run and dirty nappies beckon - wish me luck I may be sometime!