Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's summer time!

The boys have finally broken up for summer and the weather is beautiful! 

It's been a busy time here with end of school activities, productions and mum getting over her hip but we have a few weeks of holidays and taking things at a slightly slower pace even though I am working for most of the hols. 

Harry had a German assessment and got an A which was wonderful. He was also commended for his work in history, geography and surprisingly pe which made us very proud. Harry works so hard to achieve his results and I know from a social aspect he doesn't find school easy but he does it amazingly well. 

George has done brilliantly in his SATS exams and we received an end of year report to be proud of. He gives of his best all of the time and at his end of year presentation he was awarded class citizen!

I am so proud of them both for overcoming and still coping with various issues while achieving so much. I really do love those boys x x x

I have finally managed to sort out a crafting area for hubs and I. It looks brill and it means we can keep our messes/creations in one area!!!!!!