Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Last one for 10 days!!

Concerts that is!!!
Poor Harry had lost his voice by Sunday but at least he can rest it until next Thursday night.
George had his final concert tonight and must admit it was fantastic - sonething for everyone including dancing turkeys LOL!!!

Have slightly fallen behind with my journal due to work, rehearsals and concerts but tonight have managed two pages so thats a start!

Our christmas decs went up at the weekend and this year i have gone for plain and simple. Loads of stuff got chucked and I have to admit i am liking what we have done. Hopefully I can resist the urge to pack up the decs until New Years Day!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

A little late.....

to post yesterdays Journal page but it was done on time......honest!!!

I am not too sure about this page. But its done and dusted and I am not messing with it anymore.

I am still carless despite being promised my car back on Tuesday - grrrrrr. But am promised it will be back today (oh it had so better be)

Tonight we have are going to watch Harry's Christmas concert and bless he is doing a solo. Will deffo be proud Momma moment :o)

Its the start of the silly season as far as concerts go - one tonight, one Sunday, two next week and then one the week after. Two are George's but the rest are Harry's and I am seriously worried that he won't have a voice left by the end. But he wants to do it so am going with the flow.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

And it begins!!!

Journal Your Christmas has officially started and here is my first page.
I am quite new to digi scrapping and am actually chuffed with this page.
Boy has it been cold here today! I have to confess to wearing two pairs of socks this afternoon......I know I know :o)

Monday, November 30, 2009

What a weekend!!!!

It has been such a busy but lovely weekend.

We managed to get our Xmas shopping done in Milton Keynes on Saturday and anything else is to bought on the internet.
Steve has been off today and we have managed to wrap all of the presents so I am one happy bunny!!!!!!
Just the Xmas cards to be written now :o)

Talking of Xmas cards here is one I made earlier - hope you like it.

Tomorrow is 1st Dec....oh wow can't believe its here already. Advent calenders are at the ready and Shimelle's online class starts too. Really really can't wait!!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Almost there!!

On the roll to Friday and a weekend off!!!! Well it will be busy but am sooooo looking forward to it. Can you tell??? LOL!!

Here is our Christmas card to Harry. Just the same as George's really apart from the colour. Again the bulk of the card is from Kanban.

Tomorrow we have George's Xmas fayre in the evening and also a Christmas tree exhibition at Harry's school.......busy night!!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Halfway through the week!

Yay!!!! Its Thursday tomorrow....almost the weekend!
Got my Ma and Pa arriving on Friday in preparation for our Xmas shopping on Saturday. Am very excited about Steve and I spending the day together.

No crafting again today :o( but here is a pic of our card to George. It is really lovely and bright with some fun images.
It was made using a sheet from Kanban - a company I have not used before but I have to say I will again. The card stock was really good quality and the print quality excellent. Can certainly recommend!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

He finally lost it!!!!

His first tooth that is!!!!!!! Bless him he has waited so long for this and it came out during his french lesson yesterday while my friend was teaching him.
The tooth fairy was very generous and left him £2 last night for his first tooth. Think it may be a £1 for each one after this!
I had a day off from work today and as I was feeling a little grotty I wasn't planning on doing much. Ha ha ha! I spent most of the morning at the garage sorting out the continuing prob of my car. Its so annoying as its been a pain since we bought it and I have now reached the end of my tether. Still a solution may be on the horizon.......fingers crossed.
Have done no crafting today :( but I did take some pics of some Xmas cards which I will post tomorrow xxx

Monday, November 23, 2009

Changed my mind....

about the cover of my journal!

And I should think it will change again before the week is out LOL!

Well how wet and windy has it been again? Thankfully we are not affected more severely by the weather has some people have been.

Last night I finally managed to finish my Xmas cards to the family and am going to make a few more 'normal' cards out of left over Xmas stash (of which I still seem to have alot!!!!!!)

Photos of cards will follow but by the time I got home from work today the light was pants so will aim to take pics tomorrow.

I am really enjoying crafting again at the mo - its just a shame I don't have more time to do it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Its Almost Time!!!!!!

To start journalling your Xmas!!!!
Wow Can't believe December is almost here!
This year I am again taking part in Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas and am so excited about it.
Last year I made a paper journal and it was actually one I made over 2 years.......but I finally finished it!
This year I have decided to try a digital journal which I will print out and bind once it is completed.
The decision to go digi was actually an easy one this year.
I tend to craft during the day when I have a little time to myself. In the evenings I do tend to feel a little guilty if I don't spend time with hubs even if its just in the living room on my lappy. Soooooooo why not do my layouts and still spend quality time with my better half? LOL!!
Also this year I am going to be prepared and so have already made my front and back covers!!! Wow how organised am I?
Christmas Journal......bring it on!!!! xxxx

Thursday, November 19, 2009

On a roll!

Thursday already!!! Wow the week is flying by. Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow, Saturday and Monday so Sunday will be my weekend :o(
Still things are looking up. Steve and Harry are much better today and will be off to work/school tomorrow. I have done some crafting today (Xmas cards!!!!!) which makes me happy.
Talking of crafting here is a rugby themed card for my Uncle whose birthday it is today :o) The photo is rubbish which is a shame as the card in real life is so much nicer.
We had parent's evening tonight for George and the little one is doing so well. His teacher is delighted with how hard he is working especially as he is the youngest in his class. He is a joy to teach apparently!!!!!!!!!
Am going for a bit of a blog surf and a cuppa xxxx

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I never like making Sympathy cards and infact this is only the second one I have ever made in the six years I have been card making.

A relative of mine has lost his wife very suddenly and I felt that I should make the effort and make a card.
However, I was short of ideas and just didn;t know where to start. So I starting trawling on line galleries and finally found a suitable card on the Do Crafts website.
Yes its simple but it says all that I need to say.

Today I have had Harry and Steve at home following bad reactions to the Swine flu jab. Both have been in bed most of the day and were still there when I went to work this afternoon. They seemed to have perked up though so fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Talking of tomorrow, I am finally getting my haircut after 5 months!!! So looking forward to a tiny bit of pampering even if it is just a wash, cut and blowdry.
In the evening we have Parent's evening for George tomorrow evening which I am really looking forward to. He seems to be really settling down with his new teacher and actually wants to go to school!!!! Its really lovely to see him finally be happy.
Am off to chill infront of the tv for the evening xxxx

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It's the inlaws Ruby Wedding Anniversary at the end of the month (40 years gulp!!!!!)

Here is a card I made for the occassion. To be honest its a little frou frou for me but I think they will like it.

Its nice to finally have some pictures of crafting to show on the blog :o)

Life has been manic as usual and with Xmas rehearsals, work etc I think its going to be even more so until the boys break up next month.

I have started my Xmas shopping and planning on doing a big shop at the end of the month with hubs. I love this annual event as its one of the few times Steve and I get to go out with no kids!!!

Xmas cards are almost done I think. Am sooooo trying to be organised this year - hmmmmm we'll see!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hip Hooray

I made it home finally late yesterday afternoon after 4 very long hours (The journey should take 2!!!!). The M6 was shut and so I had to make a long diversion to get home.
What has panicked me is that I am not sure if I got caught by speeding cameras or not :o( Only time and the post will tell.

Thought I would show you a seasonal card which was made a looooooong time ago but I still really like.

Work all day tomorrow which puts a stop to any crafting I had planned but may squeeze something in tomorrow evening.......hopefully!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bit of a catch up!

Good grief i have not updated this blog for such a long time.
Things have been busy family wise and the boys now seem settled back into school life.
I have been crafting and infact have made a huge amount of Xmas cards with out buying any new stash!!!! How good am I?
Its half term hols this week. Tomorrow I am off to pick up my Mum who is coming to stay for a few days to help childmind while I work.
Am hoping to update this blog more regularly from now on.......hmmmmm have I said that before?????

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Real life......

Have had no time to craft so far this week.
What with work, house stuff and keeping the boys entertained life has been a bit of a whirl so far :(
So instead of a nice card or layout here is a pic of George doing what he does best - posing!!!!!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Well its Sunday evening and to be honest I can't actually put my finger on what I have done today apart from sitting on the sofa watching the cricket!!!! Not productive and a little annoyed with myself as I was going to make some cards but there we go.

Was at work yesterday and it certainly is getting busier, which is good as the day goes so much quicker. Also at work tomorrow which I am not looking forward to but it is money towards our little hol in a couple of weeks.

Here is an anniversary card I made last week. Again the pic does not do it justice - its much nicer in real life. xx

Friday, July 31, 2009

It keeps raining!!!

On and off yesterday it rained :(
Not good when you have lots of orders to deliver or if you are my hubby hoping to see Northamptonshire Steelbacks play Hampshire Hawks for a place in the 20 20 semi finals.
Both got done (thankfully) and hubs was a happy bunny yesterday. As i have the finals day off on the 15th August I am very happy too. Looks like it will be a cricket bonanza planned for that day :)
Still loving the fact that the boys are off school at the mo. Although over the last few days they have been getting to each other a little. That might be due to a little cabin fever too as due to the weather we have not been outside as much as we would like.
Anyway today needs must and a supermarket trip is on the cards. I have managed to bribe the boys with a trip to the cinema afterwards so heres hoping they behave ;)
Pic of the day is a card made from some free magazine papers. Managed to also put together some Christmas cards yesterday - I know its a little sick but I am on a big organise thing at the mo. I just want to get them started and use a box of Christmas stash which has been hanging around for a couple of years. I am dying to buy new stash but I am being good (well trying to be!!!) xxxx

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wasn't sure what title to put tonight so left it blank :)

Been to work this afternoon - thats it until Saturday....yippeee!!!

Am still on a mission with the cards. This is one i have made for our fishing mad next door neighbour. It also meant I could use some of the dufex images which i seem to have alot of!

Really enjoying crafting at the mo and am hoping to restart some scrapbooking over the hols.

Tomorrow is Avon day and then I need to get Harry to a cricket match tomorrow night.......thats if it doesn't rain! xxxx

Just wanted to share this with you....

Sooooo excited about this!!! xxxx

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Am lovin' the hols

I love the summer hols. No routine and not rushing here there and everywhere (well apart from when I am at work!)
I noticed on Saturday at work how many parents were moaning already about the time off and that was after the first week.
Ok so yes my two did start bouncing off each other yesterday afternoon but come on its the hols!!!!!!
Anyway I managed to get a couple more cards done yesterday.
This one was extremely quick and to be honest looks much better in RL than on this crappy picture!
Am still sticking to my resolution of trying to use existing stash up - good girl me!!!!
Anyway have plans for today. First off is a walk into town with the boys to the library and then onwards to the shoe shop for school shoes. Yes even on my days off I still go in!!!! xxxx

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Busy Busy!!

I have not stopped this weekend. What with work yesterday and housework today its been manic!!!

Still I am not in the shop until Wednesday now and my house is all tidy and sparkly clean ........ bliss!!!!

I have been trying to find time for a bit of crafting here and there. Still trying to use old stash and so far so good!!!!!!

Here is a card for Steve from one of the boys for his birthday in a couple of weeks.

Friday, July 24, 2009

'Oh we do like to be beside the seaside'

We packed our bucket and spades yesterday together with a picnic and two excited chaps and we drove to Heacham.

We had a fabby time chilling and just enjoying being together doing stuff.

All three boys went rockpooling and then made two massive sandcastles which really were works of art. Steve and Harry buried George because well he wanted them too!!!

Finally late afternoon we drove down the road to Hunstanton and enjoyed fish and chips by the sea.

What a lovely day xxxxx

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Holy Moly Its Thursday!!!

Already!!!! I can't quite believe the first week has nearly gone. :(
Off to spend quality time with these two monkeys today at the seaside. They have lots of pent up energy which needs getting rid off!!!
Made 4 cards yesterday - yipeee!
Also had work in the afternoon which was kind of busy - people buying school shoes already!!
Right must go and find the bucket and spades xxxx

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am getting there!!

I am in an organisational frenzy!!!!!
All paperwork is up to date, I have sorted mine and the boys wardrobes out (how can I have about 4 different sizes in mine?!) and I am making cards for events in September!!!!!
Here is our card to George whose birthday is at the end of August - I do like the Jolly Nation decoupage and have used it several times.
Now as for my using stash up? Wellllll that has been sort of successful but I must admit I did go to Colemans on Saturday and spent some money. I did not buy paper though...honest!!!!!
This afternoon I am in work for a few hours and then tonight I have a girly night in with some friends which I am really looking forward to. Think I have been stuck with boys only for a bit too long and so need female company!!!!!
Tomorrow we are (hopefully) off to the seaside to get some fresh air. Will take camera and post some pics tomorrow night xxxxx

Friday, July 17, 2009

Am back ......again!!!

Well the summer hols are almost upon us....well they will be at 3pm this afternoon!!
This year the boys have 7 weeks off which I am looking forward to as last year they had a short holiday in comparison.

The last couple of weeks have seen the Feary family living in a house of sickness and general yuckiness. Even I succumbed last Friday and went to the docs to be told that yes indeedy I was proper poorly with chest infection and sinusitus. I promptly went to bed afterwards (which I never ever do!!) and seemed to stay there all weekend.
We all seem to be coming out of the other side now and hopefully we will be 100% recovered by next week.

Over the last few days I have got back into the swing of things and realised, like I do every so often that I seem to run around so much after everyone else but make little time for me. This may explain my crabbiness lately so I have made an effort to create and enjoy.

I am also on a mission to use up my stash.....I have sooooooo much and it is ridiculous that it doesn't get used. So I am using it!!!!

I did some stamping yesterday and created this card which I lubs....alot!!! May do some more colouring in today as it is sooo relaxing.

Anyway school run is beckoning along with housework - have a good day everyone!!! xxx

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Phew that went quick!

Blimey Wednesday went by in a flash!!!!

Have done lots of things today and even managed to squeeze in a little crafting which was fab!

Unfortunately as the projects are for Father's Day I can't really post them yet so here is a card I made a while ago which is so girly.

Meeting up with a friend tomorrow morning who is having a pretty crappy time of it lately and then going to sort out spare room as my hubs is going to decorate it on Friday - yes Mum your bedroom is being sorted LOL!!! xxxx

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yes I am back!!!

I cannot believe that this is my first post in over two months!!!!
Time has flown by so much and alot of things have been taking up my time but I am finally here!!!

Many things have been happening some good and some bad but one of the good things is our latest addition to the family.
This beautiful boy is called Henry and we have taken him in and he has made himself at home. I have always wanted a grey cat as my great Gran had one called Inca when I was a little girl.
The boy is most certainly a Mummy's boy and is the biggest but most loveable cat I have ever owned!!!!

In addition to a return to blogging I have also made a card or three today. They were simple but its a start and I finally feel happy just having a play with paper again.

May even try a little scrapbooking tomorrow.........small steps!!!! xxxx

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Corr that knocked me for six!!

Well I am finally getting back on my feet after being hit for six with this sinus thing. Still feeling a little rough around the edges but am 100% better than last week.

Boys are on their Easter hols at the mo and it is lovely to have no routine with school. I may even get a little crafting done later.

Got the new cd from Kirsty Wiseman last week but have been too ill to play with it. Am hoping that tomorrow is the day ;)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Must be feeling off!!

I have called in sick today which I have never done for work before.
Went to the docs yesterday and I have sinusitus which is very very painful and giving me nose bleeds too which are fun!!

Anyway needless to say no crafting has been done either as I just cannot concentrate - hoping I may feel better tomorrow so that I can have a play.

By the way we have a new addition to our family and when he is feeling a little less shy I will take some pics and introduce him properly xx

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Icky icky icky!

Yup thats me - it's all finally caught up with me and I have come down with a stinking cold which has done nasty things with my sinuses :(
I woke up this morning looking like I had been punched in the face. This is not a good look when you are about to spend the day fitting shoes on children - the aim is not to scare the children ;)
Still the day went very very quickly as we were very very busy (what recession??) and infact had one of our busiest Saturday's ever!!!!!!
I have had a hot bath now accompanied by a very generous glass of Merlot and am feeling a whole lot better. Actually feeling even more so as Robin Hood has returned on the Beeb and Mr Armitage is looking very very scrummy (quite like the angst look!!).

Tomorrow I am letting Steve do the Rugby training while I catch up on a few things at home. I must also do a couple of Easter cards.
Here is the Mother's Day card to my Mum - nice and simple but I like it!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

How quiet is it???

Well today everyone went back to work/school and omg it is quiet around here!!!!
Had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday. My boys thoroughly spoilt me and treated me, my mum and mil to lunch out. How fab is that???? I was really made to feel special and it meant the world to me :)
On Saturday I did a spot of crafting and I made this card for a friend using templates from this blog. I love the card and will be making some more - hope my friend likes it!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mad Mad week!!!!

My goodness what a silly week it has been - mainly filled with runs to the doctors or casualty but things are now looking up and everyone is on the road to recovery so thats a relief for me!!!!!
On Tuesday after taking George to the docs I managed to get to craft club for the final hour and made this card which is much prettier in real life.
It was stamped with Versamark, sprinkled with stamp n bond powder, heated up and then glitter was sprinkled over it.
I have never used this Stamp n Bond before - needless to say I bought a tub LOL!!!
Yesterday I actually sat down and made an Easter card for a group competition - can't post it up here yet but I am really pleased with it and may make some more.
Today is a day off work wise for me so besides a couple of houseworkey bits to do I am going to divide my time between rugby and crafting.......nice!!!!!
Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I am spending it not just with my boys but with my mum and mil. We are all going out for lunch and then spending then afternoon together - can't wait!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bloomin' Heck!!!!!

Just when I thought my hospital visits were over!!!!!!

The boy had a rugby match this morning and he was doing okish until he took a tumble and a couple of lads ran over his hand with studded boots........ouch!!!!!

Now George doesn't cry unless it really really hurts (he really has a high pain threshold!) but he roared.......alot!

After we cleaned the muck off his hand he saw that he was sporting a very swollen hand and a lovely bruise was starting to emerge.

By the time we got home it was looking alot worse and after a check by our nurse neighbour I took a trip to the hospital to get him checked out. Luckily nothing is broken just very very bruised and painful and we were warned tomorrow it could be sore.

Mind you he got away lightly as while we were waiting for an xray an under 10 player was wheeled in on a trolley with his neck all strapped up. Dangerous sport this rugby!!!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I am pants!!!

It seems my blogging skills have been a little slack recently!!!

All of my boys have been poorly one way or another and so I have been running around sorting them out in various ways.

Anyway George and H have had a full week at school this week and yesterday was Red Nose Day and of course their schools got into the swing of the day.
H had to wear something red and George had fancy dress hence the duck outfit.
The boy does look very cute in his duck costume but I think that this will be its last outing as even with tights the loo was getting slightly obscene :)

No crafting has been done recently apart from a couple of quick cards. But tomorrow I am hoping to do a layout or two so may have something to show you then :)


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things that make me happy :)

I have a few tthings which make me happy:

My hubs

My boys

My family

My friends

Patterned paper

and ...........


Yesterday this little beauty arrived on my doorstep and it bought a big smile to my face!

I love Ollie and Nic bags almost as much as I love Radley and this baby was in their sale £38.50 dwon to under £10!!!!!!! Well it would be rude not to now wouldn't it?????

Oh happy days :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Chasing tails.

Thats how it is at the mo and I am not liking it.
Inbetween working, looking after the boys and general day to day doings I feel as if I am in a whirl at the mo.
I have made a couple of very quick cards but thats about it. I really need to get my Christmas Journal finished - I am up to 26th Dec so slowly getting there :)
More work tomorrrow but looking forward to chilling on Sunday :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello there!

It's been a week since I last posted but things have been a little strange around here recently.

Steve's Grandma sadly passed away on Sunday morning and it has left us feeling a little numb. The funeral is next Friday so until then we are trying to keep things normal for the boys.

We celebrated Valentine's Day fairly quietly due to circumstances and the fact I was working during the day. But hubs still bought me a dozen roses and some choccies, which are yummy :)

Here is a pic of the card I made for him. It is a first attempt at the medallion stamps and I quite enjoyed using them. So much so I may have purchased one by mistake......oooops!!!

This week the boys are on half term hols but unfortunately I am in work this afternoon and Friday oh and Saturday - no rest for the wicked eh?

I took the chaps up to my Mum and Dads on Monday for a couple of hours and it was lovely to see them. It is my only regret of living where we do and that is I don't get to see them as much as I would like. But we still see them as much as we can and when we do get together we have lots of laughs. Thanks again for a lovely day xxxxx

Right off to sort some lunch out xxxx

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Things are not great here at the moment which is why I have not updated the blog.
Steve's grandma is very very poorly and its hard for all concerned.
Will post again when things are a little more settled.


Friday, February 06, 2009

And it's still snowing!!!!!

Just when we think it is all over we get more.

But don't think I am moaning about it as the four of us are at home in the warm chilling out. Well apart from Steve who is actually working :(

It really is a blizzard out there. So much so the boys don't want to go out just yet, which I can't blame them.

This is the view from our bedroom window and was taken about an hour ago. It really looks beautiful out there :)

Here is a pic of Harry from yesterday. He loved the sledging and was with a group of friends most of the afternoon. Well until he had a slight sledging accident which has resulted in a couple of bruised legs as well as a bruised ego!

Snowman building is the plan for later - oh this is fun!!!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

More snow!!!

Yesterday we heard that we may get more snow and to be honest as we don't usually get a lot in this area I wasn't hopeful.......but look what we awoke to!!!!!!!

To say i was excited is a slight exaggeration LOL!!!

We have been out twice today and had lots of fun with friends. The schools were shut thankfully and so the boys could make the most of the snow.

The forecast is for more of the wite stuff tonight so hopefully we may get another day off tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

We had lots of snow!!!

Oh boy have we?

We were so disappointed Monday morning when we awoke to just a very light covering on the ground.

But then in the afternoon that all changed and from 1pm til 9pm it snowed - boy did it?

When the boys came out of school yesterday we all went over to the park with our sledge and had some fun! It was really really great.

We got home and following hot baths, change into pj's we indulged a lovely hot choc with marshmallows - yum!

Mind you it is bitterly cold today and the fun soft snow has now turned a little icy but we still went over the field this afternoon to make the most of it :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Going back to simple

That has been the theme recently for my cardmaking - simple. And to be honest I have enjoyed making my cards.

Here is another one from yesterday again using a Lily Of The Valley image which are very cute and great for a simple, quick but effective card.
I can really recommend them and will be certainly using them again - infact i think i may have some hidden LOL!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I can honestly say hand on heart today i have been really chilled and happy.
Besides all of the usual boring housework I went to my weekly craft club and it was a blast.
Traci very kindly this week bought along some of her own stash for us to play with and I managed 4 (yes 4!!!) cards.
Two I can't show as they are for Mother's Day but here is one of the others. Its very simple but i really like it's brightness and cheeriness - such a contrast to the time of year.
Anyway must dash!!!!! xxxx

Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting sorted.....

Been having a sort out of my stash and decided yesterday (post hangover) to use up some 'odds and sods'.

Made a few cards as a result and also did hubs' Valentines Card which I am really chuffed with as it was using colours I don't often use and using a technique I have never done but will do again :)

So I am happy bunny :) and one of the cards is shown opposite.

Both of my chaps have come down with stinking colds and I am trying to avoid them (in a nice way) at all costs. As I am just about getting over my poorly ear I don't need that too!

Really getting back into the swing of crafting at the mo...I am enjoying it again which is how it should be.
Think I may try some layouts later this week..... crikey I had better steady on LOL!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

The morning after the night before..

Last night was a girlie get together. Last night I got a wee bit tipsy.
This morning I had a hangover from hell!!!!
Its not often that I drink that much but for some reason last night I did and boy do I remember why i don't drink alot.

Still I have slowly been recovering throughout the day and even managed a bit of crafting tonight :)
As the light wasn't great I will take pics tomorrow.

Anyway before Christmas I was looking at one of my fav blogs and came across instructions to make a post it note holder.
It's fairly easy to make but you end up with an item which would be excellent for pressies.
For the instructions check out Tracie's blog here

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Feeling a little more human.

Thank goodness I am starting to feel better - blooming ear!

Anyway have not crafted this week as have just felt so bad but am hoping to get a little bit done today so will try and get some pics done later.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Feeling ick :(

Woke up yesterday morning and felt ick.

Can't put my finger on what exactly is wrong but boy I am not feeling right this morning either :(

Infact feeling so off colour that I am not going to craft club.....not good......I am always up for a craft and coffee and cake.

*****Added 1.30pm*****
Question answered!! Walking to school this morning started to get really really bad pains in my ear. Following a trip to the docs, which was interesting to say the least, I have an ear infection.
Now feeling really sorry for myself :(

Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's the Weekend.......yipeeeee!

Thank goodness its Saturday night!!!!
I have been at work today and boy it was busy this afternoon!
Made my mind up that I am going to craft tomorrow.... I need to!
Here is another rocket card I made earlier in the week....I quite like them!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just a quick card

At the moment I have been making quick and easy cards and trying to use existing stash in an effort to save some money.
Here is a card I made over the weekend - not my most fav but it does the job :)
Not had a brill day today but its done with and I am now chilling out with my hubs which makes me happy :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Blogger is behaving itself tonight and allowing me to upload this piccie. :)
I hate having my pic taken - I really do. I am realistic enough to admit I am not a photogenic person but I love this pic....I really do.
Steve took it while we were on the Santa Express just before Christmas and given that he does not use the camera often I think he did a good job.
No crafting has been today as I have been to work and as I am at work most of tomorrow I doubt anything will be done then either.
Still I have high hopes for Thursday LOL!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

No crafting today...

Blooming blogger! I have a decent pic of my boy and me and it decides that I can't up load it at the mo. Pants!!!!

Anyway busy day...went to IKEA and bought stuff but nothing exciting (although the wrapping paper I got is abit lush). managed to get to Nottingham and back by 1.45pm which is blooming good going and it was thanks to my friend Claire otherwise known as The Stig!!! LOL!

Needless to say I have done no playing today -not good. But will sort it out tomorrow

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Playing Catch up

I am going to finish this Christmas Journal....I am I am I am.
That has been my mantra for today and although it's not finished yet I have completed four pages this afternoon which I think is pretty good going.

Inbetween sorting children out and playing the Ben 10 game this afternoon I have been spending most of my time messing with paper and oh it's been lovely.
I am trying to have a little bit more me time this year and so far so good!
I have made cards up to the end of April, apart from one of Harry's so am feeling pretty organised I can tell you.

Here is a birthday card for my godson - think you can tell his name and how old he will be? LOL!!!

Tomorrow once George is dropped off at school My friend and I are off to that shopping haven otherwise known as Ikea. All I want are scissors, plasters, lightbulbs and batteries. Will that be all that I buy???? Tune in tomorrow for an update xxxx

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Promises, promises

I know. One of my resolutions was to blog or try to each day and it hasn't happened.....ah well better late than never.

Well first week back to normality is done and dusted and it has been a little hectic.......again!

We have had SATS meetings at school (both boys have them this year - oh joy) and then Wednesday was Harry's dental appt at the hospital.
My boy does have to have a brace (which we were expecting) and no op (thank god!). Infact he will have to have two braces over a period of about two years. There is a little more work to be done than we thought originally but it will be all good and worth it in the end.

I have crafted and taken piccies of my work......yeah!!!!!!!

Here is a card for my nephews birthday - I am quite liking this :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy Anniversary......

to my Mum and dad!!!!!!

36 years..... oh my word!

Well I am desperately trying to get back into the swing of things after the Christmas hols.
The boys are back at school and Steve is back at work and I am doing more hours again at my little job.
I think we are getting back to it again.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Well it seemed a good idea at the time!

Why oh why oh why did I decide to try and tidy my little room??!!!!

I cannot believe that I have this much stuff in here.

Oh my.................

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well we made it through Christmas and New Year!

We had a fantastic time with family and friends over the holiday period and the boys were spoilt rotten by Santa!

Christmas Eve was spent at our home with my Ma and Pa along with our neighbours who popped in for a drink (or three).

Christmas Day we all went over to my in laws for the day and the ten of us had a lovely time - good company and good food what more do you want?

Since then we have spent quality time together and done family things as well as a little bit of socialising with friends.
Last night we had my friend and her two children over for a bite to eat and a drink to see in the New Year.It really has been lovely.

Talking of lovely this is a pic my dad sent to me this morning if the view from their garden - it is really beautiful :)

Resolutions for this year?
  • Eat more healthily - once choc is eaten from Christmas
  • Try to exercise a bit more (any excuse to use my Wii Fit)
  • Craft alot more (mainly for sanity)
  • Blog every day - my Ma likes reading my blog apparently ha ha ha!

Right am going to chill out a bit more and spend a little time with hubs as he has to go to work tomorrow :(