Sunday, February 25, 2007

Shivering Sunday

Well the gasman finally turned up yesterday and the verdict..... he has got to come back Monday as he didn't have the right parts! Arghhhh! So we traipsed up to Mum and Dad's and made use of the hot water facilities. Ahhh bliss.

I got to see my bro, his partner and my cutie of a nephew too so we had a lovely couple of days. We came back to a cold house this afternoon but you never know it might all be fixed tomorrow.

Crafting wise I have done nothing this weekend but am going to get Tuesday's classes organised tomorrow once my domestic goddess duties are done.

BTW - Mum and Dad if you are reading this thank you so much for a lovely time it was fabbo!xxxx

Right time for Top Gear!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Not a happy pixie!

Yup thats me. Instead of being on the road heading up to me Ma's and Pa's for the weekend I am waiting (AGAIN!!!!!) for a stupid gasman to fix my heating and hot water. Arghhhhh!!!!!!! He will be here anytime between 8 and 1 so goodness knows what time we will get To Sunny Stoke.

Anyway I had a great time last night at my friends house. There was a couple of us and we had a girly evening complete with wine and nibbles. I was very good and only had a couple of glasses but it is true to say that between the five of us we managed over 8 bottles of wine. I can only imagine how the others are feeling this morning ;)

Right I am going to have brekkie and then get the packing finished while we wait for gasman.

Have a fabbo weekendxxxxxxxx

Friday, February 23, 2007

Well finally....

the engineer arrived! However that was after he tried to go to our old house!!! Doh!!!! They have our new addy so what happened???!! Still it is all fixed and my house is warm and we have ooddles of hot water. Ahhhhhh bliss!

Right while I was waiting for him to arrive I managed to do a card which was ordered. Quite a girly theme but I love it and if I wasn't going to get some money for it I think I would keep it myself. LOl! It is a simple card but it looks really effective.

Spoke to soon about the heating as the pump has started to make noises again as I type. Oh blimey!

Right had better go and have a look. I am supposed to be going out tonight to a friends for a drinky or two.

have a good night everyone!xxx


Well not five minutes after writing yesterday's blog entry the central heating and hot water pump started to make scary noises - really scary noises! So it had to be turned off straightaway.
Rang gas company and hopefully an engineer is calling around sometime today. So instead of being at the cabin I am here ironing - crikey I have such a fancy life.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Terrific Thursday!

Well its been quite a busy day at Chez Feary! No piccies I am afraid but will do my best to have some tomorrow - promise!!!

Someone I know through school ordered some cards from me today - my first order outside the family! I was so pleased - just hope she likes them. Also my Mum ordered one too so am a busy girl with my little industry.

Spent most of the day at the Craft Cabin being creative. It was nice being there in the peace and quiet after half term last week.

Late afternoon saw an hour and half doing my secret project which is coming along nicely and I was really pleased with it today! Mwahhhaahhhaa!!!!!!

Boys are now tidying up the rooms of doom otherwise known as their bedrooms and they will then be heading off to bed - hopefully!!!

Right cards to make and boys to sort out!!!!xxxx

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I am tired but oh wow!!!!

What a fabby Sunday and Monday I had at Stitches!!!! I was like a kid in a sweet shop only I couldn't buy the sweets LOL! While Traci was demoing for Janome Maggie and myself set to work looking at all the stands, stroking various papers and ohhing and ahhing over stamps etc.

The Scrapgenie stand was faberoo and I spoke to a lovely American lady who was sooo sweet. We bumped into Kay Rutter who does demos for Sakura and is a friend of Maggies and as usual had a few laughs with her.

All in all it was a great couple of days and really interesting to see all the products on offer to us crafters. Hmmmmm CHA maybe next year Traci???????

By the way here are the piccies of Steve's exploding box. The piccies are not great but I loved doing this project.

Think I may be doing a few more of these fella's in the not so distant future.
Right pancake time!!!! MMMMMMMMMMxx

Friday, February 16, 2007

Four in two days!

Layouts that is! Blimey am I on a roll or what! LOL!

Well I was at the Cabin today and just when you think all bugs from the Feary household are gone Harry comes down with something. Arghhhh! So both my boys have been poorly over half term. Hopefully Harry's isn't spreading as I am due to go to the NEC on Sunday and am really looking forward to it. Fingers crossed everyone!!!!

Am chilling out at the mo as weekend is going to be busy so making the most of the quiet tonight.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Exploring his feminine side......

While we were at my friends house on Sunday the kids decided to dress up. Not a problem we had Darth Vader, Buzz Lightyear etc. George decided that those were not for him he wanted to be Princess Leia. he makes a good warrior princess don't ya think????? LOL!

I apologise for the piccie which was taken by my phone without the flash on. I may have to try and get him in that costume again just so I can get a better piccie... Tee hee hee.

Right crafting wise I managed two LO today. But will take piccies tomorrow and post them here along with the exploding box.

Right got a few Avon orders to deliver so catch yers later!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My mission here is done!!!

Yup thats right I have finally reduced my hubby to tears. Ok so they were happy ones but yay!!! I made Steve an exploding box for Valentines Day and he loved it!! I was really pleased with the results as I had never made one of these before. I have not taken any piccies yet but I will tomorrow and post them on here for you all to see!

On a family point George has been a very poorly little boy over the last few days with a very high temperature. So it is Calpol and Nurofen alternately every three hours. I knew he was ill yesterday when he fell asleep on my lap. This is something he has not done for a long time and it was soooo lovely to have him cuddled up to me like that. I really must cherish these moments while I can. Especially as Harry, who is nearly nine going on thirteen is having a Kevin moment.

Anyway Chinese takeaway has been ordered and we have agreed that no laptops will be looked at tonight once the boys are in bed. We are actually going to spend some quality time together which will be lovely (I think!!! LOL!).

Tomorrow I am at the Craft Cabin and Traci has had some 7gypsies stuff arrive today. So tomorrow will be spent ooooing and ahhing!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Relaxing Day!!!!

Sorry no new crafting piccies today! But get a load of this little cutie. This is a lastest piccie of my 10 month old nephew Kyran.

Ain't he lurvely???? I love that little one to bits - he is a happy little fella and his Auntie Clare loves him loads!

Managed to get the final worksheet done for Tuesday's class - hurrah!!! Also did a couple of card samples for it too so double hurrah!

This afternoon we have had a fabby time at my friend Claire's house. It was a lovely roast lunch with a couple of drinkies thrown in for good measure. had a good chat with her and all four kids played so nicely together as usual. Feel really chilled out at the mo, especially as boys now in bed.

Going to watch Top Gear and then off to do some playing with some vellums and bazzill.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Snow snow snow!!!!

Yes!!!!! We finally got some and we had loads!!!!!!
The boys had a day off school and we had fun!! I took loads of piccies for some scrapbooking and I was really pleased with how they came out.
Harry has spent most of the day outside and loved it while George kept coming in when he got too wet or cold.

On a crafting front I suddenly realised this afternoon that I have a few birthdays coming up in the next few days so I must set to work and get some cards done. Two down so far.

Quite pleased with them but have got a few more to do. Also got Steve's card for Valentines Day to finish. Am about half way through it and really chuffed so far. Can't post any piccies of it until the day so will have to keep you waiting! LOL!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's Tuesday!!!!!

Have I not posted since Sunday??????? Bad blogger!!!!

To be honest nothing exciting happened yesterday. Tonight I have had my class and we did rubber stamping. The ladies seemed to really enjoy it - just can't believe the six weeks ends next week. They are a lovely group and are enjoying their Tuesday nights at the cabin which is fab!!!!

i am at home tomorrow but am going to make Steve's Valentine's card. I can't say too much as he reads this blog sometimes. I do have an idea of what I want to do but as always my ideas never seem to be what I end up with LOl!

Next weeks class has also got to be sorted so looks like I am going to be a busy bee.!!!!!!

Nite nitexxxx

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Xmas Layout

Here is the first of my Christmas layouts - I know I know it's February!!!!!!

Although I enjoy doing the digi scrapbooking I have to admit that it won't replace 'proper' scrapbooking for me.

So what have I been up to this weekend????? Welllllllll not much crafting but have been doing alot of 'housekeeping' on my laptop. Emails have been sorted and deleted and digital piccies also sorted and properly filed. I am feeling very virtuous now as it is a job I have been meaning to do for ages but put off. Now its done!

I have also listed a few things on Ebay and done a few things around the house including the dreaded ironing. Phew!!!!!

Right my eyes are now telling me I have had enough for today so have a good evening!xxxx

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Busy bee!!!!!

Crikey - mad Thursday today. I have just put my boys to bed and have sat down - peace at last!!!!

This morning started bright and early with my Avon delivery - ding dong!!!! Sorting orders out, boys to school, over to the Cabin, there until 2.30pm, collect boys, do homework, sort tea, deliver Avon inbetween taking Harry to cricket
practise and picking him up. Phew!!!!!!

Managed to sort out samples for Tuesday's class. Hope you like.

Right catch up on some stuff, then may have a go at another layout. xxxxx