Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Well did the earth move for you????

It certainly did for us here this morning - the noise was unbelievable!!!

Well with that excitment out of the way what did the rest of Wednesday have in store for me?.......crafting? er um no!
I helped out at school this morning taking George's class out for a walk around our town. That was certainly an experience!

Finally my uber posh curtains and blinds for our living and dining room have been fitted today and look faberdo. Yipeeeee I am no longer living in a goldfish bowl!

Right am going to watch Shaun of the Dead - lurve that film!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh heck!

I can't believe that I have not updated my blog for a whole week!! How bad is that?
Then again having the boys off for half term does tend to throw a spanner into the works. :)

I have done the odd bit of crafting but until Sunday I can't really show you ;) Also done a few bits for some swaps so will post some pics when they are completed.

This card was made using a digi kit from Katie Hadfield. I can really recommend them if you fancy doing some digi or hibrid crafting.

Thats all for now. Have a good evening xxxx

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Yes its day 2 of half term and how cold has it been out there today? Flipping freezing thats what!!!

Still my boys have been good, infact very good which is a little worrying!

I have been catching up with a couple of things this afternoon while watching The Da Vinci Code. I love that film!
Must take some piccies of things I have made tomorrow so that I can show you all.

This piccie is the layout I couldn't post last night. It was a quick and simple layout but I love it! My boys on Xmas 2006 at my Ma's and Pa's.

Liverpool are on tv at the mo. They have to win or Raffa will be looking for a new job in the morning and Steve will be in a foul mood! C'mon you reds!!!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Its Monday!

Hmmm was going to show you a piccie of another layout I did last week but blogger is not playing tonight :(

Anyway although Steve worked most of the weekend he was at home which was good. Yesterday afternoon we had a cooked meal at my friends house and then George stayed over at her house for a sleepover with his best mate. It was so strange to only have one boyo on the house last night and this morning but he had a faberoo time so that was the main thing :)

Today despite doing some of the usual dg duties (urghhhhh housework!) I tackled my craft room and have ordered some boxes to store my papers in. I was actually ashamed at how dusty and disgusting the room was but now it is a haven free of dust and yucky things LOL!!!!

On the weight loss front I am still behaving myself. But thank god for Love Hearts only being 1.5 points per pack :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Long time no post!

Ok so as usual it has been a few days since my last post!

Nothing much to report on the home front other than the boys are now on half term hols, which will be nice providing they stop trying to kill each other!!!!!

On the crafting front? well ,as I am still not totally free of this lovely virus which seems to be clinging on for dear life, this has been a little hit and miss. I don't seem to have a lot of concentration at the mo so have been doing bits when I can.

Here is a layout I did at Traci's house last week. I lurved doing some scrapping for a change and it was great to have a play and a chat!!!!

As usual it was a layout of the boys with a pic from a couple of years ago. Harry looks so young with short hair while george doesn't look any different at all!!!!!

Oh yes I also had a weigh in on Thursday and 2 more pounds came off so I was fairly happy!!!!

Right got a whole weekend with my boys and although Steve is working from home it is nice to actually be one place together for a little while! xxxx

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Aww young love!!!!

So last week Steve and I were talking about Valentine's Day. Harry suddenly went very quiet which he always does when he is deep in thought. When I asked him if he had a special someone he would like to send a card to he replied that he did like someone and could I make a card?
Awww bless him!!! So using a digi kit from Katie Hadfield I came up with this!!!

Ahhh young love xxxxx

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weight loss, feeling icky oh and we stayed out!!

Well Steve and i have had a fabby weekend.
We went to a friends wedding reception yesterday and was given the opportunity by my fab parents to stay out for the night.
So we staggered through the door at 11am this morning after throughly enjoying ourselves last night (hic hic hic!!!!)

While we were out Dad has been using my boys as models so he can practise using his new Nikon DSLR camera - what a poser he is too with it.
Sorry dad but I prefer my Fuji ;) LOL!!!!!

Thanks Mum and Dad for last night we really did appreciate it! Same again next month?????? Tee hee hee!

Actually we were lucky to be going out last night as since Wednesday night I have been proper poorly. Infact Thursday I had to go the docs who at first thought I had flu but as I didn't have a temperature he decided I had a virus! Whatever it was it was horrid but by yesterday I was feeling more like my old self - infact the G&Ts I consumed last night were for medicinal purposes!!!!!

On Thursday I managed to get to ww for my weigh in and I lost 2lbs. Hmmm was slightly disappointed if I am truthful but factors did come in to this (monthly visitor for one if you catch my drift). But it was a loss not a gain!!!!!!!

Right that was catch up time. I do have some projects to photograph which i did last Wednesday at traci's so will get that done tomorrow to show you xxxxx

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Non crafting entry.

This week has been a little upsetting for me but to be honest it has also been a big kick up the butt too and boy have I needed it!!!!

Since I was a teenager I have struggled with my weight and to be honest it has dominated my life too as I yo yoed.
Five years ago on New years day I woke up and declared that i would not be fat and thirty. True to my word by the October I had lost 3 stone!!!!
This picture was taken in June 2004 and by this time I had lost about 55lbs and felt fantastic. it is my fav piccie as finally I was happy with how I looked and more confident too!!!

But, and this is the bit which is sooooooo frustrating, since then the weight has gradually piled on again. If I am honest I look in the mirror and just really dislike what I look like again. but at the end of the day I am to blame noone else (well ok maybe I could blame my genes too LOL).
After talking to a friend on Friday I decided that enough was enough and so on Thursday I went back to ww and got on those scales.
The damage???? Well I am back at my original weight, which really upset me as I did work so hard to get the fat off originally. But do you know what? Thats done with - its in the past and I can't do a thing about it except close that door finally and open the next one.

So this blog is not only going to be a crafting blog but I am going to journal my weight loss too. I apologise if it is alittle boring but I think it will be good for me. Just to help along here is my little ticker to log it all

Yes 60lb is a lot but I think, actually no I know I am going to do xxxxxxx