Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring!!!!

I cannot believe how awful the rain has been this afternoon and typically it started at around 3pm, just in time for the school run.

Over the last few days I have not been feeling very well so I have not made much card or layout wise. Infact I made nothing yesterday and the card opposite was made on Sunday :(

Mind you I did attend Traci's club as usual this morning and although I did make two lovely cards I cannot show them to you as she wants to use them for something which is in the pipeline.
Needless to say I am delighted she has asked me to take part and I just hope that my creations don't let the project down.
When I am able to I will obviously let you know what is going on. ;)

On a final note a dear friend of mine has had a pretty bad few days. I know that she does read my blog occassionally so am sending her and her daughter lots of hugs xxxxxxx

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yummy yum yum!

Don't you just love the smell of baking through the house on a Sunday morning.
George loves cooking and so was in his element making gingerbread men and choc chip cookies.

I acted as his assistant (as always) and we had a great time mixing and cutting out shapes.
After the baking was the decorating which he did all on his own while I was tidying up. After a abit I went to check on how he was doing and he had finished the two people pictured opposite. I told how good they were and he informed me that they were Mummy and Daddy holding hands. Awwwwww ya gotta love that kid!!!!!
Back to Monday tomorrow and oh my goodness where has the weekend gone. Its not fair!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Note to self.....

When your friend invites you and the boys to tea by all means accept her kind invite but do not and I repeat do not drink wine. It is evil and makes you feel crappy the next day!!!!!! LOL!

Yes I am feeling the effects of a 'couple' of drinks so am feeling slightly sluggish this morning. Still hair is being done later so I may feel slightly human after that.

Anyway back to crafting and her is the card I made in craft group on Tuesday. I love the colours - simple but effective. The stamps from from a set available at Particraft and I must say I am tempted by a couple of sets but am trying (very hard) to be good.

Am going to attempt to create something later when I am feeling slightly more human ha ha ha!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blimey what a busy couple of days!!!!

Well since my last entry the days have just flown by!

I finally managed to download my pics from my camera tonight and have a look at the ones I took for Harry's birthday.

I love this piccie so much. He had alot of clothes from us and boy was he so chuffed with them. He really likes the skater boy look and to be hinest I think he has it just right here!!! :)

The weekend went so quick especially Saturday when we went to London to take a look at the science museum. What a place though! It is fab!!

Anyway to crafting and I made a card today which I will post tomorrow! Traci was letting us play with a set of stamps which are available to buy from your local Particraft demonstrator. Have to admit the stamps were lovely and I possibly could be tempted.

Right it is a big night for Liverpool tonight who are playing Chelsea - please please let the reds win as I want hubby in a good mood when he comes home!!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Forgot to show you this.....

Silly me forgot to show you the inside of Harry's card the other day - what a wally.

Anyway the boy had a 'cool and fab' borthday yesterday. He chose what he wanted to do and we obliged!!!!!!
Present opening was the start, followed by Macd's breakfast, shopping at ToysrUs and then lunch at Frankie and Benny's. Does it get any better than that???

I got some really brill piccies of him yesterday so will post them tomorrow. He looked very cool in his new clothes - infact he looked so grown up.

All in all he had a great tenth birthday, throughly spoilt but he loved it!!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

A sneaky peak!

I thought I would let you have a little look at Harry's Birthday card which I made for him last week and if I say so myself it is rather spiffing!!!
I made it using a digi kit from Katie Hadfield who creates some really good kits at the Lily Pad store. Although I don't 'do' digi much I do like printing elements out and using them for paper crafting.
The piccie is a bit naff but blame that on the flimping bad light last week.
Anyways we had a good weekend just pottering around the house and spending quality time together as a foursome. The chaps have watched two of the Indiana Jones films in preparation for the new one whenever that comes out and they are loving them - even George!!!!
Harry is over at a friends house tonight on a sleepover and as always when he is out the house has been sooooo quiet. We certainly know which one out of the two talks the most and its not the little one. It does seem strange with just the one in the house and I do miss him such a lot when he isn't here.
Well I am off for a nice cuppa xxxxxx

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A belated Happy Birthday......

to my nephew Kyran who was 2 years old on Monday.
As he and his parents have been on holiday for a week I have not mentioned it until today as they are now home.
It is very hard to believe that the little chap is now 2 years old - wow that went quick!!!!
Here is a pic of the card I made for him. I bought some stamps from Traci which had a couple of bears on it and I couldn't wait to use them.

Even more hard to believe is that my big lad will be 10 on Wednesday and I must admit to be slightly struggling with the fact that I will have a 10 year old child. I am refusing to believe that I am old enough for that!!!!!!

Anyway I have not crafted today but have spent some quality time with all three of my boys which has been lovely. Tomorrow I have been promised a fantastic roast Sunday lunch made by hubs' fair hands, so I may find a little time to play with paper.

Right a glass of cava is calling me xxxxxxx

Friday, April 11, 2008

Its Friday!!!!

Oh yes it is that day of the week I love the most (especially when I am not working the next day!).
I am sat at my laptop waiting for hubs to arrive home from work. He should be in a good mood as he has the whole weekend off to spend with the boys and I.
We don't have anything planned for this weekend as next weekend will be busy as we shall be in London for a certain someone's 10th birthday treat ;) I think the word for the next two days will be chill.... ahhhh bliss!
This piccie shows the bag made at craft class on Tuesday with Traci. I love going there as not only do we get to make projects with a great teacher (who also happens to be a fabberoo friend of mine) but the ladies at the church also provide fresh coffee and the most awesome cake! So whats not to like?????
Finally for today guess what plopped on my Mums door mat this morning after almost a month???? Yes thats right that lovely pop up card I was mourning a week or so ago. Apparently it is in good condition and my mum lubs it. So I am a really happy bunny!!!!!! xxxxxx

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Its the quiet before the storm!

Here is my second layout in two days. OMG!!!! I love the pics as they are so natural and fun.
George and my Dad had a lot of fun in the snow - infact I think those two are kindred spirits!
BTW the reason for the word grumpy on the LO is that is the boys name for my dad - not that he is grumpy you understand. It is all meant affectionately LOL!!!
I am really trying hard with my scrapping at the mo as I have so many lovely piccies hidden away and I have so many lovely things to use too in the shape of paper and embellies. I really must pull my finger out!!!
It is quiet here at the mo but it will not stay like that for long as William and Olivia are coming to play this afternoon and staying for tea with their mum Claire. No doubt a few drinks will be consumed along the way Hic hic!!!
We also have the inlaws popping in for a little while too so we are quite a popular house today!!
Have a good day everyone!!! xxxx

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I scrapped!

Yes indeedy do - last night I made a layout!!!!
Ok so I am not up to Traci, Kirsty or Scrapdolly's levels of talent but I scrap because I love it.
I get to keep what I make instead of giving my cards away (which sometimes can be sooo painful LOL).
I am quite a basic scrapper (I don't do frou frou) but I do get a thrill from creating something with a photo which is special to me and my family.
This piccie was taken a couple of weeks ago on Easter Sunday. We awoke to a lovely blanket of snow which begged to be played in and so I got some lovely photos including one of my dad and George which is being scrapped as we speak.
The boys are on their hols this week and it is lovely not to have to rush around in the mornings and evenings. They have been playing outside and making the most of a break in the rain. It is lovely to see them with some colour in their cheeks.
Yesterday the boys and I went to Traci's craft group which I really enjoyed. We made a bag which I am chuffed to bits with and am certainly not giving away!!!!! LOL!
Right off to craft for a wee while xxxxx

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Bloomin' Postmen!!!!!!

I am annoyed! Not just slightly but really really annoyed with Royal Mail (or snail mail!)

A couple of weeks ago at craft club I made this card. I decided to make it for my mum. Not for any reason, just to say I love you Mum!
Anyway I was soooooo chuffed with the finished result on this pop up card as it really was beautiful. The papers were gorge and the stamps were fabby, can you guess by now that I lurved this card????

Well I posted it to my mum and waited a couple of days for a phone call from her to say something about the card but whenever we spoke she mentioned nothing. So the other day I just asked in passing if she had received anything???? Her reply - NO!!!

Some silly postman has mislaid my lovely card - I AM NOT A HAPPY BUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!

So Mum - here is your lovely, beautiful card from me to you!! xxxxx

On a happier note on Monday I took my car theory test and thank goodness I passed. Besides giving birth this has to have been the most nerve wrecking experience I have ever been through. Goodness knows what I will be like when I take my practical test, which is booked but I am not saying when it is...........sorry!!!!!

Well tonight is Liverpool v Arsenal and hubby is deffo getting twitchy as it is 1-1 at the mo!!!!!!!!