Monday, November 30, 2009

What a weekend!!!!

It has been such a busy but lovely weekend.

We managed to get our Xmas shopping done in Milton Keynes on Saturday and anything else is to bought on the internet.
Steve has been off today and we have managed to wrap all of the presents so I am one happy bunny!!!!!!
Just the Xmas cards to be written now :o)

Talking of Xmas cards here is one I made earlier - hope you like it.

Tomorrow is 1st Dec....oh wow can't believe its here already. Advent calenders are at the ready and Shimelle's online class starts too. Really really can't wait!!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Almost there!!

On the roll to Friday and a weekend off!!!! Well it will be busy but am sooooo looking forward to it. Can you tell??? LOL!!

Here is our Christmas card to Harry. Just the same as George's really apart from the colour. Again the bulk of the card is from Kanban.

Tomorrow we have George's Xmas fayre in the evening and also a Christmas tree exhibition at Harry's school.......busy night!!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Halfway through the week!

Yay!!!! Its Thursday tomorrow....almost the weekend!
Got my Ma and Pa arriving on Friday in preparation for our Xmas shopping on Saturday. Am very excited about Steve and I spending the day together.

No crafting again today :o( but here is a pic of our card to George. It is really lovely and bright with some fun images.
It was made using a sheet from Kanban - a company I have not used before but I have to say I will again. The card stock was really good quality and the print quality excellent. Can certainly recommend!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

He finally lost it!!!!

His first tooth that is!!!!!!! Bless him he has waited so long for this and it came out during his french lesson yesterday while my friend was teaching him.
The tooth fairy was very generous and left him £2 last night for his first tooth. Think it may be a £1 for each one after this!
I had a day off from work today and as I was feeling a little grotty I wasn't planning on doing much. Ha ha ha! I spent most of the morning at the garage sorting out the continuing prob of my car. Its so annoying as its been a pain since we bought it and I have now reached the end of my tether. Still a solution may be on the horizon.......fingers crossed.
Have done no crafting today :( but I did take some pics of some Xmas cards which I will post tomorrow xxx

Monday, November 23, 2009

Changed my mind....

about the cover of my journal!

And I should think it will change again before the week is out LOL!

Well how wet and windy has it been again? Thankfully we are not affected more severely by the weather has some people have been.

Last night I finally managed to finish my Xmas cards to the family and am going to make a few more 'normal' cards out of left over Xmas stash (of which I still seem to have alot!!!!!!)

Photos of cards will follow but by the time I got home from work today the light was pants so will aim to take pics tomorrow.

I am really enjoying crafting again at the mo - its just a shame I don't have more time to do it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Its Almost Time!!!!!!

To start journalling your Xmas!!!!
Wow Can't believe December is almost here!
This year I am again taking part in Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas and am so excited about it.
Last year I made a paper journal and it was actually one I made over 2 years.......but I finally finished it!
This year I have decided to try a digital journal which I will print out and bind once it is completed.
The decision to go digi was actually an easy one this year.
I tend to craft during the day when I have a little time to myself. In the evenings I do tend to feel a little guilty if I don't spend time with hubs even if its just in the living room on my lappy. Soooooooo why not do my layouts and still spend quality time with my better half? LOL!!
Also this year I am going to be prepared and so have already made my front and back covers!!! Wow how organised am I?
Christmas Journal......bring it on!!!! xxxx

Thursday, November 19, 2009

On a roll!

Thursday already!!! Wow the week is flying by. Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow, Saturday and Monday so Sunday will be my weekend :o(
Still things are looking up. Steve and Harry are much better today and will be off to work/school tomorrow. I have done some crafting today (Xmas cards!!!!!) which makes me happy.
Talking of crafting here is a rugby themed card for my Uncle whose birthday it is today :o) The photo is rubbish which is a shame as the card in real life is so much nicer.
We had parent's evening tonight for George and the little one is doing so well. His teacher is delighted with how hard he is working especially as he is the youngest in his class. He is a joy to teach apparently!!!!!!!!!
Am going for a bit of a blog surf and a cuppa xxxx

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I never like making Sympathy cards and infact this is only the second one I have ever made in the six years I have been card making.

A relative of mine has lost his wife very suddenly and I felt that I should make the effort and make a card.
However, I was short of ideas and just didn;t know where to start. So I starting trawling on line galleries and finally found a suitable card on the Do Crafts website.
Yes its simple but it says all that I need to say.

Today I have had Harry and Steve at home following bad reactions to the Swine flu jab. Both have been in bed most of the day and were still there when I went to work this afternoon. They seemed to have perked up though so fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Talking of tomorrow, I am finally getting my haircut after 5 months!!! So looking forward to a tiny bit of pampering even if it is just a wash, cut and blowdry.
In the evening we have Parent's evening for George tomorrow evening which I am really looking forward to. He seems to be really settling down with his new teacher and actually wants to go to school!!!! Its really lovely to see him finally be happy.
Am off to chill infront of the tv for the evening xxxx

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It's the inlaws Ruby Wedding Anniversary at the end of the month (40 years gulp!!!!!)

Here is a card I made for the occassion. To be honest its a little frou frou for me but I think they will like it.

Its nice to finally have some pictures of crafting to show on the blog :o)

Life has been manic as usual and with Xmas rehearsals, work etc I think its going to be even more so until the boys break up next month.

I have started my Xmas shopping and planning on doing a big shop at the end of the month with hubs. I love this annual event as its one of the few times Steve and I get to go out with no kids!!!

Xmas cards are almost done I think. Am sooooo trying to be organised this year - hmmmmm we'll see!!!!