Friday, March 30, 2007

Just a quickie......

before I go out tonight. Yes thats right I am being let out for good behaviour - well sort of LOl!

No crafting done today at all - boo hoo. But have caught up with all of the jobs around the house so am feeling quite angelic.

On another good note FIL is now out of hospital after suffering a small heart attack. He seems in quite good spirits so that is good news.

Here is an old piccie of my boys from last year. Harry's expression is so funny while his hair is now much longer as he is growing it 'skater boy' style. Oh to be nearly nine again!!!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bit of a catch up

Blimey last week I was sooooo good and posted most days and look what happens this week. I am such a bad blogger!!! LOL!

Well how has my week been????? Bit of a mixed bag to be honest with you.

Sunday saw me at the Cabin doing a brilliant workshop on the Ultimate Embossing Board from Keepsake. Traci is a fabby teacher and the workshop was brill, especially as the ideas for cards were really different. It was nice to spend the day crafting in such lovely settings and with such good company.

The rest of the week has been spent doing bits and bobs really and no serious crafting which is not good for my health. Although last night I took part in my Intermediate Scrapbooking course which is good and I started a kit by 7gypsies which I will take piccies of when it is finished. Ohhhhh something exciting did happen last night THE Kirsty Wiseman rang Traci to discuss some prizes for the competition she is currently running.

Now you have to realise Traci and Kirsty are huge influences in my life. Traci for her huge enthusiasm for crafting, for encouraging me and for introducing me to scrapbooking. Kirsty - well she is just such a scrapping and photography guru!! I got to speak to her quickly and well she is bonkers but soooooo nice.

Today has not been such a good day as my Father in Law was taken into hospital. This poor chap has not been in the best of health for a few years now, but fingers crossed he will be ok. I don't think Steve knew whether he was coming or going earlier, especially as he was working in Birmingham and had to make his way to Huntingdon where his dad was. I just want him home so that myself and the boys can give him a huge hug!!!!

Right I have babbled on for a little while so will update tomorrow when I may actually have some piccies to show you xxxxxx

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Evening all....

it's Saturday night and well today has gone so quick.

Been helping my friend out today at the shoe shop which was interesting. Have come home, got tea sorted in time for footie match which I am now watching while the boys are upstairs playing nicely together (for the moment!!!)

No crafting done today but I have posted a piccie of the cards my boys came me last Sunday for Mother's Day. May get some crafting done later - will see where the evening takes me.

Tomorrow is the workshop at the cabin which i cannot wait for - I love getting together with other crafters for some creating and a chat of course!

Well not much more to post so have a good evening everyone xxx

Friday, March 23, 2007

I am v.v. poorly!!!

My head is killing me and I woke up this morning to find that my face looked like someone had punched me during the night. Yes lucky ol me has blocked sinuses and I am feeling and looking just lovely. LOL!

Still no point sitting here feeling sorry for myself - lets make a card. Here is my card to my beautiful nephew. Bit more decoupage , but I really really lurve this card. Well it has bears on it what more can I say?

Some more crafting is planned during the weekend but this will be restricted to the evening as Saturday I am helping a friend in her shoe shop and Sunday I am at the Cabin helping Traci out. So a busy weekend - no time for sitting down feeling sorry for myself.

Right gonna look around the web tonight - have a good one everyone xxxxx

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hate Feeling ill!!

I just hate feeling poorly especially when I have things to do - being ill just gets in the way! Then again it makes a change for it to be me and not one or all of the three men on my life.

Here is a piccie of a card I have made for my Mum and Dad to give to my little Nephew on his 1st Birthday. I really like it and it was great fun to make. Its one of many cards I have to make over the next few weeks for family and friends birthdays - it will keep me busy anyway LOL!
The Design Collective is really fab and anyone who hasn't visited this forum and loves crafting should check it out as it is a great place to find new inspiration and ideas!
Right nose is starting to drip ( v v attractive) so i am going to dash xxxxx

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Woolly Wednesday

That is how my poor head is feeling - very woolly! Oh well never mind I have chilled out today and just pottered around in the house on my own. George has gone back to school today with Harry and Steve is in Birmingham working so it is very very quiet at Chez Feary but kind of nice.

Got my scrapbooking class tonight which I always look forward to as Traci is a fabby teacher and always enthusiastic about crafting.

My class went well last night and the ladies lurved paper tearing. there are only two more weeks left of this cycle of classes - crikey time flies! Next weeks class is a good one for me as it is rubber stamping which is a fav of mine and it opens up so many possibilities for crafting!

Have posted a piccie of my flowers from Sunday. My boys bought me a lovely bouquet and unfortunately none of the piccies I have taken will do it justice. Need a new camera me thinks?! LOL!

Here is a piccie of George - gosh that boy loves having his photo taken. But when you are that cute (and he knows it) why not????? We had some really good news about this fella on Monday with regard to his school work. He is still only four (not 5 until end of August!) and has struggled with his reading and writing. He has been getting quite frustrated with it until recently and all of a sudden it has just clicked! This little fella has now gone up a group for his phonics work and we are all so proud of him. What a star!!!!
Right am off to have a quick peek at The Design Collective Forum xxxx

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Poorly bunny

Both my boys have had a nasty cold over the last week. Poor little George has actually been off school today as he has been so poorly. Now what d'yah know? I am coming down with a cold. My head feels all woolly and my throat is very sore. I am feeling very sorry for myself but am dosing myself up to try and get rid of this.

Got my class tonight and the subject is paper tearing which luckily is pretty straight forward.

Here is a piccie of a card I made for Harry's best friends birthday - he loves Dr Who. can you tell???? LOL!!!!
Must get some crafting done tomorrow as I am having withdrawal symptoms from not having a good scrapping session!!!!
Right am going to get ready for going out - have a good evening everyone xxx

Monday, March 19, 2007

Bit fed up.

Yup thats me .........fed up! Not anything in particular has made me feel like this but its a number of things and not ones I am going to go into on this blog. But I think its just a blip and it will all sort itself out soon.

Anyway back to crafting and here is the card I mage for my lovely Mum for Mother's Day. Quite a girly card for me but I really like it and I think that Mum did too.

Have got some other photos to post but will do so tomorrow once they are off the camera.

Have a good evening everyone xxxx

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Its lovely out there!!!!

Wow Spring seems to have finally sprung and it is lurvely out there!

I have had my hair coloured and cut this morning and am really pleased with it. To top that I weighed myself finally on Friday and then again this morning and I lost 4lb. So it must be about 6lb altogether as I started last Tuesday. I am really really chuffed!

Crafting wise I have not got much done but I have the third week of my class tonight and my scrapbooking class tomorrow night. Hopefully I will get some crafting done tomorrow during the day. Here is a piccie of the Mother's day card for the mil, my mum's I will post here on Sunday as she reads my bloggie.
Right tea to make - have a good evening everyone xxxx

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunny Sunday!!!

Well its a lovely Sunday afternoon and everyone is great with the world. my boys are playing nicely (at the moment) and the rugby is on tv. Bliss!!!!

We have had a great weekend pottering around and just generally doing family things together. Yesterday we went to a farm which does the lambing weekends during March. It was fascinating as we saw a total of three lambs born although one sheep needed help and I think it traumatised George seeing a lady put her hand up a sheeps bottom LOL! Unfortunately there are no photos from this outing as I felt the poor sheep were under enough pressure from giving birth in public.

On a crafting note I have finally got my Mother's days cards done - two for mums and two for Steve's grandmothers. Here is one of the cards and I will post some other piccies later - apart from my mum's of course incase she takes a sneaky peak!
Right going to concentrate on the rugby - have funxxxx

Friday, March 09, 2007

It's FFFFFFFriday!!!!!

Yipeeeee! Friday again! This week has flown by - crikey where do the days go to?

Well Wednesday night saw me taking part in the Intermediate Scrapbook class which is ran by Traci. We had a fabby time and I will take some piccies of what we did tomorrow when the light is abit better. I am really enjoying this class as it is something totally different to what I normally do in my comfort zone.

Thursday and today has mainly seen me do my ding dong Avon thing. I do enjoy it as I have some lovely customers - plus the commission i make pays for my stash. Well it is supposed to but you can never have enough stuff can you? LOl!

George has been keeping me company today as he was so tired I decided to keep him off school. He is still only four years old and is the youngest in the school bless him. He is doing ever so well but this week has certainly caught up with him. They certainly keep those little ones busy in Reception. Harry too has had a busy but really good week as he is now officially allowed to write in pen at school instead of pencil. He was so chuffed as he has tried really hard with his writing, another proud Mum moment!

Our healthy eating routine is still going well but still not weighed myself - I am still too scared. But even Steve is doing well so we will see!

Thought I should post a piccie of a card I made the other day - I like it as decoupage is one of fav techniques but I don't do it that often.
Anyway I hear you cry what are we doing over the weekend. Well hopefully if the weather is nice we are going to visit one of the local lambing farms to see some newborn lambs. Will post some piccies although will skip any birthing ones obviously Hahaha!
Blimey I have typed alot tonight. Will update over the weekendxxxxx

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I have finally had enough!!!

and I am back on the wagon where my weight is concerned. Just recently it has got me really down and over the weekend the realisation has hit me that I am the only one who can do something about it. I have got to stop blaming everything and everyone else apart from myself.

I think what has got me really fed up was that a couple of years ago I lost alot and I mean alot of weight and now I am back at square one. But I have pulled myself together and am going to stop worrying about what has happened. One thing I am not going to do though at the moment is to weigh myself - I am not ready for that just yet! LOL!

Anyway sorry about the moaning bit and as this is a crafting blog here are some cards for you to have a gander at. A couple are orders and the other two are for stock.

My second class took place last night and another lady has joined us which is great. As all of the ladies taking part are complete beginners it is quite a challenge and I have to keep putting myself in their shoes and remembering how I felt when I started paper crafting.

Tonight sees me at the cabin again but learning Intermediate scrapbooking which I lurved last week. Its nice to be the pupil again, although Traci has warned that tonight will be very very busy so plenty of coffee before I go out to keep me alert LOl!

I have noticed recently that my rating is dropping like a stone - how do I feel about that??? Well at the end of the day I started this blog more for myself than anything else and if anyone else wanted to look in and see where my days take me then they are more than welcome. It has almost become a therapy thing this blog of mine and I enjoy doing it so ratings don't bother me although it is really interesting to see how many people look at it. I know my Mum checks my blog just to see where I am and what I am doing - hiya Mum!!!!

Right it's midday and cuppa time I do believe. Catch ya's later XXXXXX

Monday, March 05, 2007

Three days gone just like that!

Blimey!!! What happened there??? I have lost three days! LOl!

Well Saturday was busy at the Craft market and it was nice to meet people and have a good old chat. Sunday was more of a family day and we went out for tea which was lovely and today - welllllll dg duties this morning. I then decided to take a leaf out of Traci's book and tidy my craft room this afternoon. So unfortunately I have not done alot of crafting over the last few days. Hmmmmmm me think tomorrow might be different. xxxx

Friday, March 02, 2007

Blimey the week has flashed by!!!

Crikey it's Friday already!!! What has happened to the week??? Well ok I know I have not blogged since Sunday - I am sorry.

So what's been going on??? Well its been abit of a catch up week regarding DG duties etc. But its been good in the way of starting to get card orders, which is fab. A friend ordered 6 cards with more orders to come and another has ordered two. I have also been asked to get a box of cards together to put in the school staff room so I am of course well pleased!

Next week will be cardmaking to build up some stock and I am also going to pull my finger out and get some work done on my website. So hopefully some money will start coming in, not that it is about the money but I have decided that I cannot buy anything else until I have some money!!!!

Back to this week though and Tuesday saw my Beginner's class start up again for the next six weeks. As last time the ladies are lovely and I think they will get alot out of the course as they are complete beginners.

Wednesday night saw my back at the cabin but this time as a pupil for Traci's Intermediate Scrapbooking course. It was fabby and the two hours shot by. We made an album which is lovely and we will be doing more work on them next week. I will post piccies over the weekend.

Tomorrow sees the return of the monthly craft market in Thrapston so I will be assisting Traci on her stall which I love doing as you get to meet some lovely people and have a chat.

Right boys have just gone to bed so am going to spend some time with my hubby xxxxxx