Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Well didn't the weekend go quick? So quick I didn't update my blog - ha ha ha cos I do that regularly???!!!
Anyway work was interesting to say the least and we were driving the boys here there and everywhere for rugby or rehearsals. Don't think I saw alot of my hubs over the weekend but still there is this weekend to look forward to as I am off :)

Last night we had a meeting at Harry's school concerning a forthcoming trip to France and Belgium to see the WWI trenches etc. Its Harry's first trip abroad without us hence the title of this post. I know he will be fine and he will love the trip. Infact I am really jealous as it sounds fab but I will miss him dreadfully - although its only for two nights.
George is currently reading the Warhorse, or rather trying to. He got to a certain part on Sunday evening and starting sobbing and I mean sobbing. He cried that much he wore himself out. Needless to say Monday nights book was Horrid Henry ;)

Anyway onto the crafting. I have made a card for Valentines Day using a Cuddly Buddly image, some ribbon and embellishments which again I have had for yonks - I really need to get through them :)
This card is for Steve but I am waiting for Harry to ask me for one for his girlfriend Ellie. Hmmm thinking about it maybe I should make it up before he asks as I know he will suddenly realize on 13th Feb he hasn't done anything for her!!!!


Friday, January 27, 2012


Would like to say that I have that Friday feeling but lets face it I am working tomorrow so its so not going to happen :(
Still on the upside I do get a sort of lie in tomorrow ;)

Got another card to show you. This time its for Mother's Day - yes I am trying to be THAT organised!!
I had a rummage through my scrap patterned paper and decided to use some squares together with some felt butterflies which I have had for yonks. Add a bit of ribbon and some faux stitching and doodling and hey presto!!
I liked these so much I made four!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Using old stuff!

I think it was last year's resolution not to buy anymore crafting stash and ok while I have maybe bought a Christmas card kit and the odd stamp I can proudly announce I bought no new patterned papers etc!
Having said that I still have loads of stuff but to be quite honest I have not crafted as much as I like so my stock has not dwindled as much or as quick as it could.
This year I am making a really good effort to craft more. It really does chill me out and provide me with 'me' time. As a mum of two boys/young men I need it believe me. For the last couple of weeks what I have been aiming to do is once housework is done, boys sorted etc etc to go in the study and do something. Even if it is just for half an hour and I think I am feeling the benefit of it. :)

This card is from a birthday pack of papers which I have had for yonks, infact yesterdays card is from the same set. I am also ashamed to say i have two packs of this! Oh well plenty of birthday cards for everyone :) I coloured in the sentiment, which is taken from a Kirsty Wiseman cd, with a promarker pen to fit in with the colour scheme.

On Sunday I spent the afternoon coloring in some stamped images with my promarkers and so am now batch making some boys and girls cards which hopefully will be done later.

So whats going on with the family today? Well:
Harry - seems to think his option choices are safe although he can't decide between history and geography. His other choices are drama, German instead of French and RE and philosophy. Rehearsals for his latest local production (Bartered Bride) are going well and he has been given a small speaking part :)
George - back injury is healing well (rugby on Sunday and collapsed scrum). Unusually he is testing my patience at the mo
Steve - finishing early today - yay!

So thats all for today folks xxx

Monday, January 23, 2012

Its a New Year - little late I know!!

Oh wow - nearly the end of January!!

I hope you all had a good Christmas and a fantastic New Year. I hope that this year is a peaceful one for all of my friends :)

I have a mixed year ahead of me:
I am hoping that my Mum's health remains good so that a transplant, although inevitable, will be something we can think about in the next couple of years.
Harry takes his options this year for GCSEs - good grief I am not old enough for that!
George is continuing to make good progress at school and playing rugby.
My hubs turns 40!!!!!!!!
And me? Ha ha ha well its the same old make time for myself, loose weight etc etc etc.

I have been crafting though and last week dug out some very very old Dufex decoupage and made this card. Please excuse the dreadful picture. It is much better in real life.
I was looking for some inspiration for a card layout and found it here on Elaine's blog. Take a look as she is very talented!

Yesterday I did some stamping and colouring in so guess what I am doing this afternoon?