Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's summer time!

The boys have finally broken up for summer and the weather is beautiful! 

It's been a busy time here with end of school activities, productions and mum getting over her hip but we have a few weeks of holidays and taking things at a slightly slower pace even though I am working for most of the hols. 

Harry had a German assessment and got an A which was wonderful. He was also commended for his work in history, geography and surprisingly pe which made us very proud. Harry works so hard to achieve his results and I know from a social aspect he doesn't find school easy but he does it amazingly well. 

George has done brilliantly in his SATS exams and we received an end of year report to be proud of. He gives of his best all of the time and at his end of year presentation he was awarded class citizen!

I am so proud of them both for overcoming and still coping with various issues while achieving so much. I really do love those boys x x x

I have finally managed to sort out a crafting area for hubs and I. It looks brill and it means we can keep our messes/creations in one area!!!!!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Couple of weeks down the line ...........

So I have been working at Katz for a couple of weeks now and it's going well.
I don't regret my decision to leave the shop as it was long over due.

Any way Mum is back in hospital - this time with a broken hip. A complete replacement was required and she also had a build up of toxins to deal with. So all in all its been a little hectic here.

I have not crafted at all but with the promise of nice weather this weekend that could all change

Below is a love heart card from a while ago - hope you like x x x

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Feeling like a newbie :-(

So my second day and i just felt like I was asking stupid questions all day. Then I made a daft mistake which meant things got delayed so all in all I felt silly.
Still I know not what to do on Thurs that's for sure!

No crafting done today but below is a cupcake birthday card which I made a couple of weeks ago. Stitched again with perforated paper and took no time at all to make x x

Monday, June 10, 2013

New Girl

Yes I started my new job for real today and early signs are that I am going to like it. My only reservations are during holiday time but we will see what happens.

Anyway yesterday I organised what cards I will need for the next couple of months and obviously as Fathers Day is coming up the weekend I realised I needed to create. I didn't have time to stitch anything but came up with the design below using scraps of patterned paper.
I do really like them and may actually use this design a little more.

Sunday, June 09, 2013


Well Thursday was my last shift at the shoe shop and for some reason I am not as overjoyed as I thought I would be.
Now don't get me wrong I have soooo made the right decision but I am left with this sense of sadness at leaving a place where I have worked for 7 years.

Anyhoo tomorrow is my first day at Katz and I am looking forward to it. I need a change of scene, plus more regular hours and no weekend working and this so fits in!!
So this weekend I have been getting everything in the house straight so that I can get into a routine ASAP. I don't start work till 9.30 so I can get a few bits done before I go.

So Clare what crafting have you done recently? Well not much to be fair, which is not a good thing. However, I did stitch a 60th birthday card for my dad (which I forgot to take a pic of - doh!!!!) and I have been messing around with a couple of simple designs for quick cards. The first one is the new home card pictured below
It is stitched using perforated paper and some remnants of thread and hey presto!!!!!!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Catch up!

So Clare whats been going on since you last posted on your blog?
  • Harry almost definitely has Aspergers. Not a great surprise but we have our foot in the door with CAMHS and so things, hopefully, will start moving.
  • Mum has been in hospital twice :-( Its been very very scary for us and her but she is home now and continues to improve.
  • Oliver rehearsals are continuing and going well. Oh and Harry has another show lined up for afterwards so busy busy!
  • George was awarded Clubman for the u11 rugby team - so proud!
  • I have a new job! So excited and pleased. I start in June and it will mean no more Saturdays or working till 5pm! 
So its been a busy and emotional time for us all but things are good at the mo.

I haven't been stitching alot but here is one of the cards I made for Harry's 15th (yes 15) birthday last month.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Back again!

It's been a busy day with Avon delivery to sort and also going to work this afternoon. There was also a little stress concerning H who had a bad day at school yesterday but that has been dealt with and he is alot happier tonight.
G has had a concert this evening at school which Steve went to watch and it was fab apparently.
No creating today as simply not enough time but here is a creation completed recently.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Creating and making!

It's been almost a month since my last post - how did that happen? Bonkers!
Things are ticking away at Feary Manor. Harry is in the middle of exam week and also rehearsing well for Oliver! George is better and preparing for Sats. Hubs is hubs and I am making stuff again!

Am making cards for April birthdays at the mo in a bid to be more organised and in the evening I sit and stitch.
Below is my mums card for Mother's Day - I like it!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Back again!

Urgh I did have flu and it was horrid. I had no energy all weekend and just felt bleurgh. Infact I still feel a little under the weather but loads better than last week.

This week has been a little stressful hence no posts. I think if I had posted it would've been full of my moans about mum's health, my health, living in a house with three boys and just generally feeling unhappy with life in general. So here I am having pondered life etc for the last few days - weighing up good and bad - and now deciding that I am the only person who can change things for myself and that the things I can't change? Well they need to be dealt with head on or let someone else deal with them.
Out of all of this pondering I have realised that I really don't spend enough time on me. I run around so so much (as most Mums do) juggling with work, home, children, school and family that I have lost sight of what I need to retain my sanity or what little remains.
Now don't get me wrong I am not feeling feeling sorry for myself and I love my boys so so much, however lately I am feeling the need to be recognised as someone more than just a mum and wife.
I also need to be creating more. I am so happy when left to just play and make things and sadly I have not been sat in my little room playing as much as I would like to.

So things have got to change and they will/are.
I am loosing weight - hurrah!
I will find a new job this year
Scrapbooking supplies will be used
My mum will get on the transplant list
My boys will realise that I am a person and not a maid
Harry will finally get the official Aspergers diagnosis and some help
I will be forty and fabulous!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Urgh feeling unwell

Have had one of those weeks this week and typically it's been while the boys have been on half term.
For about 2 weeks now I have been fighting something off but Sunday it hit big time :-(
I managed to get to work in monday and tuesday to do my morning shifts but in Tuesday afternoon I went straight to bed.
I was supposed to be going to see my mum and dad yesterday but again I felt too unwell to go. Infact I was nodding off now and again.
Today I do feel better but I have no energy at all. It certainly wasn't flu as I have had that before and I didn't feel that bad but urgh I feel like I have lead boots on.

Anyway I have done no stitching at all so far this weeky but am planning to do some this afternoon infront of the tv - bliss!

As its valentines day I thought it would be nice to show you the card I made for hubs - stitched obviously!!!! Xxxx

Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Poor George is still suffering with his head. Yesterday he managed an hour at school and this morning I took him to the docs as he was still suffering from dizziness.
After a very thorough check we were told he needs rest and time. Mind you he has started to feel much better tonight so fingers crossed.

Am stitching an Easter card from The World of Cross Stitch at the mo and hoping to get it finished in the next few days.
I actually had an order from a friend today for one of the sausage dog cards. I was really chuffed and need to get it sorted for Mothers Day. The big question is how much to charge?

Pic below is the other Mothers Day design I finished at the weekend. It's a really bright pattern so will really cheer up a Mother's Day. X

Monday, February 04, 2013

So sorry!

It's been a few days since I last posted so thought I should pull my finger out and get sorted.
George has been off school today with concussion. He had a little bump at rugby training yesterday but woke up feeling dreadful this morning so 8am this morning we were sat in a&e.
We didn't have a long wait and were seen by 2 nurses and a doctor fairly quickly. Infact we were back home by about 9.30!

Harry is doing ok at school etc. rehearsals for Oliver are going well and he is enjoying being back in the swing of performing and rehearsing. Am feeling frustrated at getting referrals sorted for his Aspergers diagnosis and for something else of a more personal nature. I am going to wait until Friday and then will start chasing etc.

Steve is really enjoying his mosaic work and over the weekend he worked on a mirror. It looks amazing and will look even better once its grouted. As soon as it is I will post a pic.
He is looking at maybe selling some of his pieces and I honestly think they are good enough!

And me? Well I haven't done loads if stitching as I have been quite busy but I did finish two pieces over the weekend for Mother's Day - one of which is shown below.
Some fab news and which I still can't believe is that my mum and dad are buying a new iPad for me for my birthday. I am so excited!!!!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

So proud!

We have spent most of the day with Harry at auditions for Oliver.
He originally went for the part of Dodger as sensibly he understands his voice has changed dramatically over the past 6 months.
Out of 7 boys he made it to the final 2 and although he didn't get the part he wanted he has been given the part of dodgers mate Charley.
To say we are proud is an understatement. I really am so so so so pleased for him - he really is a star! X

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Am now chilling in my pjs after a day at work and its bliss.
I came home to a cup of tea and the smell of a lovely curry cooking - what more really does a girl need or want?
Well my outstanding threads for one. They still haven't turned up so am not really impressed again.

Anyway my boys are ensconced in their bedrooms. One is going to sleep and the other is chilling before his audition tomorrow.

And me? Well I was going to pick up my stitching but am actually thinking an early night is in order as I am tired. Not really on for a Saturday night is it?

The design below is a dmc mini kit I finished before christmas. I like it - simple but effective

Friday, January 25, 2013

It's Friday!

But as I have work tomorrow I most certainly do not have that Friday feeling :-(

Harry had his exam yesterday so that's one under his belt - just got a wait for the results now! When I asked him when the results were in he said 'I think it's May but then again it could be March' hmmmmm typical Harry.

Right as promised I have taken a picture of the big wedding sampler picture I have restarted. Didn't realise it was soooooo big and it could take me a while that's for sure but I will get there.
The plan is to still do little projects inbetween this one but I will get it done.

Talking of little projects I have three (I think) which are awaiting threads from an order I placed 9 days ago!
Now this is the same company which I had probs with last time but I thought I would give them another chance. Hmmmmm I am not overly impressed with them but will give them a few more days especially as the weather hasn't been fab.

Anyway I must go and sort tea as Harry and Steve are out tonight for the sound of music DVD night. I am getting George to bed at 8 and making the most of the remote control :-)


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This time tomorrow

Harry's first gcse exam will be over thank goodness!
Some last minute revision has been done tonight so hopefully he will feel a little better in the morning.

I on the other hand have a dreadful headache and my feet are so sore so tonight's post is very short.

Tomorrow's will be better - promise!
X x

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Will be glad when its over!

Harry's gcse science exam is on Thursday morning and I can't wait for it to be over. It has taken over our life at the moment as we have been helping him to revise.
Wether it's the Aspergers but Harry finds science really difficult to get his head around and he has been getting so frustrated and upset at times. We have told him to do his best and try not to worry but it's easier said than done.

Pic of the day is bert the badger - a design I completed in October. Not done anything with him yet but wanted to show him off
I meant to take a pic of the wedding sampler today to demonstrate how little I have done and also to record ongoing progress. Will do this tomorrow - promise

Monday, January 21, 2013

No school snow day!

Gotta love it when school is called off for the day.
Watched the boys sledging after the housework and then home for hot soup and homework.
I did a little more stitching on the wedding sampler last night and today. It was daunting to start but feel better about it now.
Back to school and work tomorrow - urgh normality!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Having a sort out

While the boys were out enjoying the snow I decided to have a sort out of the kits and charts I am going to try to complete in the coming months.
I took pics of the projects I have finished recently but not used yet and noted what threads I need to order in a couple of weeks time to start a number of projects for the kids.
Three projects I am currently awaiting threads to be delivered, 2 kits are still sealed, 3 charts need threads ordering and one massive project which has not been touched since 1996!
This unfinished kit is our wedding sampler and its huge. I have prob only completed an eighth of it but today I opened it up again and I WILL finish it this year.
So I think I will be busy!
Lastly George's school is shut tomorrow and Harry's which is 8 miles away has not made an announcement yet - hmmmmmm!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Am having a fab weekend so far.
Lots of snow, sleep till 9am (must have needed that), breakfast in bed, play in snow with boys and dog, hot soup for lunch, shower, pjs, tv, cross stitch and homemade curry.
Boys are now upstairs playing games while I am stitching and Steve is working on a new project.
Happy x

Friday, January 18, 2013

Finally decent snow!

I love snow! Especially if all of my chaps are at home and we have plenty of food in etc.
it finally started at about 12.30pm and by 3pm we decided to shut the shop and head home. Luckily Steve decided to leave work at 1.30 so was home by 3.45 but poor Harry didn't get home until 4.45. He was not a happy bunny that's for sure.
Not had a chance to take any pics but will get some for tomorrow.

This weekend I have no work, music school or rugby so it's a weekend of chilling and keeping warm - bliss! X

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Can you tell what it is yet?

Starting stitching this last night for my mum's Mother's Day card.
As usual I need some colours which I haven't got yet so this will be put to one side until the threads arrive.
I received one lot of threads today for the Lizzie Kate project I am going to stitch for Steve but am waiting for another lot from the same shop which took ages to despatch last time. I did only place the two orders yesterday so am hoping to receive the other lot either tomorrow or Saturday.

Family news is that George went back to school today. He isn't 100% but wanted to go back to school so I went with what he wanted.
Harry has gone to a pre audition meeting tonight for a local production of Oliver. Auditions are next week and I have a very keen 14 year old. However he has his science exam next Thursday to get through first :-(

Snow watch - none since Monday/Tuesday but will keep you updated x

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No more Xmas stitching .........

Until at least October! I have finally finished the Xmas designs which I couldn't finish due to undelivered threads - grrrrrrr!
The design below was stitched for my neighbours grandson but now it will do for a friend who is having a baby in the near future.
Am now stitching a couple of Mother's Day cards but am hoping to start a wedding anniversary pressie for hubby once some more threads arrive. Am giving the same company another chance at delivering in good time.
Home life is stressful at the mo. George is just about getting better and Harry is trying to revise for a huge science exam next week. On top of this Steve and I went to a school meeting tonight about George's Sats exams which he is taking later in the year.
Think by the summer I will have a few more grey hairs!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


George still not 100% yet and may be off again tomorrow. Poor lil chap is very pale and still in pain but hopefully medicine will have kicked in by the morning.
Not done much stitching over the last few days due to being 'nurse' but I did manage to finish the christmas design below. That's another one done!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Not fun!

Not doing any stitching yet today as George has been off school with an ear infection.
However, I did spot this on folksy earlier - how nice is this? I love Clarice Cliff and so this design is tempting me.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Talented hubby!

My hubby always said he was never creative at all. He wanted to be but never found his 'thing'.
However last year I was watching a Kirstie Allsop programme and there was a bit about mosaicing. Well that caught his eye and do for his 40th birthday I booked a day long course for him with a professional artist and since then he has been hooked and I have been seriously impressed.
Here is the latest design which he finished today - all done in plum colours to match our new bedrooms.
The picture doesn't do it justice and I have to say its amazing!!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

No Likey Saturday!

Hmmm been at work today and it was pants. Not really busy as such but was still late leaving and I just wished I was at home with my chaps.

Anyway last night I did manage to finish one design with the new threads I received the other day. Yes it's another christmas one but oh well!

Tomorrow, weather dependant, we will be watching George play rugby - brrrr think it will be a cold one. However my afternoon is free so guess what I will be doing - that's right stitching .......bliss! X

Friday, January 11, 2013

Seeing it on paper can be hard

Now this post is not strictly crafty today but it is all about my daily life and do here we go.
Today has been a funny old day - not great to be fair but hey what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.
I spoke with my mum today and she had a hospital appointment yesterday which has thrown everything up in the air again. She is currently being treated for liver failure, blood clot, and a fractured back (in three places no less!). Unfortunately her blood tests have come back and it appears that her liver is failing more than last time. This now means she is going to be reassessed for a liver transplant.
After all that has gone on the last 5 or six months I was hoping for a lull in any appointments or treatments but no it appears not so.

So that was the first kick in the teeth of the day and now for the second .......
Harry is currently being assessed by the child psychologist at school and a little while ago Aspergers was suggested.
Now I have always had that niggling at the back of my mind about this since he was about 6 or 7 but it has all become a little real lately.
Anyway today I have received a copy of a letter from the psychologist to a paediatrician and he is suggesting that Aspergers is likely.
Now I know I have had my thoughts but to see it written down - wow it certainly takes the wind out of your sails!
So not sure where we are going next but we will do everything we can for my handsome, talented, happy and slightly eccentric boy.

Phew rant over. Tonight I will be chilling with some unfinished projects and a glass of something nice - I think I need it!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

At last!

I placed an order for some threads on 20th Nov and today (finally) I received the last bit of that order.
Now don't get me wrong sometimes delays happen but it does bug me when shops don't show stock as out of stock on their websites - arghhhhh!

Right rant over!

So this evening I am going to make a start on finishing some designs which have been awaiting the threads and they are christmas cards - late or early ones take your pick!

No pic for today - hopefully some tomorrow x x

Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Am loving the fact I am stitching again. It's certainly relaxing me and I am enjoying creating again.
The designs I am stitching at the moment are small - mainly for cards but I do have a couple of big designs which I want to start on soon.
Last night I finished the pattern for steve's valentine card - simple but I like it.
Again I haven't mounted this one yet as I just wanted to get the important bit done first.
The lizzie Kate design I won from eBay arrived today - just need to sort out the threads I need.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

I 'need' to stitch this!

Harry (actually we as a family) is addicted to The Big Bang Theory and so when I was randomly surfing on the net last night I found the pattern shown below.
So guess what H will be getting for his birthday?

Monday, January 07, 2013

Back to 'normal'

Everyone went back to work/school today and Christmas now seems a distant memory.
Mondays are my day off and so it was weird being in the house on my own with Bruce. Have to say though that after cleaning downstairs it was lovely to have it stay that way till 3.30!

I am back to work tomorrow which I am not really looking forward to as lately u have been a little disheartened with it but hey ho it's a job and at the mo we need the money.

Anyway last night I managed to finish off the three christmas designs, which are pictured below and am now working on a quick one for a valentines card for hubs. I am hoping it will be completed tomorrow ready for mounting at a later date.

Right that's the entry for tonight - only a quick one but hey I am doing well so far!

Sunday, January 06, 2013

40 years!

40 years ago today my Ma and Pa tied the knot at their local registry office.
They have not always had it easy. Both lost their parents at relatively young ages, money not always to hand and health wise mum has struggled especially the last couple of years. However their love and devotion to each other has seen them through these tough times and will continue to do so for a long time to come.
Below is a scrapbook page I made quite a few years ago now which contains a pic taken before they married. Mum has the original so I really need to make one for my album.

Crafting wise I have finally finished the three mini designs. They just need to be backed and mounted on card and I will have three christmas cards done. Hmmm that sounds a little sick doesn't it? I will post a pic of these tomorrow.

Urghh talking of tomorrow everyone goes back to school/work and I am not looking forward to it :-(
On a positive note I won a Lizzie Kate chart on ebay this morning - soooo exciting!

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Love technology

How cool is it that you can be in the car and write a blog entry on the phone? I must hasten to add that I am not driving!

We have been up north today to celebrate my mum and dads 40th wedding anniversary. It's been a lovely day, mixed with emotion as to be true full A couple of months ago i never thought mum would be out of hospital to enjoy it.

I stitched the card shown in the picture below. Decided that less is more with this and just added a ribbon and gem. I felt it didn't need anything else.
Judging from my mum and dads reaction I think they liked it

Friday, January 04, 2013


Blimey it's Friday!
Just got the weekend and then everyone is back to school/work - urgh back to normal.
I took Steve down to the docs this morning as his foot was no better. He had a blood test and has been prescribed some strong anti inflamatories which have made a huge difference in ten hours. Hopefully things are on the up!
Last nights stitching is still not finished - I will get there with them. Hopefully I will crack on this evening and get at least one done.
Today's pic is of a sausage dog creation made into a birthday card for a very special friend whose birthday is next week. I loved the dog so much that I stitched three different ones and two still need to be made into cards or framed.
They were stitched in even weave which makes a change from aida and certainly tests the eyes.

Thursday, January 03, 2013


Well didn't get the three designs stitched last night as you can see from the pic below. Can you tell what they are yet?
I really just want to get them done so that I can start a valentines project for hubs and also try and continue with a big project I started 16 years ago!
Tomorrow I need to mount a stitched design onto a card for my mum and dads 40th wedding anniversary so will take a pic of that for tomorrow's entry.

Steve is still not right. Infact I may take him to the docs tomorrow to see what they say.
As well as docs George has got an appointment with the optician as on Boxing Day he managed to scratch his cornea by spraying deodorant in his eye.
You honestly couldn't make it up sometimes could you? X

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Back to work?

Steve (bless him) was due to go back to work today. Hmmm well that didn't work to plan.
He woke, after a restless night, to a really swollen and painful toe. He was limping but determined to drive to Coventry for work. I jokingly said that maybe he had gout but this was quickly dismissed as me being silly - hmmmmm.
He made it as far as Kettering and made a detour to a & e where the diagnosed gout! I should be a nurse - lol!!
So hubs is home nursing a very swollen foot and looking sorry for himself.

Anyway enough of all that. I haven't done any stitching or crafting today as catching up with post Xmas paperwork/finances and neither make for great reading. However I am going to treat myself to an hour after blogging. I have got three little christmas cards half completed which I want to finish either tonight or tomorrow.
Before I go here is a pic of a card I stitched for Steve last year.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

First day!

Well it's the first day of the New Year and we are enjoying our last day of family time before hubs goes back to work tomorrow.
The Christmas decs are put away for another year and downstairs cleaned and tidied. It's almost as if it never happened.
2013 is going to be a big year for me - urgh I hit that big 40. As always I have plans for a New Year and for really what is a new phase in life.
1.Obviously I need to loose weight. It's such an issue especially with my arthritis.
2. Get fit. The dog and I are going to have a new routine - it will be fun!
3. Make quality time for hubs and I.
4. Continue to treasure true friends. Last year I had an epiphany and my true friendships have flourished while other 'toxic' ones have fallen. I am so much happier because of this.
5. More me time - I need to scrap more and have recently rediscovered cross stitching. Card making I will continue with but on my terms and not because I have to.
So that's it my resolutions - easy eh?