Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Time Flies

Oh my goodness time does fly! It really doesn't seem like a week since I last blogged.

Well the plaster finally came off last Wednesday much to my relief (and everyone elses!!!). However I was a bit disappointed as I expected it to come off and I would be pain free and be back to normal. Alas it wasn't so and I was warned that it could be up to three months before things are back to how they should be.
So I am still to take things easy which isn't simple when you have a 5 and 9 year old to chase about!

We had bad news on Saturday. Steve's granny who is 90 was taken into hospital and she has been quite poorly but things are now looking up and we are all hoping and are sure she will be ok.

Besides that I have been making the occasional Xmas card and making a few cards from the Lets Make Cards magazine. Oh and I am doing a two week course with Traci on how to make a ribbon bound album. Monday was the first night and I really enjoyed it! Thanks Traci xxx

Right am gonna goxxxxxxx

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This time tomorrow.......

and I will be out of plaster or at least I hope to be. These last five weeks have gone soooo slow and it has been awful to be reliant on other people for such silly things. Although the people who have helped me have been absolute stars in particular my hubs who as always has been fabby. Love ya Steve xxx and thank you so much xxxxxxxx

Still over the last few days I have been making cards for Xmas using stash from last year. They are quick cards and simple in design but bearing in mind that last year I made nearly 100 I thought I would get them started earlier this year.
Here is one of them from yesterday and I am quite pleased with it.

Today I was at the craft club and it was as usual great fun. Traci always provides great projects to work on and the group is lots of fun so it was a great morning!!!

Not done much else in the way of crafting today as to be honest I was not feeling 100 per cent this afternoon. But I may have a little play tonight. xxxxx

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The weekend has flown by.....

it really has. It has gone in a flash and I not like that one bit!!!

Saturday was lovely as Mum and Dad came down for the day. It seems so long since we saw them last with one thing or another. But we had a fab day and the Harry got a Gaelic footie shirt and George a Munster Hoodie top so they were throughly spoilt.
Thanks for coming to see us Ma and Pa we had a lovely day - hope you did too xxxxxxx

Today has been busy too. Went craft shopping this morning, followed by lunch out, and then we visited the inlaws for the afternoon.

Phew we are now back home, showered boys in bed and we are now settling infront of the tv to see who England will play in the Rugby World Cup Final next weekend.

BTW the card is one I made for Traci who was the grand old age of 31 on Friday. Must admit I quite liked this one - infact she almost didn't get this card lol!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend xxxx

Thursday, October 11, 2007

6 Days to go!!!

until this blooming plaster comes off! Yipee less than a week now - hurrah.

The last few days have been quieter than usual as I am desperately trying to get this foot to heal before next Wednesday. So at every opportunity the foot has been put up and rested. Honest it has!!!

Crafting wise I have done a few cards and also this ATC which had to be a flower theme. Hmmmm very pink but very lovely!!
It is the 2nd ATC I have done but must admit I could become quite a fan of doing these!

Right off to have a play with some paper!!! xxx

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good couple of days!!!!!

Crikey it is Wednesday - how did that happen!?

Anyway besides being in plaster (which is not good) the last few days have been quite good.

I spent a really nice morning yesterday with Traci's
craft group messing around with diecuts. It was a great morning and everyone at the venue is so friendly. To be honest it is nice to be out and about.

I also had some good news on Sunday evening. The digi layout I posted on here on Friday won the layout comp on Traci's forum. Yipeeeee!!! I was soooo chuffed and very suprised as to be honest I only entered as a bit of fun as digi is still quite new to me.

Last night I decided to print off the digi layouts I have done so far in 8x8 format. I just so happened to have a spare album that size which I then decorated using die cuts from my new Cricut machine. I am pleased with the outback - hope you like too!!!!

BTW we are now on the final week countdown for the plaster. 1 week today and the blooming thing comes off!!!!!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Oh so tired!!!

I am soooooo tired. You would think that after over 3 weeks of being in plaster I would be used to sleeping with it. Oh no - and today I think it has caught up with me as I feel really shattered.

Anyway enough of that now down to the important thing - crafting.

I made another digi layout on Saturday night using another kit of Kirsty's . At the moment digi is great for me as I can sit on the sofa with my foot up and create on my lappy.

I really must sit and watch the PSP tutorial cd so that I can make the most of the program and therefore improve my digi scrapping!!!!!

Right going to potter today I think xxxxxxx

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Digi again!

I am on a roll at the moment where digi is concerned.

Here is one I put together this evening while watching Strictly Dancing!

The kit is courtesy of Kirsty Wiseman who is a top designer and ace photographer.

Friday, October 05, 2007

I went digi!!!

Yes I have attempted a little bit of digi scrapping tonight.
This is a new thing for me and only about the third digi layout I have ever done. So all in all I am quite pleased with this.
It was done for a layout comp on Traci's forum so if you fancy having a go at a layout comp head over to there!!

Thankgoodness it is Friday. I have to admit that my poor foot is really sore tonight so will be glad to have hubs home so that he can run after the boys!!!

Tomorrow I am 'helping' Traci at the craft market. Although I think helping will be a rather loose term.

Whatever you decide to do have a good time xxxx

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My new baby is here!!!!!

Yes my birthday pressie is here and I lubs it soooooooo much!!!!!!

I have had a play on it already and once you get the blade and pressure settings sorted then wow!!!!! It is fantastic and I can't believe I finally have one of my own!!!! My hubs is so lovely and fab to buy me one and I know I am a very lucky girl.

Today I had a lovely time at craft class. We had to choose a template and create a card or scrapbook layout using it. The catch was it had to be made using mainly paper although we were allowed chalks, inks and pencils. I had great fun and it certainly got the old grey matter working!!!!

Foot is still hurting a little so I am trying a glass of wine tonight as painkiller and it seems to be working so far - hic!!!!!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

Yup its my birthday today and yes I am 21 ...................... again!!!!!!!! Actually I am 34!!! How did that happen???? When did I suddenly become an adult??? Answers on a postcard please.
Well because I am still in plaster I would be doing the usual partying, raving and having it large - ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!
I have been spoilt rotten by my boys and family and friends. I have had dvds, choccies galore, and other gifts which are lush. On top of that my hubby very kindly ordered a Cricut machine for me yesterda - well actually he told me I could have one, I ordered it and he gave me the money. So hopefully this new toy will make an appearance over the next day or two.
Things have certainly been hapening over the weekend and one big thing is amazing. It will be hard work but I am really excited about it and it is a terrific opportunity. I will also be working with someone who, although gives me alot of hassle and takes the mickey out of me alot at the moment, I admire and count as a very good friend.
Right hmmmm chocolate!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmm xxxxxx