Saturday, June 14, 2014


this young man left secondary education. 
He is now a young adult who is now encountering grown up life and working towards his goals and living his dreams. 
We have had some highs and lows with H. Lots of fun times and some frustrating times. But one thing never changes and that is his ability to amaze me. He deals with life in his own way, which may seem odd to some but to me he is amazing! 
Follow you dreams Harry - always! X

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Long time no see.......

Yes it's been a while hasn't it? 
Too long.
Life has been:
But back to stressful ......again!
It's Saturday though and I am enjoying a cuppa in bed while connecting with my long neglected blog. 
Harry has finally had a diagnosis of Aspergers. While this is a relief and means life at school can be a little easier with measures in place I do feel a little sad. He, however, is blooming! He has friends!!!! They are a fab group of young adults and H finally feels as though he belongs. 
GCSE season is now starting with mocks a week away and official timetables handed out. Countdown to the last exam on 13th has commenced! 
He has picked which A levels he wants to do so fingers crossed it all pans out!!!!

George is George. Obsessed with cars, science and rugby (of course). He still would rather be at home than school but I catch glimpses every now and then of a young man and not my baby. 

Steve is wonderful (as always). He truly is my rock. Picks me up when feeling down and generally makes life a little easier for me when needed. X x

Dad retired in October which is fantastic as work was draining him completely. Mum (touchwood) is doing well. She is avoiding hospital at the mo which is brill. 

And me? How am I doing? Hmmmmmmmmm. I wish I knew. I am going into hospital in a couple of weeks time to have a cyst and hopefully just 1 ovary removed. We are not entirely sure if there us anything nasty is going on. Visually on a scan it's a normal cyst but on a blood test the cancer markers are saying something a little different. 
So I am in limbo but thinking positive. I have a great surgeon, a wonderful family, some amazing friends and work are being fantastic. 

Anyway have I crafted? Ummm no not a thing. But today I have decided that firstly I am going to sort out the study/creative area and tidy it up in a huge way. I cannot create anything in that place. Plus Harry studies in there and it's not a calm, peaceful haven suited for that either.

I did realise that I hadn't shown this from Harry's birthday last year and so as I have nothing to show you from recent work this will have to do!