Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Why is it that every time my boys are on holiday they are poorly? Can anyone explain this to me purlease? We currently have a sickness bug running through the house and it has hit poor Steve too on his week off. Yup we had made some lovely plans for this week which have now gone down the pan - literally.

Hey ho these things happen I suppose. We have spent some quality time together over the last few days but now I am beginning to get slightly stir crazy!!!

But one good thing is that I have started an Ideas File made out of old magazines - I have one or two! I spent alot of yesterday cutting and sticking piccies and it was good fun!

Tomorrow we are hoping to go out for a couple of hours - oh I hope we do! xxxxx

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Soaking Sunday!

Blimey where has all of this rain come from? Then again it is a Bank Holiday weekend - how typical is that?

Yesterday was a lovely day. I spent most of the day in the company of my friend Lindsey who is a fellow crafter. We went to the Colemans warehouse in the morning followed by a cream tea in Waitrose (mmmmmmmmm). Then it was home and Lindsey stayed for a couple of hours for some cups of tea.
I did mean to do some crafting last night but decided to spend some quality time with my hubby and also talked to Traci who was very excited about the latest competition on her forum
The idea is to make six inchies which have a common theme - well of course mine had to be about my love of all things bear! Go and have a look at this new and exciting forum.

So today the weather decided things were to be of an indoor nature. Ironing for starters (boo) followed by yet another cleaning of George's bedroom carpet. Then I made another two samples for Traci, which I don't think i can show yet but watch this space, and the six inchies for the comp which I am quite pleased with.

This afternoon we allsat as family and watched Eragon which is actually quite a good film. One of my fav actors John Malkovich is in it so that was an added bonus. He plays excellent baddies!

Tonight, well I really must get three cards done for my friend's dad for Father's Day - this is quite good for me as it is a repeat order from this friend so she must like my cards.

Right tea time to sort - the natives are getting restless! xxxxxx

Friday, May 25, 2007

It's Friday - yay!!!

Yup it's Friday, its the weekend, the boys are off school next week and my hubby will be off work too!!! Double yay!!!!

Yesterday was a nice day as Steve was at home so after a morning of doing a couple of samples I was taken out to lunch which was bliss! The afternoon saw us at school looking at the boys work over the last term. Harry has really improved and his writing is lovely and George? Well I love looking at their work at that age and trying to decipher what it is LOL!

Today I have had George at home as he was not too well overnight. So most of this morning was taken up with cleaning his bedding, bed, carpet, doors, wardrobes, walls - you get the picture.
Harry had a swimming lesson this afternoon and so he is now shatttered - an early night for all of us me thinks.

No crafting today (boo hiss) but I hear the weekend is going to be pretty awful weather wise so bring out the stash! xxx

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

C'mon you reds!!!

Yes tonight is a big night in our household. Steve's footie team Liverpool are playing AC Milan. I am at home looking after the boys and he is down the pub with some friends. Luckily he has booked tomorrow off work!

I realised tonight I have not posted on this blog since Sunday! How awful! Yesterday I was very poorly with a migraine - blooming thing. I do not got them very often thank goodness as it was very nasty!

Still back today and my house is nice and clean after a mammoth cleaning session. Believe me it was required!

On a crafting note since Sunday I have not done a thing as I have been either poorly or helping out at school with both boys classes. Not a good thing this lack of crafting as I have some samples to make for Traci - I will be in trouble!!!!!

Right stuff to do - catch yers laters xxxxx

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I lubs this kid!

This boy has had some heartache to deal with in the last few weeks but he can still crack a smile. :-)

It is not often he will genuinely smile when I point my camera at him - urgh mum do you have to????? But look at this stunner from yesterday.

I lubs this boy sooooo much and he will never know how proud I have been of him this week. xxxxxxx

Anyhow back to this weekend. Yesterday we decided was retail therapy day. Harry spent his birthday money on Dr Who stuff and George bought some more Cars things from that wonderful place known as Toys r Us. Hubs treated himself to a new bike so that he and Harry can go out on little excursions.

Well, what about Mummy Bear???? A quick trip to Traci's Cabin soon sorted me out. A couple of wooden numbers to start with, followed by a 12 x 12 trimmer and last but not least a CROPODILE. Oh yes - its green, its fab and its all mine!!!! Mwhahahahahaha!

This morning was totally wasted by spending almost 3 hours ironing. I hate hate hate ironing - but that is one job done for another week. This afternoon I have been doing a few samples for the cabin which I will photograph tomorrow.

Right going to do some blog surfing I think - till tomorrow xxxxx

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A whole community came together.

That's what happened yesterday at the funeral. The whole of our town came together and supported each other and Williams family through this awful time and we all came to say goodbye to a special little chap.

Yes it was emotional, yes we all cried but every word which was said yesterday came from the heart. I just hope his family can take these words and remember him not just with sadness for their loss but with pride and love for such a lovely little boy.

Steve and I went with Harry and all three of us let our emotions out. I had every intention of not getting too upset for Harry but I just could not help it.

After the funeral we all followed William outside and 500 balloons were released. It was a beautiful sight to see them float high in the sky. It was all the more poignant as each balloon carried a handwritten label from all of his friends and family. Helping to attach the labels earlier in the day was a privilage for me although I could not bring myself to read any of the them.

Although it was a very sad afternoon it was truly a reflection of how many hearts had been touched by William and his family - my thoughts and best wishes go out to them.

I also just want to add that a friend of mine had some really bad news yesterday. Traci, lots of love to you, Nick and Kiesha from the boys and I xxxxxxxx

Friday, May 18, 2007

For William.

Today we are attending the funeral of Harry's friend William who would've been 9 this Sunday.
This is not an easy thing we are doing today but it is for William and his family.
We want to say goodbye to a little boy taken so tragically from his family and friends two weeks ago today.
At this moment in time I feel numb and so sad. Sad for William and sad for his mum and dad who should not have to be burying their son today.
William - wherever you are we hope you are in a better place. We will always think of you with a smile on our faces but sadness in our hearts. xxxxxxx

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I don't do froo froo!

Anyone who knows me knows that besides my love of pink I am NOT a girly girl. Truly I am a jeans loving, no skirt owning, lack of high heel shoes girl!

So when it came to making a card for the mil's 60th I obviously had to go that extra mile further and make a card that I know (or hope) she will love. The thing is - I am not keen.

Yes I love the idea of Bookatrix card but not in this way. I just don't do froo froo I am afraid.

Anyway please feel free to leave comments good or bad - honest I am not that keen on this card either!!!!

On a more personal note yesterday afternoon was awful. When I went to pick up my boys from school my friend who has just lost her little boy was there. I honestly have never seen so much emptiness and despair in someone as I did her. Her eyes said it all. This lady is one of the most upbeat people I know and to see her like this just left me totally numb. She will never get over her loss - it will be with her forever.
Tomorrow will be hard as it is the funeral and I am dreading it. Harry wants to say goodbye to his friend which I think is so good of him but I do not think it has quite sunk in with him what this event will entail. All I can do is to be there for him tomorrow and on Sunday which is when his friends birthday would have been.

I know that I have said this so much lately but we really need to cherish those around us and not take anything for granted. I don't mean taking our homes, money, etc but I mean we all take it for granted that our partners and children will always be there. Because of this we don't always say or do things we should or make each day count.
Seeing how my friend was yesterday and seeing how her life has been turned upside down I am determined to change my outlook on life - it's just too damned short.

Sorry about this post - I know the majority of it is not crafting but I needed to let off steam.
Have a good day everyone - I am going to craft I think. Well inbetween the mounds of washing which are seemingly breeding in my washing bin LOL! xxxxx

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A crafting we go!

Yes I actually did some crafting last night at Traci's and I made this card from her scrapbooking kit for May - which I might add is fab!

For a flattering piccie of myself check out Traci's blog. I have to say looking at that pic I am not the classy bird I thought I was - ha ha ha ha!

For details on what you need to make the card have a look at Traci's forum.

Well back to today. I am going to help the Reception class this morning as its Mini Beast week (insects etc not the children!) This afternoon I think may be dedicated to a teeny weeny bit of crafting.

Have fun!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Monday!

The weekend just comes and goes too fast!

Well today has seen the usual housework - bleurgh!!! It really is a swear word - especially when I have so many more exciting things I could be doing.

George has been at home today keeping me company as he has been a little unwell but school beckons tomorrow!

Harry went back to school today for the first proper day after his residential trip last week and the loss of his friend. He came home a little bit emotional but ok. The class are writing down memories of their friend and then making a book which is a lovely thought.

The funeral is on Friday and quite a few of Harry's classmates are going - himself included. This is not something I have forced him to do but he insists he wants to go so that he can say goodbye. Bless him!

This afternoon I finally finished this Father's Day card for my fil and I also finished a card for the mil's 60th birthday. I have just got to make a box for it and take a piccie when the light is better tomorrow.

I have got to get some sample cards done tonight and tomorrow - drat will the housework have to come second - ha ha ha xxxxxx

Sunday, May 13, 2007

We had visitors!

Yup we had visitors in the shape of my ma and pa. As usual they spoilt the boys rotten but we all had a lovely day.

Dad is very jealous of my new camera (and rightly so!!!) especially as he has a Fuji too and has had his eye on the S9600 for a little while now.

No crafting today obviously but managed to work my work through the European ironing mountain - yay!!!!!

School tomorrow - can't believe it is Sunday night already! xx

Saturday, May 12, 2007

My new lurve!!!!

I love love love love my new camera. This piccie was taken in my room at nearly 5pm without a flash and its not a bad photo!

I am seriously happy with my new toy - can't you tell?

As you can see Harry has returned from his trip. He got home yesterday and was really tired. But after a hot bath, lots of huggles and a good nights sleep he is alot better. He had a brill time at Hilltop and the decision to not cancel was a good one I feel.

I did have another piccie to upload but blogger will not oblige me at the mo - grrrrrrrrrr!

Anyho today has been wash day as I emptied Harry's bag straight into the washer. Then George had a party to go to and guess who had to stay with him - yup muggins here! So I am quickly updating this and then possibly some crafting. I hope anywayxxxxx

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's here!!!

Oh yes finally I have taken delivery of....my new baby! My Fuji S9600 arrived this afternoon and wow it is fabaroonie!
I have taken a couple of photos which I will post tomorrow but for now I am working my way (very slowly) through the instruction manual.
But for now......oh wow it is soooooooooo good!

This morning I went over to the Cabin with Traci and it was nice to go over and do abit of crafting and have a chat. I think we are both missing Harry and Kiesha while they are away even though our lives are alot quieter without them at the mo!

This afternoon after school Steve, George and I went bowling and then had tea out afterwards as well. The three of us had great fun but it just does not feel the same with Harry not here. Then again George is adamant that he is not missing Harry but then again it is only Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It is so quiet here!

Well Harry went on his residential this morning and the house just seems so quiet without him.
I even think that George is starting to miss him!

Going to school this morning and waiting with his class mates for the coaches was really strange as most people were really subdued. But the children went off ok with smiles on their faces so that is good.

Going to try and do abit of crafting tonight - you never know! xx

Monday, May 07, 2007

Funny ol' weekend

It has been really strange weekend in the wake of the tragic news on Saturday.

I have made a couple of cards but I cannot show them on my blog for a few weeks as they are for my Dad and I know he has a peek on here occasionally!

Today we have been getting Harry ready for his residential trip with the school which is still going ahead. This decision is a good thing for the children as they will be kept very busy and can talk about their classmate as and when they feel ready to do it. I have very mixed emotions about Harry going. I know he will love it but I will miss him so much and after everything that has happened it is your natural instinct to gather your little uns around you and protect them as much as you can.

But life has to and must go on. xxx

PS I ordered my new camera on Saturday and it should be with me in the next few days - I cannot wait!!!!

Saturday, May 05, 2007


We have had some awful news today which to be honest have left me feeling totally numb.

A friend of Harry's, who was only 8 years old was involved in a car crash with his mum, dad and younger brother and sister. While mum and the two youngest children are relatively ok, the dad is still in hospital badly injured. However the heartbreaking news is that Harry's friend died. Having to tell my 9 year old son that his friend has died is the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

At the moment I just cannot imagine how my friend is feeling. My heart goes out to her, her husband and children.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday - hurrah!!!!

Yes it's here at last - FFFFFFriday! Thank goodness!!

Although saying hurrah it is busy or should I say noisier today than normal as my boys are off school due to Teacher Training and we have an addition for the day in the shape of George's friend Charlie who is 5. So I am refereeing the three of them at the mo! No actually they are being quite good!!

Yesterday I popped over to see Traci and Kirsty and of course not forgetting the lurvely Belle and Kiesha. It was great to meet Kirsty at last as I really admire her work and regularly read her blog. Not to mention too that she is a very funny lady who has such enthusiasm for what she does.

Anyway back to today and it was the usual h*******k - bleurgh!!!!! But I have managed to make a card inbetween. This is a copy of a card I made at a workshop Traci did a little while ago. But anyone who knows me knows that after my love of all things bear comes a love for handbags! So I just had to make another of these and there will be more to follow I think as I have some love papers which are screaming out to be placed on a handbag.

Tomorrow is Craft Market day in Thrapston so if you are in the area pop in and say hi (and come and buy stuff obviously). I have just spoken to Traci who is planning a Cuttlebug demo so come and have a look see!!!! xxxx

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Slowwwwww Wednesday!

I have decided that Wednesday's are boring and a pain in the thingy!

I had today all planned - go to the Cabin after the school run this morning and craft some of my cobwebs away until 2.30. Ahhhh bliss! But......oh no not to be. :( George my cute and cuddly lil un decided that this morning he would be v v v v tired and v v v v emotional. So mummy instincts kicked in and unfortunately he had to come before the crafting bonanza planned.

So I have ironed......and ironed some more. However this was done inbetween phone calls from Traci telling me all about the fab new orders she has had in this morning and wasn't it a shame I couldn't be there to see them. Arghhhhh!!!!! Friends eh? LOL!

Then again for the sake of my bank balance maybe it was just as well I was not there. But I have made a card today using some Dufex decoupage - i really like this card!

And talking of Traci you really must check out her new members area it is fantastic! traci and Sarah have put a lot of work into it and apparently there are some exciting new projects coming up soon - so have a look and pop in for a chat!

Before I go it is only right that I mention the team who last night rightly won their match against Chelsea!
Steve is a devoted follower of this team and had a huge grin on his face this morning - Athens here they come!

***I do apologise for the non crafting subject but if I did not mention this on my blog hubby would not be pleased LOL!****