Monday, December 24, 2007

Its Christmas Eve!!!

Yes Christmas has begun!
Presents are wrapped, shopping done, house is gleaming, ham is cooking in the oven and we are awaiting our guests.

Besides that I just wanted to wish every one of you a Merry and peaceful Christmas.
Treasure those you have about you and just have a lovely time. xxxxxxxx

Thursday, December 20, 2007

And so it begins......

Yes that is right the cleaning for Christmas is starting today!
I have split the house in two halves downstairs today and upstairs tomorrow.
Well you have to make an effort when you have guests coming!!!!!

The food shopping is ordered - oh my word do I actually have room for all of this?????? - and will be here on Sunday.

Just got some stocking fillers to wrap for the boys and then - I think - I am done until Christmas Eve. Hmmmm then again something might come and bite me in the bum for trying to be organised. LOL xxxxxxx

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fav card!!!

Have you ever made a card that you love so much you just don't want to give it away?

Well I had this dilemma yesterday when I made this card for my Mum and dad. It was one made from envelopes which Traci had made and I decided to copy it (thanks Traci).
I loved this card as soon as I saw it and I have to admit was quite apprehensive when it came to posting it yesterday. But Mum reported that it arrived this morning and her and Dad are really pleased with it so at least it has gone to a good home LOL!
Then this morning I got a surprise when Traci gave us the original card for Xmas - so I have one of my own now. Thanks Traci!!!!!

I went to craft club this morning - the last one before Christmas - and we had a lovely time just messing about with scrap bits and some punches. I made a couple of cards which I will photo tomorrow and post on here.

Ohhhhhh tomorrow is hair day. Cut and a colour for me which means a couple of hours pampering - ahhhh bliss!!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Going up a chimney????

Aww bless him my little Victorian boy!!!
Last Friday Harry had a school trip to Holdenby House which is a Victorian House allowing visitors to experience the whole Victorian way of life.
So obviously an outfit had to be produced and on the whole I think I did quite a good job!!!!
Harry had a fab time but I think he realised just how lucky he is to be living in an age of Nintendo's and Ipods LOl!!!

On a crafting note I think that I have finally finished my Christmas cards (please please no more!!!!). I made my ma and pa's today and also my bro's and everything is also posted - finally.
Once my parent's card is received I will post a piccie as I am quite chuffed with it even though I did copy it from Traci (thanks Hun LOl)

Right hot choccie is beckoning mmmmmmmmmm xxxxxx

Thursday, December 13, 2007

First concert done.....

Check out how serious George looks on stage!!!!
He had the most important role of Kings servant - well I told him it was the most important anyway!
Last night we had also had the first of Harry's concerts, which I will post piccies of when I have taken them off my camera.
As usual at these things Mama got a little emotional but to be honest I am allowed to - its Mummy rights!!!!!
Tonight the boys have another performance to do which will be their last ones. Boy will they be tired tomorrow!!

Things are now winding up for Xmas and to be honest the boys will be glad when next Friday arrives and we can begin our Christmas hols properly. But for now we have parties, concerts and carol services to attend - we will certainly be in the Xmas spirit!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Been busy!

It has been a busy week hence no post for which I apologise but to be honest I don't now what I have been up to!!!!! It has been lots of bits and pieces which I can't really remember but I know that I have been busy!!!
This week is busy too as both of the boys schools have their Xmas concerts so with two performances each I am going to be toing and froing alot to school. But I have to admit I love Xmas concerts especially for the little ones and it truely does get you into the spirit of the season.
I have made a couple of things including the two birthday cards for my friends dad. They were made using Cuddly Buddly downloads. She was chuffed with them so that was good!!!!
It madea nice change to make something other than Xmas cards!!!!!!
Right school run to do and then a busy day ahead!!! xxxx

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas Journal Day 2

Yes I am still running behind on the class but I have done 2 pages so far so its a start LOl!
The prompt for day 2 was weather and obviously most people would love a white Christmas as would we!!!!!! So I thought snow would be a better subject rather than the rain we have had over the last few days!
I am enjoying this class but I have that nagging feeling which is telling me I need to catch up

No crafting has been done today but I have managed to get quite abit of pressie wrapping done!

Must get some pictures taken of the Bo Bunny things I made Monday night - they are fab!!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Journal Class.

Last year I noticed a few crafters taking part in Shimelle's Christmas Journal Class. At the time I thought that it was a fantastic idea to journal what can be a hectic but lovely time of year. Afterall some people are so busy with organising for this holiday that it is hard to spend a little
time thinking about what makes this time of year important for them.

So this year I have taken the plunge and signed up to take part. Admittedly I am a couple of days behind but I am getting there and have promised that by the end of today I WILL catch up and be more prepared for the days ahead.

I have posted the cover and the 1st prompt which was a Manifesto or promise to yourself for the coming holiday.
My promise to myself - well that was to spend a little time each day creating a journal which, in time, will show my family allof our Christmas traditions both old and new!

Oh by the way last night I started a two part class on Christmas Bo Bunny oh wow I am loving it!!!! Will take some piccies and post them tomorrow. It is a fab class - thanks Traci!!!

Right more pages to do xxxxxx