Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The things I do......

to please people. First George moaned that I have not done a digi layout of him and then Traci moaned because I have not done a layout today!!!!

So just for them I have done this. xxxxx

A card for a change!!

Yup thats right - I have made a card today! Even better it wasn't for a class but for a friend's daughter.

I love doing girly cards as I don't get the chance very often. So its a chance to get all of those pinks and purples out that I have squirreled away!!!!

*****Traci - please note use of fibres please. Your influence is rubbing off!!!!******

So boys are now in bed and I can indulge in some crafting time - hopefully!!!

Tomorrow I am at the Craft Cabin until 2.30 so will be preparing cards for Tuesday's class. Rubber stamping is the topic so will be having fun with Traci's stamps tomorrow tee hee hee!!!!!

Digi style goes down well!!!!

Judging by the comments on and off blog my digi layouts seem to be liked. I was really chuffed to get a comment from Kirsty Wiseman, who without being all gushy has to be my crafting guru (after Traci - of course!!!!!!).

Although I like digi scrapbooking I don't think it will replace paper scrapping as I don't know what I would do if I couldn't stroke all those lovely papers in my posession!!!

My class went well last night. I cannot believe there are only two classes left in this group of six - it has flown by!

As for today I am going over to the Cabin this morning for a bit of cropping with Traci and Maggie (I think?). Then home to sort out my remaining classes.

Going to sort boys out for school and try and get rid of the headache from hell. Will update you later.xxxxx

Monday, January 29, 2007

Here is another!!!!!

Just thought I would have another play!

Not bad for a first go......

at digi scrapbooking!

Many thanks to Kirsty Wiseman for supplying the kit. This is my first attempt so obviously not quite up to her standards yet but enjoyed doing it!

Right must go and get on with my day. Lots to do!!!!!xxxxxxx

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I love my laptop!!!!!

Well the title says it all - I am in lappy heaven!!!!!!

Not only is it sooo much faster than the old one but it came with PSP11 which is in my opinion better than 8. Peeps who read this blog will no doubt know about my numptiness when it came to said program infact I was completely pants at it. But tonight look what I made - a montage!!!!!!

I have been trying to do this for months and its been driving me mad - not anymore. Crikey at this rate I will be trying digi scrapbooking soon!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Hip hio hooray!!!!!

Yes its here and I am sooooooo happy! My new baby errr no sorry laptop arrived this morning while I was at the craft cabin.

To add to my happiness there were no probs connecting to our wireless network so I was online straightaway ahhhhh bliss!!!!! All i have to do now is transfer files from my old dinosaur to new baby.

The only downside is that I have come down with my boys colds and it has hit my sinuses with dramatic effect. I look and feel like I have been hit in the face with a shovel. Pants!

Got to feel better tomorrow as am going over the cabin as Traci is having a BOGOF on Sizzix and Ellison dies. Have got my eye on a couple of thin cuts so hopefully she will have those left by the time I get over there.

So besides feeling like the elephant woman I am very excited about my new toy. No more chugging for me!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bad bad bad bad blogger!

I know I know - it has been nearly a week since I last posted despite my New Years Resolution to blog everyday. Naughty naughty!

Firstly here are my cards for the class next Tuesday. Can you guess what the subject is??? Hmmmmm paper tearing by any chance LOL! Worksheet is done for next class too so I am on a roll baby!!!!

Secondly Harry is not very well at the mo. Bad cold/ slight flu me thinks so he has been at home since Tuesday. Although judging by the row him and George had tonight I think he is getting better.

Thirdly - I love my career change!!! Not only do I get to be a kind of stay at home mum again but I can craft too! Hurrah!!!!

Fourthly and by no means least ... here is the exciting news..........I am sooooo excited as I have waited soooooooo long for this. Tomorrow I take delivery of......... wait for new laptop!!!!! Yipeeeeeee! Its Xmas again!

This new arrival is such a big deal for me as my current dinosaur - oops sorry laptop is rubbish. Run more than one window and it dies. You can almost hear the cogs turning as the little man inside it pedals faster and faster. But as of tomorrow the cogs are no more and I cannot wait!

Big mmmmwah to hubs for letting me buy it. I love him loads and loads! LOL!

Only prob is that it is due to arrive between 8am and 12pm tomorrow and I am at the Cabin then. So Steve is going to have to sign for it and it will have to wait in its box until I can get home and admire it!

New camera is deffo on the back burner for now - can't push my luck too far. If you know what I mean.

By the way my January kit from Scrapping Fairies arrived yesterday and it is lovely. Will be creating this weekend me thinks.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Proud Mum Time!

As I was saying in another post Harry was receiving a team cup and certificate today in Commendation Assembly, so here as promised is a piccie of my eldest.

He was so surprised and when his name was read out I just heard 'I don't believe it! I never win it!' The look on his face was a picture. The certificate is written by his teacher and is lovely. Is says that he got the award because he is a valued and popular member of his class and has shown a mature attitude to work and school. She also commented how wonderful his reading is and how he loves reading to his class as well as how he entertains them with his jokes. It ends with 'Thankyou Harry, for being a super role model'.

Well what more could a mum and dad ask for? We were and are very proud of him!

On a crafting front I have got Tuesday's class sorted so this weekend is dedicated to my boys and a little bit of scrapping I think. I ordered the Scraping Angels kit this morning so am really looking forward to getting my hands on it as it looks fab!!!!!

Now I have bored you with my Proud Mum tale I am going to go and snuggle up infront of tv with hubby. Have a great evening everyone!!!xxx

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bit blowy!

Crikey how windy has it been today?! I hope everyone is ok and staying safely indoors.

I on the otherhand was at the Craft Cabin today and have to admit a couple of times I was abit worried that we would take off. But while I was there managed to get some cards done for Tuesday's class which I am really pleased with. As I am back at the cabin tomorrow I will get the kits done too so that I am all prepared and can start the cards for the other classes too.

Tomorrow will be another proud Mum moment. My eldest - Harry who was in commendation last week has been picked to collect a cup tomorrow in assembly for reasons unknown as yet. Bless him he does not know he is getting the cup and we were told by his teacher that it will be a complete surprise when his name is called out. I will post a piccie tomorrow night. I am so proud of him as we have had a few problems at school with him until recently so it will be great to see him being awarded for something!

Lastly I am going to apologise for the piccies on this entry. I am trying to master PSP and failing miserably. Think I may have to buy the Dunnies guide. LOL!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I have finally made a card and it was the one for Mum - big hurrah. I am really pleased with it. As a rule I don't normally use picture peeloffs as I sometimes feel they are abit of a cop out but I had them to hand so thought I would have a go and here are the results.

Today has been nice. Was at the cabin this morning with Traci and Maggie doing this card and generally putting the world to rights. Also admiring some of the new items Traci has got in stock (was very good and resisted - for now!) and had a look at the Cricut too.

With the Cricut I like the way you can cut different sizes but you can only cut one piece of paper at a time and Traci's was having problems cutting through Bazzil. So the jury is out at the moment with regard to the little beauty. Think I would prefer a new camera to the Cricut. BTW still holding out for a new bad boy - will keep you posted.

Going to be at the cabin all day tomorrow which will be nice as I can do some more class work and try to get ahead of myself. Hopefully once this is all done I can get back to card making and scrapping! Ya never know!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What a difference a week makes.....

It was my second class tonight and I really enjoyed it. The ladies are lovely and very enthusiastic so taking this class is a dream. I cannot believe the difference a week can make as last week I was quite nervous but enjoyed it. They must be enjoying it too as a couple have mentioned doing Maggie's Intermediate Class, so I must be doing something right.

So am back home now and Steve has made me a cuppa. Awww he is lovely and I am lucky that he is supporting me through my change of direction in life.

Back at the cabin tomorrow morning for a spot of cardmaking (yes Mum it will be done) and a play on the Cricut (new toy!!!) Think I deserve it as I did my Domestic Goddess duties today - my house actually sparkled. Well it did until the boys came home LOL!

Right cuppa time.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Little cutie!

I took delivery of my new toy, sorry camera phone today. So am having a play tonight.

My little devil insisted on having his piccie taken while he was eating a choccie biccie. Lurvely ain't he?

Been preparing for tomorrow nights class today - everything is done for that one so tomorrow must get a card done for my Mum. She wants one for my cousins wedding which takes place in a couple of weeks. It will be done - promise Mum!

Right - going to have a cuppa x

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Its all go here!!!

Evening all!!! Well its been a busy day at Feary Towers.

My lovely hubby has finally managed to sort out the waste pipes for the washing machine after buying some new ones so at long last I have managed to get some washing done - just got the ironing to do now LOL!

Managed to do abit more work for my card class while Steve was busy and then after a spot of lunch we headed out to visit the in laws and see how Steve's mum is. I must admit she didn't look great. But then again when she collapsed she really banged herself up good and proper!!!

Back home now and boys are just heading off to bed - thank goodness! They have been at each other all day and George had the paddy from hell while we were out. It took him ages to calm down as he had wound himself up so much. So I am quite glad they are going to bed - peace at last!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Its been a funny couple of days.....

hence no update on my blog. I know I am naughty but it really has been abit mad around here.

It all started yesterday morning when I was on my way to the cabin for my first day there. Got a phonecall to say my MIL had had an accident at home and was on her way to hospital. Steve bless him dashed over there to meet his dad and sis and was there most of the day. He came home for abit of tea and then dashed back out again as she was having to stay in overnight.

Today has been more of the same. MIL now out of hospital complete with stitches and sore head, so will be visiting her tomorrow with the boys.

Washing machine finally arrived and just as I was getting back on track with the laundry water started spurting out of the waste pipe. So they need replacing tomorrow. Why is nothing easy???!!!

Besides all this though I had a proud Mum moment today as Harry was on stage for commendations assembly at school. He had written a poem about lightening which was fabby. Bless him!

Finally inbetween all this madness and mayhem I have been trying to get my worksheets sorted for my classes. I will get there - honest!!!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Well how did your class go last night Clare?

Hmmmm well Everyone turned up, sat down and then just turned and looked at me. I must have sat there looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights LOl!

So I gathered all my courage and just started talking. I did it and do you know what? I enjoyed it after a while. The ladies were lovely and at the end said they enjoyed the class and will be back for more next week! Hurrah!!!! I think boss was happy with how it went - I am sure she felt funny having something going on at the cabin while she was at home but its her baby so she is bound to feel strange at first!

So what am I up to today? Well I have to sort my office out this morning as it looks like a bomb has hit it. Then I have a secret project mid morning for an hour, followed by starting the worksheets for the remaining 5 classes. I just want to get class stuff sorted so that I can get back to doing some crafting of my own.

Oh and inbetween all that I am using my friends washing machine. I thought I was being optimistic thinking we could last until Friday LOl!

Monday, January 08, 2007

This time tomorrow......

I will be in the middle of teaching my first cardmaking class! Everything is all prepared - notes, worksheets, card kits etc. How do I feel? Well I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, I am but I am also excited. This is what I gave my paid job for - doing something I love and am passionate about.

So I will report back tomorrow night with an update of how the class went - can't wait!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Fancied abit of a change

As you can see I thought I would have a play with my blog and change a few things with the layout. Not that I am bored or anything. LOL!

Well its been a busy but lovely day. I have managed to get a few more things done in preparation for my first class on Tuesday. Really excited now and can't wait to get started! Just got to run things past the boss now to make sure everything is ok!

Also my brother popped down for the day with my nine month old nephew Kyran. That baby is an absolute joy to have around. He was laughing at my boys and his cousins just adore him. My brothers partner is in hospital at the mo and has been for a month now. Adam is coping so well and all of my family are so proud of him for the way he has handled working and bringing up a baby.

So Adam and Ky have gone home, the boys are in bed and it is oh so quiet!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Busy busy!!!

Well we went to the Colemans sale ......and survived........just! We queued for an hour to pay for all our hour!!!!! Elbows were certainly required at times. But when I got home and surveyed all I had bought it was worth it!

Mind you when I got home I had some bad news - the washing machine had died .....totally. So following a spot of lunch we ventured out in the rain to acquire a new machine and a new dryer too as our existing one has been on its last legs for a loooooonnnnnng time. Delivery of said items will be.....FRIDAY!!!! Bearing in mind I have two boys and a Steve can the Feary household last this long without a washing machine?????? I will of course keep you updated LOL!

Class work is coming along nicely - all of the worksheets have been done and approved by boss (Traci tee hee ee) so its just the preparation of kits to do which I am in the middle of at the mo. I am actually looking forward to Tuesday - it will be a blast!

Busy day tomorrow as my bro and baby nephew are popping down for a visit. I can't wait as I adore my nephew and Adam isn't too bad either (at times anyway - you know how it is with little brothers). I actually think that Adam is coming down to have a go on our latest family toy - the Wii. He is a complete gadget freak and I don't think he can wait to have a go.

Right am going to do abit more stamping then boys to bed followed by a glass of wine with a dvd and a cuddle with hubby. Bliss!!!!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

So much for my New Year's Resolution

I had promised that this blog would be updated everyday. Hmmmm so much to that promise.

Well it has been a bit busy over the last few days even with the boys going back to school. I made a start on my classes yesterday which was just as well as Traci rang last night to tell me that some people have booked for them. Arghhhhh!!!!!

After the initial shock and a chat with Traci I started to calm down and am now quite looking forward to it. Just got some more samples to do this weekend for the first class and then I am sorted. Once I have got the first one out of the way I will be fine. I have never taught before but am confident it will all go well. Please send all positive thoughts my way for Tuesday!

Colemans have got a sale at their warehouse tomorrow so a friend and I will be joining the throng of mad crafters after a bargain. We are going first thing in the morning in the hope it won't be too bad - hmmm not so sure really.

Right going to sit down with hubby and watch a dvd - bit of quality time together for a change.
Will report back tomorrow after the credit card has taken a battering!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Belated Happy New Year!!!

Firstly heres a rather belated Happy New Year!!!! I hope 2007 brings you all everything you wish for and more!

My New Year was lovely as we had my Mum and Dad to stay for a couple of days. It was really nice as Mum had some really good news a few days previous regarding her health so we were all buoyed up by that. Love ya Mum :-)xxxx

So 2007 - what will it bring for me and my family too? Well firstly I just want us to be healthy and happy. Secondly I have a new start career wise so thats exciting. I really want to take my crafting up to the next level this year. Steve is totally supportive and I am very lucky that he is and also last year saw me make friends with Traci who is possibly the most craft obsessed person I know. She is responsible for me gaining confidence with my crafting this past year and for broadening my techniques. She is also responsible for my dwindling bank balance but I am happy - what more could I ask for.

Anyway back to the present day, which so far today has seen me tidying the house and sorting out the boys Christmas presents in their bedrooms. My house is starting to look sort of normal - hurrah. This afternoon will be taken up with boring things like working out how much money we have not got left for the rest of the month. Then I am going to do some work for my classes which hopefully start next week.

So all in all its back to normal or it will be tomorrow when the boys are back at school. Have a good day everyone. xx