Wednesday, October 06, 2010

It was my Birthday!!!

Yes it was and boy was I spoilt!!!!

I had lots of lovely things from lots of lovely people and spent the day in Milton Keynes with my hubs.
We almost never get to spend the day just the two of us and when we do I really cherish the time we do spend together.
Soundtrack to the day was this fab cd which I have waited for ages to get.

Lunch was at Wagamamas. Steve has never been and I think he was impressed! I love this restaurant and the food never dissappoints!

I bought with some birthday money a really lovely wool military coat and then my hubs very kindly purchased these fab shoes for me!!!!

So from a high of my birthday on Friday my cold got worse and worse over the weekend. On Monday I dragged myself to the docs who diagnosed a bad chest infection. It has knocked me for six and I am still not feeling great. Lots of keeping cosy and Lucozade I think!!!!!!!!