Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How was your Easter then?

Ours was lovely!
We met up with friends and family alike. Spent time together and just chilled out really (recovered from a hangover too!).
On Saturday we went to the cinema and watched The Spiderwick Chronicles. Oh what a brill film - go and see it!!!!!
Sunday morning we awoke to a blanket of white outside and it was fantastic. Snow ball fights galore were fought and my mum and dad still made it from up north to spend the day wth us. Brilliant!!!!!

I have made a couple of cards but tonight I wanted to share a model which George made last week for his school's Easter Exhibition. He had a teensy bit of help from his dad but he did the majority of it.
It is fantastic and sits with pride on the mantelpiece. I have been promising him I would post it on my blog for a few days now - here it is little man!!!! xxxxxxxx

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Sometimes friends can do things which make you feel all special and fluffy!!
I had one of those days today when Kiesha very kindly bought over a little gift of yumminess from her Mum, Traci.

Traci , who is the busiest person I know had made these yummy looking biscuits by hand and then packaged them up for Easter gifts. Iwas really touched and I am sure we will enjoy them later. Thankyou hun!!!!!!

I am so pleased it is Thursday and a long weekend. We have alot of family things planned for this weekend and I am so looking forward to the four of us being together . No work at all!!!! Yipeeeeee!

Monday, March 17, 2008

No piccies today!

I had yesterday all sorted - tescos in the morning and then crafting in the afternoon. Did it work out like that? Urmmmmmm ........no. For reasons best known only to myself and my eldest I didn't get around to playing :(

Today.....???? Well I have cleaned and ironed. My house is looking lovely and I have that smug domestic goddess feeling LOL!

Tomorrow I am crafting as I am at craft club. I love my Tuesday mornings. Great company and playing with paper - its bliss!

Sorry for the lack of pics - will sort that out tomorrow!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Out Partying!!!

Yup this boy is out tonight and not returning home until tomorrow morning. Hmmmm better social life than me I think LOL!!!

Been at work yesterday and today. Looking forward to tomorrow when I can spend the whole day with my boys and doing a spot of crafting (hopefully).

Have made a couple of cards over the last few days which has made me very very happy. It is amazing how a few bits of paper and embellies can bring a smile onto someone's face.

Oh yes and today my youngest boy made something for his easter exhibition on Monday. I will take piccies tomorrow to show you as it is really fab.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Catch up!

Ok so at the mo it seems I am never going to update this blog at least daily for a whole week!!!!!

It has been really busy here over the last week with family, work, house things etc but today I have actually sat down and made something which made me feel loads better.

I did of course go to Traci's Tuesday class and made something really fabby but as it will be winging its way to someone I don't really want to show you just yet ;)
Traci has lots of exciting things happening in her world at the mo especially with an exciting new company so check out her blog for all the latest news etc.

The pic I have posted today is some ATC's I made for a challenge recently. Thing is I liked the first one so much I did not want to swap it so had to make another one LOL!

The next few days are a little busy here as I am working as well as sorting stuff out at home - good job us ladies can multi task eh?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

He has gone quackers!!!!

My youngest boy has this ability to make me smile so - he doesn't need to try sometimes!!!!
It is World Book Day today and his school always have a fancy dress day based on a book character. George chose a Daisy Duck Book and so here he is tights and all!!!!!
He deffo has the ahhhhhh factor down to a tea but I bet that outfit isn't so white when I pick him up at 3pm!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We had Snow!!!

Yes finally this morning we had some of the white fluffy stuff.
I have never seen George move out of bed so quickly as he did when he was told it was snowing :)
But alas it was not to last and as I type this there is no snow left :(

Went to crafting class this morning and had fun with Traci. She had some things for us to play with and I have ordered some new stamps! Yipeeeeeee!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

At last I can show you!!!

Now it is Mother's Day I can show you something I made last week for my lovely Mum!
I followed the instructions on Scrapdolly's blog and made this lovely Maze book for her which I am really pleased with. I think Mum liked it too ;)
I have had a lovely weekend with my hubby and boys and have been throughly spoilt by them. Recently Steve has been really busy with work not just during the week but most of the weekends too. But this weekend was lovely as both he and I were not at work at all and we have spent quality time together which has been really wonderful - THANKS BOYS FOR A LOVELY WEEKEND!!!! XXXXXXX
By the way - we went bowling today and........I WON BOTH GAMES!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha!!!!!!!! I never win infact I usually come last and that is with George (5 years old) playing!! But today I was on fire!!!!!
Right I am going to spend the rest of the evening surfing and being with hubs xxxxxxxxxx