Monday, April 11, 2016

Chasing my tail

Oh that's how it has felt today after a week away from work it feels like I was never away.  Didn't start off well when the car didn't start this morning and then as soon as I walked into work various issues from last week were brought up before I even had a cup of tea!
Anyway I got home this evening to a cup of tea and help to prepare dinner. The boys were chatty about their day and everything else forgotten!

Needless to say I haven't touched anything craft wise tonight - too tired - but here is some stitching from a few months ago. 
 Today I was thankful for:
A lift home from a friend after being on my feet all day
Getting home to a hug and a cup of tea
My car (hopefully) being fixed

Sunday, April 10, 2016

My new little friend.

I love my sewing machine and while I really am no seamstress I am quite impressed with myself today.

Our kitchen has just been redecorated and the shelves have looked a little bare since I took down the Xmas bunting in January so today I got over my fear again and had another go. Ok so my stitching is quite clearly not the straightest but I really like it. 

I really like the fact that I am slowly but surely introducing a little bit of girlyness into what is a very male dominated household ;-) 

Everyone is back to work and school tomorrow after the Easter hols - I really don't want to go back to work that's for sure. Plus this week hasn't exactly been restful with all of the jobs completed around the house but I feel very satisfied with what's been done. 

Next weekend will be very busy as its Harry's 18th (yes that's right!) birthday on the Saturday so we have an exciting day planned and on Sunday a get together with the grandparents. 

For now an evening of cross stitching is planned I think after an amazing roast dinner but Steve - smells wonderful!

Today I am thankful for:
Overcoming my sewing machine fear
Completing Harry's Uni finance forms
Have tea cooked for me! 

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Ok so it's been a while.......

since I last posted but life has seemed to have taken over with no real time for myself or crafting. this I know is a real shame as while I know I am not wildly talented I enjoy what I make and it really is a therapy and a much needed one at that.

So family wise my boys are growing so much - Harry is 18 a week today and hopefully will be off to uni in September to study History. He still performs with local drama groups which he loves but he also volunteers with a couple of local youth groups. The last two years have seen him blossom into a fantastic young man who overcomes various obstacles each day but does it in his own quirky way.
George is 13 and still rugby loving but also obsessed with anything to do with motor cars. He makes me laugh everyday with the things he says and does but has a very sensitive side which softens my heart so much.
Steve and I are plodding along as usual dealing with whatever comes our way and bringing up our boys together in hopefully a way which will make them well rounded individuals.

Crafting wise up until October I didn't really do anything. Work has been hectic and I have taken on more hours than I originally intended but the money comes in handy I suppose.

However apart from some Xmas cards I have not paper crafted at all but instead went back to cross stitching and made this little item which is a Lizzie Kate design (I love Lizzie Kate!) It really does say all I believe in about marriage and while Steve and I are far from perfect we do love each other very much!


Then for my birthday I asked for a sewing machine - think I was inspired by Sewing Bee! Steve obliged and here is my beautiful little red friend.

Now I haven't sewn on a machine since school (long long time ago) but after a little frustration I managed to thread it (can you see what I mean here?). I then realised that I had no fabric or any idea what to make (see completely numpty) but after a trip to my local craft store I chose some Xmassy fabric and produce the bunting in the picture.
I will be honest and say its not perfect but |I made it and I am actually quite proud of it. Plan for this week is to try and produce another one which is non xmas and will go with the new colour scheme in the kitchen - watch this space.

Onto cross stitching again and at the moment I am stitching a kit given to me by my ma and pa for my birthday last year. Alice in Wonderland is my absolute favourite (new film coming out this year I think - Through the Looking Glass!!!!) so this is perfect and only one colour so a dream to stitch.

So that's all for today folks but will leave you with three things I am thankful for today - I have seen this on a couple of blogs and love it
  • Managing to sort out google account and blogger after George had taken over my account!
  • Clean and tidy study/craft area - its taken me all week!
  • Selling no longer used crafting items on ebay