Friday, June 29, 2007

An emotional afternoon...

This lad does truly amaze me sometimes. We have days when you wish he would at least act his age and then we have days like today.
This afternoon his school has held a memorial assembly for William. Harry was one of four classmates chosen to go up on stage and share with fellow pupils, teachers and Williams family his memories of this special little boy who is sadly no longer with us. Harry also had to co read a prayer which was specially written for Will.
This morning he was quite nervous but was resolved to the fact that he was going to do it. Here's our conversation.
'Harry, will you be alright this afternoon?'
'I think so Mum. But you know what? I am not doing this for me. I have got to do this for William, his brother and sister and his Mum and Dad. I want them to know how special he was to us.'
Wow what can you say to that? And you know what? I was so proud standing there watching my boy stand on stage infront of nearly 500 people and tell them what made his friend special. He kept his nerve and looked at everyone in that hall. I will never forget how brave he was and how much feeling he put into it.
Its amazing to think that it is 8 weeks today that a very special boy was taken from us in very tragic circumstances. Time flies by so quickly - its such a shame the pain doesn't go as quickly.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Evening all....

It has been a bit of a bitsy day -lots of things to do here and there.

I did manage to make two cards inbetween things though which was good. This card is one I finished last week as a order from Mum. It is a wedding card with some Papernation decoupage on the inside.

On the roofing front hopefully someone is turning up tomorrow to have a look and maybe sort something. I hope so anyway!

One good thing about staying in to wait for builders tomorrow is that I will either have to do housewor or crafting. what would you pick???? xx

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oh my goodness!

Last time I looked it was Friday and now.......Tuesday afternoon. What has happened????

We had a really busy weekend basically sorting through the house and getting rooms the way we want them.

To do this we had to take a trip to Ikea (of course!) on Saturday to collect shelving, rugs, cd storage, lamp shades etc (oh and of course meatballs and dime bar cake). Check out the fabby light shade I bought for my room. Groovy baby!!!!

Sunday was just chaotic shifting furniture (good job I am a sturdy northern lass ha ha ha), building furniture and sorting througth the piles and piles of kids toys.

So the result???? Well we have lost a playroom (yipee) and gained a computer room/spare room and I have gained a full time craft room (double yipee!!!). The only trouble is that we moved one bit of furniture out of the dining room which has resulted in the table and chairs looking tiny in there. So..........we will just have to get a bigger set (oh well).

Yesterday I was helping out in Reception class and Ihave to say they were like possessed demonic children. Some which I have thought were sweet were just awful - I think they are on count down to summer hols.

Today I was helping out in Year 4. Some of the kids are lovely and I think their teacher is really going to miss them. I know we will miss her. She has done wonders for Harry this year and his confidence has just rocketed. Also given what the whole class has gone through during the last few months I think she has got them through it all fantastically!I am sure most of the kids will remember her for the rest of their lives with huge affection.

Also today we were due to have the exterior woodwork painted but........ and there is always a but isn't there......the painter thinks there is a problem where the roof tiles should meet the guttering as most of the facia is rotten. Arghhhh is nothing simple.

Oh well never mind there is a dime bar cake in the freezer with my name on it oh yes there is!!!!! xxxxxx

Friday, June 22, 2007

Its Friday evening at last!

Wow how this week has dragged! It really has been a long week.

Nothing much exciting has been happening during the last few days apart from getting drenched everytime I have to do the school run (grrrrrr!!!)

Been completing a few card orders which is fab. Hopefully this will continue as the money I make goes towards more supplies and you can never have enough stash!

So what does this weekend have instore for chez Feary? Well not alot as we all seem to be shattered tonight. So the plan is to see how we feel and go from there. I do fancy a trip to Ikea as I love their storage things and we need new furniture for our bedroom. I know that this idea will be fine with my boys as of course if you go to Ikea you just have to have meatballs! :)

So whatever you do this weekend make sure its a good un xxxx

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Abit happier today.

After my case of the doldrums on Monday I am feeling abit brighter today - thank goodness!!

Thought I would post a picture of the card I made for Charli Mai last week. I have done quite a few decoupage cards over the last few days and although I like the technique I think I should move onto something else!

Tonight we have been to Harry's new school to have a meeting before he starts in September. While we were there we found out which class he will be in and on the whole I am quite pleased. Quite a few of the boys he is friends with will be with him especially his good friend Thomas.

September is going to be abit of an eye opener for him as he also has to start school at 8.25am. I think he is going to get a huge shock LOL!

Today I finally finished my current batch of card orders for Mum and another friend. Just lately I have had a few orders, which is great. The hard part is trying to decide how much to charge people - I am afraid I am not a great business woman. Maybe I need some lessons off Traci?

Anyway Steve has just made me a lovely cuppa so gotta go! xxxxxxx

Monday, June 18, 2007

I hate Mondays!

I really really do hate them - especially today!

I woke up and just felt really low. I didn't want Steve to go to work or the boys to go to school. I did not want to be on my own at all. Infact at one point I felt quite emotional about it! I think because we had a lovely weekend being with people we love so much (yes Dad that means you too!!) today just felt abit empty.
I always get sad when I leave my mum and dad's after spending time with them but this time for some reason it hit me really hard.

Luckily for me though George too woke up in that mood too and was very very emotional after his daddy left for work. So I took the decision to keep him at home with me as I knew I would probably get a call at 10am to say he was still upset. I think we keep forgetting he is still only 4 and full time school is sometimes too much for him.

So we both pottered about today doing our own thing and stopping every so often for a hug and to also say how much we love each other. 3 pm rolled around so quick and typically the heavens opened and my eldest came home looking like a drowned rat - poor thing!

I have posted a piccie of my card to my dad for father's day. I think he liked it!
I have got quite a few orders at the moment for cards which is always a good thing. So I am crafting away quite happily at the mo.

Right cuppa time I think - have a good evening everyone xxxxx

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lovely Weekend!!!

Check out this little monkey - isn't he cute?

This is my 14 month old nephew, Kyran, who is such a charmer with his Auntie Clare. I really do love this boy as if he was one of my own boys. I don't get to see him as much as I would like but yesterday I spent hours with him which was fabby.

The boys and I attended the 1st birthday of Kyran's cousin Charli Mai. Charli is seriously cute especially as she is incredibly tiny for her age due to a number of conditions which I won't go into on my blog. She had a whale of a time on her birthday as well as my boys!

We stayed with my ma and pa over the weekend and we all went out for a meal together last night. My bro, his partner and my cute nephew also came out with us and it was lovely to spend the evening together despite me being the usual butt of my dad and brothers wit.

Crafting wise - well not much has been done except a couple of Father's Day cards on Friday. But I will be back on track this week - oh yes I shall!!!!

Just wanted to end with a huge thanks and loads o lurve to Mum and dad for putting up with us over the weekend - I know that it was an awful trial for you ha ha ha!!! xxxxxxx

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sloppy Blogging!

I cannot believe it is Thursday and I last posted an entry on here on Monday!

So what has been going on? Well to be honest a little bit here and a little bit there. I have done the odd bit of crafting but to be honest I have spent alot of time at school again this week - maybe I should suggest a salary? LOL!

Today at school was June Rose Day which is abit like May Day celebrations but in June. The girls dress up in party dresses and have posys while the boys wear bow ties and waistcoats. Each year in school presents a dance and it is a lovely morning. Luckily we managed to miss the rain showers so that was a bonus.

Here is a piccy of my boys taken before school this morning - cute eh?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Not so quiet Sunday!

So half past nine Saturday evening we sat there chilling when the phone went. 'Ummmmm.....are you doing anything tomorrow as there is a quick cricket tournament organised at short notice?'
Well no we hadn't got anything planned - unless you count a days crafting. So yesterday we packed a picnic and headed down the road to Loddington.
Unfortunately our little team lost all of their matches (some only by a couple of runs though) but the kids had a fab time.
Here is a piccie of Harry in action - unfortunately I don't think he will be a future kevin Pietersen but he had fun!!!!!
Today saw me doing h*******k urghhhh!! And this afternoon I was helping out in Reception so now it is chill out time! xxxx

Saturday, June 09, 2007

I made some cards today!!!!

Yup that's right I made FOUR cards. Three were as part of an order so even better as I will get some money!

Today has been really nice. As the boys have either been at parties or out all day Steve and I have just pottered around the house doing our own thing. My day has been spent sorting out my room and crafting so I have had fun!

Harry has been out most of the day with one his
friends. Tom's grandparents have taken them
both to Gulliver's Land so I bet they have had a fun time.

George on the other hand went to a Princess and Pirate party this morning. Once home he decided that he liked the Long John George look and stayed in his costume all day. How cute is this boy?????

Right am going as No1 son will be home soon xxxxxx

Friday, June 08, 2007

Shock horror!!!

Yes I managed some crafting tonight - whopeee doooooo!!!

It was only a card but still.....I crafted!!!

Here is my Daddio's birthday card from a couple of weeks ago which I have not been able to post until now. I really like this card as it was the sort of card I don't normally do. But I really went to town with the distressing inks and had a fab time making it.

Today I was at school to watch Harry take part in Commendation assembly. He had to go on stage and recite a poem he had written about his classes residential trip a couple of weeks. It was a definate proud Momma moment - bless his heart!

I also saw my friend this morning who lost her eldest son in a car crash recently. She is just not the friend I know. She misses Will desperately and it is almost as if she is merely existing at the moment. Words are just not enough and all I know is that if I could take her grief away from her I would in a heart beat. I just feel so sad for her and her husband and wish I could do more for her. The whole situation is just dreadfully sad.

Anyway it's Friday! Which means I have hubby at home for two whole days. George has a party tomorrow while Harry is out for the day with one of his friends. Blimey they have a better social life than me ha ha ha!

As for me I will be ironing (boo!!!!) and deffo crafting! Have a good weekend everyone xxx

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Such a busy bee and one crazy lady!!

First lets start my overdue blog entry with a comment about this lady.
Traci has been a huge crafting inspiration to me over the last 18 months since I first met her (has it only been 18 months?!). Her enthusiasm is never ending and especially lately she has been a good friend as we have dealt with difficult times involving our nine year olds.
She is now having to deal with the knowledge that her adopted Dad has cancer which is terminal and in the later stages.
So why the funny piccie? Welllllll.......
in true Traci style she has decided to raise money for the worthy cause of Cancer having her hair dyed pink!!! Yes pink!!!!
If you would like to donate some money towards this cause then please send the money to: and put Donation in the information box please be advised that 100% of the money goes towards Cancer Research.

Right back to my week and phew what a week. No crafting as I seem to have spent most of my time at school helping or on School trips. Very tiring but feel good that I have helped out. Thank goodness it's friday tomorrow I need a rest!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Well what can I say.....?

About last week? Well all of us ended up with the bug and it was not pretty!!! So for poor Steve a week off work was wasted. To top it all off I was too poorly to craft. Pants!!!

But on Saturday I helped Traci at the local craft fair and her stall was fairly steady most of the day so that was good.

Sunday saw us having dinner with the outlaws for Mil's 60th and then back to our for tea.

Today I have been helping out at school (also will be Weds and Thurs!!!) and just generally catching up with things at home.

Tomorrow is hairdressers, dg duties and deffo some crafting or else I am gonna go mad.

Oh and it is my daddio's birthday tomorrow - 54 bless him!!!! xxxxxx