Friday, January 07, 2011

My Boy

I thought I would give you an update on this little fella of mine .

Bruce is now 9 months old and I just cannot imagine our lives without him.
Yes we miss Emmie and always will do but time has healed our pain and this boy certainly keeps us occuppied.

He eats anything....yes anything from recycling rubbish to entire fruit bowls! He barks....alot. Chases the cats....alot. Eats anything.....just to reiterate that! Likes cuddly toys, slippers and socks. Bounces when he is excited. Loves emptying the kitchen bin! Chews his leads...we are on the third.

But he gives us so much love in return and he loves to cuddle up on the sofa with whoever needs a hug.
The boys adore him, in particular Georgeand if you see one of them the other will be close by.
I haven't been able to post any pictures recently as he just doesn't keep still and if he sees the camera he needs to investigate it or run off!!!!

So thats Bruce or Brucie or Brucie Woo or just plain old Woo depending on what he has just done!!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

2011.....already!!! How did that happen????
I really can't believe that I last posted in October. Surely I have had stuff to write about or take pics of.
Well yes things have been happening. Some good and some bad and to be honest I am quite glad to see the back of 2010.

Christmas was nice but unfortunately both boys had flu and I was still recovering from a slight incident earlier in the month so we were all shattered to be honest.
George has been back to the docs in the last few days and is now on anti bs for an ear, chest and sinus infection!!!!!

I am counting my blessings however. Early in December I collapsed with a very severe allergic reaction. Luckily I had the sense to drive to the docs before I collapsed and in truth they saved my life (yes it really was that bad!!!!) I now have an epipen to take everywhere with me and can no longer take my medication for my arthritus or ibruphen which is a pain but i am here and that is a blessing.

As for the New Year I have a number of resolutions for my family and myself personally. My main ones are to put the four of us first and then to look after myself healthwise. I feel that recently I have been let down by some people (friends and family) and when I have needed them most I have been on my own (or so it feels)
The one constant has been hubs. He has been there for me when I needed him. A shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen to me. I really love him so much and know that whatever life throws at us we will face it head on and together.

Sorry for turning my first post in two months into a pity post. I really didn't mean to and hopefully tomorrow I can post a photo or two to show you.

Happy New Year to you all!!!!!!!!!