Friday, November 25, 2011

Feeling better

Well the last post was a real pity post. Not sure where all of that came from but let me assure you that my glass is def half full today.
I have decided that I need to teach them to be more independent and not rely on mum to sort stuff out automatically.
So tonight I have decided that Harry is going to make tea for them both (under my supervision of course) which will just be soup or beans on toast but it's a start!!
I have also realised that things need to change work wise and so I am trying to do something about that too. Can't say much now but obviously if something happens I will post on here.

In my haste to have a more organised Christmas I have already conjured out some thankyou cards for the boys. A simple design using accents from Cuddly Buddly. On the back I have added a preprinted thankyou with gaps for the boys to add their own notes.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I know this is supposed to be a crafting blog but it's also a diary of my life and a type of therapy so I suppose I need to write about the bad as well as the good.
I love my boys and I truly love being a Mum. I am so proud of these two young boys I am nurturing into what I hope will be fine, happy and well rounded boys.
However sometimes, like today/this week, I can feel utterly frustrated by being the only female in a male dominated household.
I do feel that I speak another language to them all and that when I do finally loose the plot they all look at each other as if to say 'here we go again'.
So I am thinking maybe I should take a step back from it. Organise them less and let them sort themselves out. But thing is I am a major control freak and a worrier so is it possible?

The card below is using an old favourite image from Lilli of the Valley, some pro markers and papers from a Kirsty Wiseman cd. Colours are obviously Saints ones - just what a Leicester Tigers fan wants ;-)

Saturday, November 19, 2011


That's how I felt today when I caught up with an old friend at work today.
A year ago next week a couple Steve and I have known for quite a while lost their baby daughter who was just a few days old. They brought her home from the hospital and she passed away surrounded by her parents and older siblings. It was devastating to them both and I often felt dreadful for them as although I have not lost a full term baby I did loose through miscarriage 2 babies and that was awful.
Anyway I spoke to the husband today and they are expecting another baby in the next few weeks. This baby will be another girl and I am sure much loved by her older brothers and sister and treasured by her parents.
I have another card from a couple of weeks ago. It is for my neighbour who I love very much and whose birthday is next week.
Have a great weekend ! X xx

Friday, November 18, 2011

Yay blogger on iPhone!

Loving the fact that from now on I can blog on the go and not just when I am on my lap top - how cool!
Have had a busy week so not much time to craft which is extremely frustrating but hey ho.
I must admit to almost finishing my Christmas shopping and the wrapping which I am really pleased with, although the credit card may say different :-)
Anyway I have posted a pic of a very quick card made last week using some old paper, a border punch and some ribbon.
X x x

Monday, November 07, 2011

So much for smugness!!

So in January and February I made some Xmas cards (about 60!!!!) to get them out of the way for the year. Last week I decided to have a look in te box I kept them in as I had just finished some special Xmas cards for close family and friends and thought I would store them together. Well I decided that the previously made cards were flipping hideous!!!! Honestly there was no way I could give them to anyone they were that awful.
So the last week has been spent dissecting said cards and making them look half reasonable.

Honestly it really does serve me right!!!!

The dreadful pic on the left is one of the 'special' cards made from a Hunky Dory kit. I am in love with the snow globes!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

What a strange weekend!

I have been unwell with sinusitis this weekend and urgh its horrid. I really do look like i have been hit in the face with a spade!
Luckily I didn't have to work yesterday and so spent most of the day on the sofa. Steve looked after me all day which was good of him!

Today I made a couple of Christmas cards with a kit purchased last month. I haven't taken any pics yet but will post them on here when I have.
Instead here is another card made from some bits from a magazine, bit of fibre and a border punch.

Friday, September 09, 2011

So hows tricks then?

Well my last post was in April and boy alot has happened in our household!
It truely has been a rollercoaster ride and while there have been negatives there have been positives too. Some 'stuff' is sorted for a while and other issues still linger.

The main event this week has been the boys changing schools. Both have come home with huge grins on the faces so I can assume that its all good! :-)

Crafting wise I have hardly made anything apart from the odd card or two. Certainly no scrapbooking has been done which is not good. A couple of months ago our study was relocated to another room in the house and honestly I couldn't believe how much stash I have accumulated over the past few years it really was quite shameful.
I am again on a mission to use what I have rather than purchase new items, although I did 'acquire' a Christmas card kit a few weeks ago LOL

I do have a card to show you from a while back made using some cutouts from a magazine and a bit of ribbon from a present I was given!

Right boys are in bed and Steve is out for a wee while so I am going to make the most of having the remote ;)


Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Boy!!

Been very slack on posting lately as boys have been on hols so its been manic here and also I seem to have completely lost my crafting mojo. If anyone finds said mojo please could you return it to me!!??
The major event in our family has been the 13th birthday of my eldest boy. I really cannot believe he is 13 years old now - time has truely flown by. If I am quite honest about it I am really sad that he is growing up so quickly.
Harry is very intelligent and extremely focused on what he wants to do when he is grown up. He is obsessed with dinosaurs, Star Wars, Doctor Who and anything to do with the Natural World. The boy will get up on stage and sing and perform infront of hundreds of people but finds it hard to make friends. I am told he is extremely polite and well behaved when he is out and at school and he loves his little brother....alot!
Harry eats like a horse, is stick thin and if he drinks coca cola or eats certain e numbers is hyperactive for days! He has no fashion sense, will never have his hair cut short again and prob changes his pants every couple of days. But he is my boy and I love him!!!! xxxx

Monday, April 04, 2011

Up and down!

Up and down is very much how I would describe my life at the mo!!!
Still given the circumstances it could be worse. Last Sunday Steve and George were involved in a collision with another car. Luckily Steve managed to swerve out of the other drivers way slightly or things could have been much much worse. They both are suffering from whiplash at the mo but hopefully with time this will ease.

No crafting has been done whatsoever as I have been acting as nursemaid and taxi driver. However, today everyone is back at school or work so I am back to my routine again :)

The boys break up from school for two weeks on Friday which will be lovely as I am not working very much at all over the hols - plus its my Harry's birthday on the 16th! 13 years old - oh my goodness.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Urggghhhhh so snotty!!

Oh me oh my I really was proper poorly!
Monday was spent on the sofa and in bed by 4pm and Tuesday I spent all day on the sofa asleep.
Luckily as I had to work all day Wednesday I was feeling a little better but I am still not 100% although getting better each day thank goodness.
I have not crafted all week which is a shame but not felt up to it so here is one from last week.
I have been at work all day today but not in till Tuesday not yipppeee!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Poorly poorly!

I have been struc down with the dreaded lurgy. Infact so struck down I have not touched paper for two days!! This is most rare for me at the mo as I have been embracing scrapbooking with great gusto!!!

The sofa has been my place today with Brucie and lots of hot drinks. Need to be better as this week I am at work...alot!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why do I do it??

Well I went to my friends house last night and yup you guessed it I feel like total crappy poo at the mo. Damn that fizzy rose!!!! (was a very very good night though ha ha ha)

My inlaws friends heard from their son and all is well with them. They have been evacuated but they are safe thank goodness

Here is a LO using pics from a trip to Warwick Castle nearly three years ago. It just makes me smile :)

Right full fat coke is now calling me! xx

Friday, March 11, 2011

Yay! Its FFFFFFriday!

I have that Friday feeling today due to not working tomorrow and going out for a girlie get together later :)

Here is the second LO from the other day of Gorgeous George aged 7 months old and making a mess with Weetabix.
Its made with all old stash - I will get through it all someday!!!

On a sobre note the devastaion in Japan is dreadful. The inlaw's best friends son and his family live there and I am not sure if they have heard from him yet :( My heart goes out to all affected.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

On a roll!

I completed two (yes thats right two) layouts yesterday!!!
As a novice and not very confident scrapbooker I am using scrapbook sketches to aid me and I have to admit I am having a ball.
Anyone who loves scrapbooking but wants some ideas google scrapbook sketches or scrapbook maps. There are some fantastic websites out there for inspiration and guidance.

Here is a layout of handsome Harry receiving his gold award back in 2008 - where does the time go????

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A cardmaker who scraps or vice versa?

So I did a LO yesterday of the boys at Whipsnade a few years ago. I was stuck for inspiration so I have to admit I did use someone else's design with a few of my own touches.
The papers (which are old ones!) are very bright but amazingly match the boys shirts and I have used a flower on a boy LO!!!

I am loving scrapbooking at the mo. I think the whole idea of making something for me for a change is doing me some good and I am using up some of the stash I have had hanging around for years.
I have hundreds of photos which are either in an album or on my computer and I want to use them. I want to make something which shows off my family and all of our special memories. Life is so short but memories last a lifetime and I want my boys to look back at the LOs and remember all of those special times we had.
I will always make my own cards but I am thinking that scrapping is going to be my first love in the future.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Whizz by!

The last few days have really flown by. One minute its Wednesday and the next its Monday night - how did that happen?

Today was the first time since last week that I have crafted. First thing I made a card for a card swap and then I used the final bits in a kit to make this LO of my little man.
Honestly it is much better in real life - its just that the lighting was dire this afternoon!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I scrapped!!

I finally made a layout! I have not scrapped in months and today have finally broken that drought.
All of my cardmaking is sorted for a little while so I want to make some layouts for a while. The photo is of my darling Grandad and his brother. I have a few more old ones to scrap in the next few days....hopefully.

Last night we had Harry's Parents Evening and the boy done good. Infact in some subjects he is doing GCSE standard work and he is only 12!! For me though the most important thing was that he works really hard and is very very well behaved and according to his teachers he always is :)

Work is on the schedule for tomorrow so I doubt any crafting will be done unfortunately :( I seem to have really found my mojo at the moment and to be honest I am really enjoying it :)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

All Inky!!

I am really loving using alcohol inks at the mo - its great to just sit and get mucky hands while making something.

This was a very very quick card I made yesterday afternoon while cooking tea (had to be careful not to get distracted!).
Just an inked background, stamped images, matted and layered on to a card blank, distress round the edges and add some wool.....hey presto!

I did have a flick through some photos last night as I have an urge to scrapbook. Got as far as picking a pic!

Working at the shop this afternoon and then parents evening tonight so I doubt any crafting will be done today :(

Monday, February 28, 2011


Its Monday and after a weeks holiday the boys are back to school. The house is quiet with just me and the dog and I am not liking it at all.

I have lots of emotions running around this afternoon and am trying to be positive. Hopefully later today I will be more enlightened and more in control.

Didn't manage any crafting yesterday as I went to watch george play rugby in the morning and then de-virusing my laptop in the afternoon and evening. Thankfully it is sorted now ......grrrrrrr!

This is the second card I made using alcohol inks - loved the colours!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just playing

Ok so the TSV I ordered on Tuesday night arrived on my door Thursday morning - hows that for service?

Now I have used alcohol inks a long time ago and really enjoyed it so decided to just have a play and see what results I get.
Oh boy I had so much fun and I really do think I need more colours.
The stamps were fantastic to use and I even had a quick go on the shrink plastic (hence the little car on the ribbon) and it was so easy.

It always goes to show you should try something new and don't get stressed about it - just go with the flow and see where it takes you!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Rock Star!

I really can't believe it's Friday and the boys week off is nearly done :(
I love having my boys at home and this week we have chilled, played and done our own thing but still been together.

Harry's first big night went well last night - one down two more to go. With 10pm finishes each night he is going to be shattered!

As I was working yesterday (yes I know eurgghhhh!!!!) no cards were made but I do have this one from the other day which will be George's card to Harry.

The image is a Sugar Nellie stamp coloured with promarkers and the sentiments from a Cuddly Buddly download. The papers are various old ones from my stash.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have got a card to show you but it can wait untill tomorrow as I wanted to show you this pic of my eldest.

As you all know H loves abit of AmDram and recently he has been busy rehearsing for a local production of Carmen the opera.
Obviously he is playing a street urchin (he has that look down to a tee) and here is a pic of him fully costumed.

Last night was the final full dress rehearsal with performances being done the next three nights.
To say he will be shattered by the end of it is an understatement but he loves it so.

So good luck Harry! Your Dad and I are so very proud of you xxxxxx

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trying to look outside the box!

Now people who know me well know that I don't do frou frou. Don't get me wrong I like girly things....afterall I am a girl!
Quite a few years ago I won in a raffle the Bookatrix board. I have used it a couple of times but to be honest thats it really.

Whenever I have seen the Glitter Girls demoing I like the ideas they give but really the whole glitz, tons of glitter, and overload of mirri board just don't do it for me and when I look online for inspriation it really is glitz!!

I do like the idea of the book type card especially if you have a special occasion coming up. So with my close to being 13 boy in mind I set to work yesterday on this card. I wanted something which could be displayed easily so came up with an idea of combining a Bookatrix card with an easel format and hey presto!!!!!

I also used up some Basic Grey stash which I have had hidden in a box for ages - my resolution is to use what I have before i buy more. As Harry loves dinosaurs a little the Archaic set was perfect :)

Just to also add that I did cave on the buying thing yesterday and Tim Holtz's TSV somehow ended up being ordered - not sure how that happened????

Friday, January 07, 2011

My Boy

I thought I would give you an update on this little fella of mine .

Bruce is now 9 months old and I just cannot imagine our lives without him.
Yes we miss Emmie and always will do but time has healed our pain and this boy certainly keeps us occuppied.

He eats anything....yes anything from recycling rubbish to entire fruit bowls! He barks....alot. Chases the cats....alot. Eats anything.....just to reiterate that! Likes cuddly toys, slippers and socks. Bounces when he is excited. Loves emptying the kitchen bin! Chews his leads...we are on the third.

But he gives us so much love in return and he loves to cuddle up on the sofa with whoever needs a hug.
The boys adore him, in particular Georgeand if you see one of them the other will be close by.
I haven't been able to post any pictures recently as he just doesn't keep still and if he sees the camera he needs to investigate it or run off!!!!

So thats Bruce or Brucie or Brucie Woo or just plain old Woo depending on what he has just done!!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

2011.....already!!! How did that happen????
I really can't believe that I last posted in October. Surely I have had stuff to write about or take pics of.
Well yes things have been happening. Some good and some bad and to be honest I am quite glad to see the back of 2010.

Christmas was nice but unfortunately both boys had flu and I was still recovering from a slight incident earlier in the month so we were all shattered to be honest.
George has been back to the docs in the last few days and is now on anti bs for an ear, chest and sinus infection!!!!!

I am counting my blessings however. Early in December I collapsed with a very severe allergic reaction. Luckily I had the sense to drive to the docs before I collapsed and in truth they saved my life (yes it really was that bad!!!!) I now have an epipen to take everywhere with me and can no longer take my medication for my arthritus or ibruphen which is a pain but i am here and that is a blessing.

As for the New Year I have a number of resolutions for my family and myself personally. My main ones are to put the four of us first and then to look after myself healthwise. I feel that recently I have been let down by some people (friends and family) and when I have needed them most I have been on my own (or so it feels)
The one constant has been hubs. He has been there for me when I needed him. A shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen to me. I really love him so much and know that whatever life throws at us we will face it head on and together.

Sorry for turning my first post in two months into a pity post. I really didn't mean to and hopefully tomorrow I can post a photo or two to show you.

Happy New Year to you all!!!!!!!!!