Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lovely and sunny!

We seem to at last have some lovely weather here - hurrah!!!

Well after yesterday's mammoth and I mean mammoth cleaning session I have a house that is well ...really clean. I do hate cleaning but when you have finally finished and sit down and look around it is nice to see.

Roofers are finally here this morning to fix the problems we have. The only downside to this is that I have had to miss the weekly card class run by Traci which I am gutted about as I really enjoy taking part in it.

Still I think I am going to indulge in a crating session of my own this morning. I deserve it I think LOL!

Here is a piccie of Steve with his Granny on Sunday. This lovely lady turned 90 at the weekend and she really enjoyed seeing her family all around her. She is moving on Friday from the home she has lived in for 50+ years to a sheltered housing complex, so I think it will be an emotional week for her.

Right cuppa on the go and crafting to start xxxx

Monday, July 30, 2007


I have got housework to do today and bleurgh! I do not want to do it but there we go it is a fact of life and must be done.......by me.
So very little crafting will get done no doubt but get it all done today and hopefully I can indulge during the week - I can but try!
Well yesterday went really well at the party. I do have some pics but need to get them off the camera first.
Granny had a lovely birthday and sometimes I think it got quite emotional for her but she enjoyed it all!x
The boys had fun too and really behaved themselves which is great. Some members of the family had not seen them for a long time and could not believe how much they had grown.
It was a long day for them but they loved it!!
The photo I have posted is a quick card I did last week using a free decoupage image from a magazine. Very pink and very girly and also very simple but I like!
Right those surfaces are not going to clean themselves. I am going in and I may be sometime!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Busy afternoon!

What started as a very slow morning quickly descended into a very busy afternoon for me!
Infact I had no time for crafting which was a shame but here is a card I made during the week. I like it even though it is quite a plain card.

This evening I may get the chance to make a card or two depending on what is on the tv. I have a strong suspicision that darts may be on so I will be staying in my craft hideaway I think!

We are keeping our fingers crossed for good weather tomorrow. Steve's Mum and dad are hosting a party for his Granny and it would be lovely if all of the guests could sit outside.

Will try and post some pics of the party tomorrow evening if we are back in time.

Whatever you are doing tomorrow I hope you all have a lovely day!! xx

Friday, July 27, 2007


Well Harry and I went armed with popcorn to see Harry Potter this morning and the verdict???? Wow wow wow! It is fab and we both really enjoyed it. The effects are stunning and the fight scenes breathtaking. This will certainly be on dvd want list.
Alan Rickman (Prof Snape) has always been a fav of mine (I like them mysterious and moody LOL!) and as always he was brilliant. So too was Gary Oldman as Sirius Black. Oh I just loved it all!!!
It's been a great Harry Potter week seeing as the book also came out last week, which incidentally I lurved! I am not going to give away any of the plot but I was not disappointed with then ending and I think J K Rowling left all questions answered.

Anyway tomorrow is Saturday and the first week of our holiday is done. It is such a shame it has rained for most of the week especially as Steve has been off work. But we have been so lucky flood wise compared to some poor people in the country.
Tomorrow I am preparing a few things for a party on Sunday for Steve's granny who will be 90. She is a lovely lady who adores her grand children and great grandchildren. The boys have had their picture taken for her birthday and it is really lovely. I think she will really enjoy her party and hopefully the sun may make an appearance for a little while!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Its good to talk!

It's great to get together with friends for the evening and have a good old chat. We certainly did that last night too!!! Myself and four friends went out to our local Indian restaurant and then onto a nearby hotel for a drink or two or three!! The next minute it was closing time and home time!
Traci and I got home at around midnight to find Harry and Kiesha making Hama bead things, George asleep on the sofa and Steve looking shattered after his evening with three children!
Luckily for us the boys were really kind to us this morning and George was our alarm call at about 9am. Harry slept until 10.50am which is so unheard of for him!

So today has been a day of bits and pieces but I have got some crafting done which is fab so I must take some piccies tomorrow and post them. I have been using the free gifts from magazines today and making quick cards with them which I have enjoyed. Sometimes its nice to lift other peoples ideas from magazines and do 'easy' crafting for a change rather than sit there for half an hour deciding on what to do!!!!

The boys are now in bed - early tonight and tomorrow we are off to the cinema! Harry and I to see Harry Potter and Steve and George are watching Transformers at the same time. Fab!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No car!

Yes the car went in for it's MOT yesterday and ....... promptly failed :(. Hmmmm ok given how many miles Steve does every week and the fact it is a Y reg it is hardly surprising it failed. But it has had to go back to the garage today and so we are without a car for the second day running. Normally this would not bother me but it would be nice to go out as Steve is off this week. Hey ho - at least I can do a bit of crafting!

I completed Steve's birthday card from me today which I will take a photo of and post after his birthday as I know he sneaks peeks on my blog ocassionally. xxxxx

This evening I am off out with some friends of mine - including Traci - for a chin wag and all you can eat curry! All of us have met through school as we have children who have just left Primary school. It will be nice to get together and put the world to rights. Infact our other halfs - except Traci's - all went out together on Saturday night so we can compare notes on how they were feeling Sunday morning!

Have a good evening everyone xxxxx

Monday, July 23, 2007

I got told off!!!!

Yes that's right I got told off by George and the reason why? Well I did not put on my blog a picture of him with his beloved teacher Miss Pallet.
He adores her well and truly. Infact both of my boys do as she also taught Harry when he was in Reception.
So hopefully my four year old will now be happy!

It has been the first day of the holidays and we have been out and about. The first trip of the day was the dentist for myslf and the boys. This went quite well with nothing more than a checkup although the dentist thinks Harry may need a brace in the near future.

This afternoon Steve decided to take the boys over to the local driving range as they all love to hit a few golf balls. I decided to tag along and take a couple of pics. We then had a quick look in the golf shop afterwards which then turne out to be a costly thing to do as I bought Steve's pressie - a set of decent clubs and we treated the boys to a junior club set. hmmmmm bit costly but ah well you can't take it with you can you?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Influences on your life.

We all have people in our lives who are huge influences and help to make us who we are. These people who may not necessarily be family but are still there for us in good times and bad.

These two ladies pictured with Harry are two such people and I can honestly say it has been a real privilage to know them and for them to be a major part of my eldest son's life for a year.
The top picture is Harry with Miss Lynch and the bottom one is her classroom assistant Jackie. Just how much these two people mean to us they will never know but I know I will always be indebted to them.
Harry entered their classroom last September a shadow of his former self. His previous year had not been good and I can honestly say the stuffing had been knocked out of him by his former teacher who although is a good teacher I don't think she was good for him.
By Christmas the old Harry had come back - he was confident again and more importantly he was happy. He has come on in leap and bounds and his sat results were brilliant thanks to these two people.

Obviously in May tragedy struck when one of Harry's classmates was killed and again the love and care shown to the children from Miss Lynch and Jackie got them through that awful time. I really do believe that the kids would not have dealt with it as well as they did if it wasn't for them.
You always remember the teachers who touched your heart when you were young - these two will truly always be in Harry's xxxxxx

BTW I do apologise for the dreadful pics but I was very emotional when I took them!!!!!!

So my eldest has left primary school and in September will start middle school - oh my goodness!!!!!!Also my youngest finished his year in Reception and will be in Year 1 in six weeks time!!!!!

So what have I been up to since Tuesday?? Well alot of things have been going on at school as the year came to a close so have been tooing and froing there. I did start a card for Steve's Granny which I am hoping to finish today but besides that no real crafting I am afraid. But I am hoping to resolve that issue today.

And yesterday? well...........I must confess to reading the new Harry Potter book.....all of it too. I just could not put it down until i was finished much to Traci's disgust I might add. But she is only jealous as she spent nine hours in a car yesterday and reading it would've made her car sick. Did I give any of the plot away????? Of course not I am much to good a friend for that mwahhahhahha!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Only three more days to go!

My boys break up for summer in three days time. Crikey how quick has this year flown!!!

I am very organised and have already made some thank you cards for the teachers and classroom assistants.

My boys have been really lucky this year with their teachers, especially Harry. His class have really had a traumatic time over the last few months and I can honestly say their teacher has helped them through their loss.
This week is also quite sad for him as he is leaving Primary School and will be joining the local middle school in September. My baby is growing up!!!!

George's teacher has also been a star. She has known George since he was a week old and so he feels very at ease with her. Given that he is one of the youngest in his year (he is not 5 until 29th August) he has really settled in at school thanks to her.
In September George will have the same teacher in year one as Harry did which is great as she is lovely too.

George was supposed to have his Sports Fun Day today. Hmmmm well we managed until 12.00 and then of course the heavens opened and yes it got cancelled. I did manage a couple of pics which I will post tomorrow. But poor George was gutted at not doing any races - maybe next year?

I don't know about you but I am getting really brassed off with this rain now. It is no longer funny going out during the school runs and getting drenched. Still at least after Friday I won't need to worry about that for six weeks!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Urghhhhh Sunday night again!

Well it is Sunday night already - argh its Monday tomorrow!!!

The weekends are flying by at the moment - one minute it is Friday night and then all of a sudden it's Sunday.

The boys have only one more week left at school and it is a busy one. Transfer day is tomorrow, so George will be with his new year one teacher and Harry will be going to his new midde school for the day. I am really nervous for Harry as not only is it a new school but he will be going back to being the youngest year again. We have packed his pencil case and rucksack tonight and he has to be at school by 8.20am tomorrow. He says he is not nervous but I think deep down he is.

We have been out for Sunday lunch today with the inlaws as it was Steve's dad's 60th birthday. The weather stayed dry until we came home so that was fab as we sat outside for an hour or so to make the most of that strange orange ball in the sky!!!!!

The pictures above are cards I made at Traci's card class last week. It is the first time I have used wire in crafting and I really liked the effect. I will certainly be going to the class again as it was great to have some dedicated time to craft and it's nice to meet like minded people.

Right may try and do a few more cards - enjoy your evening xxxx

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!!

Yesterday was my bro's birthday and today is my Mum's!
Happy Birthday to both of them!!!!! Love ya loads! xxxxx

Here is a card I made for my Mum who is a big ice cream fan - actually she lurves the stuff!!!!! I saw this image and knew it was the one for her.

On this card I got to use my Cuttlebug daisy embossing folder for the first time and the verdict.......wow!!!! Even though I used this folder on my Big Shot the results are fantastic. The embossing is so crisp and clear and I will be deffo investing in other folders!

So what was happening today? Well Harry's friend Tom is coming over for the day and I am having a crafting day - well inbetween sorting out washing!

Have a good day everyone xxxxxxx

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bit of a let down!

I got no crafting done today at all - it has been quite busy here with one thing or another.

This morning started off with sports day for Harry - he did all of his races and even came first in the dribbling race. I was very proud!!!!

I then went out for lunch with some friends which was lovely but the school run then beckoned and I have spent my time since sorting out my Avon orders. There was alot of orders too which is a great thing but it does take a long time to get them packed up and delivered. Still at least I will have some crafting money to see me through the next few weeks and that can only be a good thing.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Proud mummy moment!

Here is a piccie of my boy receiving his new belt on Monday night. He was so chuffed to pass - as were we all!!!
It is a hobby he really enjoys and gets so much from it. Phil is a fab instructor - very patient but very strict. I really hope that Harry carries this hobby on as it has done so much for him already!

Yesterday I went to a craft club run by Traci at the local Baptist Church. It was great fun and a morning's craft was just what I needed! I will be definately going again as it did me the world of good. Thanks Traci xxx

I made three cards at the session which I will take piccies of tomorrow and post on the blog. It was the first time I had used wire and I think it will be something I use again.

Unfortunately no crafting has been done today as I have catching up with the dreaded h*******k. Urghhhhh! I was ironing for two and half hours - what a waste of valuable crafting time.

Tomorrow is sports day for Harry but the afternoon is free so who knows what may happen crafting wise? xxxx

Monday, July 09, 2007

Lovely Weekend!!!

We did have a lovely day on Saturday at the wedding of my friend Sam and her now husband Paul. Doesn't she look stunning!!!???
The reception was really lovely and the boys had a fantastic time as did us all!! It really was a day to remember and I am sure we will for a long time to come.
The setting for the occassion was really fantastic. It took place at a Jacobian house five mile from us. Sam and Paul had the use of it from the Friday to the Sunday for themselves and their family and friends.
Sunday was also busy as Harry had a grading exam for Tae Kwon Do. He did well with all of his questions and his practical went really well. Infact tonight we found out that he passed his grading!!!!! So he is now the proud owner of a green tag belt! Needless to say we are very proud of him!
Well tomorrow morning I am taking part in a new class which Traci is organising. So am looking forward to a morning of craft!!! xxxxx

Friday, July 06, 2007

Just wanted to say....

A friend of mine who is one of the most genuine people I know has had some bad news today.

I am not going to say her name as she will know who she is but I just want her to know that the four of us are thinking of her and her family. The boys and I send all our love to her and if you want anything you know where I am xxxxxxx

Yipee I made two and a half cards.....

yesterday. Yes that is right I did some crafting!!! Hurrah!!!!!!

Unfortunately the cards I made are for someone's birthday and I know they look at my blog so no sneaky peaks I am afraid. :(

Today I am getting ready for the wedding tomorrow. Spare room is being set up for ma and pa as they are coming down the M6 sometime this afternoon. My eyebrows have been waxed so I no longer look as if I have two furry friends above my eyes and I am going for a haircut tonight. So all in all I am being fairly organised - well sort of!

Harry has gone back to school today, which although I am pleased about he is not 100%. So I am fretting a little bit about him. I am not usually so neurotic but his attack on Monday really unnerved me. He will be fine I am sure and is probably very happy not having me checking on him every ten minutes! LOL!

As well as the wedding tomorrow Harry has a grading on Sunday for Tae Kwon Doe so we have a very very busy weekend ahead of us. I think we will all need Monday to recover from it.

Right I have to sort some bedding out and find a temporary home for the hamster. I hope everyone has a fab weekend - lets just hope for NO rain tomorrow! xxxxx

Thursday, July 05, 2007

He does make us smile!

Why he chose a pair of work goggles I don't know and where he found them was a bigger mistery!
But when I saw this - well of course I had to take a piccie. You have to don't you?

Harry is still off school today but is much better since Monday. Hopefully he will be at school tomorrow so at least he can get back into the swing of things. He still sounds like he has smoked a huge packet of Havana's though which is not that pleasant to listen to.

We have a wedding to attend on Saturday so 1) Harry has got to be fit for that and 2) we are really hoping for nice weather for at least two hours. If it does rain I may let George wear these goggles as part of his wet weather gear :)

So did I do any crafting yesterday.......? Ermmmmmm well I went to see Traci, who had a visitor in the shape of Maggie. I did drink tea and I did spend some money......but no crafting was done. Seriously today is going to be the day I make at least one card or I shall go crazy. I have loads of birthdays in July so I need to get my skates on.

First on my list though this money is to get George to school and then change the beds. Bleurgh housework!!!!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Update on my boy.

I know this post isn't crafty at all but wanted to say that Harry is feeling abit better this morning.

His peak flow is still lower than it should be but it is creeping up steadily so that is good. Hopefully we can get him back to school in the next few days as I think I am getting on his nerves :)

No crafting has been going on over the last few days as I have been shattered but I am hoping to go and see Traci. So maybe a couple of purchases and some crafting will be on the cards. Then again we normally just drink tea and chat!!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Quick post - she did it!!!!

She went pink!!!!!

Remember a few weeks ago I told you about Traci dyeing her hair pink to raise money for Cancer Research?

Well the girl did it - boy did she do it!

She looks fabbo - I lurve this look and isn't the piccie fab!?

Well done Traci - one cool lady! x

Monday, July 02, 2007

Busy weekend and one poorly boy!

Crikey we have not stopped this weekend. We have been dashing here and there, dodging thunder storms and rain.
The boys have had cricket tournaments and parties to get to and we have been organising ourselves for a wedding this weekend.
Before we knew it it was Sunday evening and boy were we shattered!!!!!!

This morning started off ok. I was recovering from a migraine but was alright and getting the kids sorted for school. Harry and George went off to school as usual - Harry with his inhalers today as he had a cough which wasn't serious but nevertheless was there.

Anyway home time came and Harry came home sounding truly awful. He was wheezing and despite having his inhalers was struggling to breath. In the end he was rushed down to our docs who put him on the nebuliser straight away and has prescribed a course of steroids.
It is such a shame he has had this attack as we have had his asthma under control for quite a while now and infact we were getting confident that he may be growing out of it. However I now think that because we thought he may grow out of it we had become a little complacent about it all so we have all had a jolt this evening.
So it looks like I have got some company at home for the next few days until his peak flow comes back up again!

I have posted a card I made last week - I actually made six last week. Yes six cards LOl!!!!!
I really do need to get more crafting time sorted out! xxxxx