Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Please help!!!!!

If anyone spots my creative mojo wandering the streets could you please give him a severe talking to and send him back to me :(
I have lots of lovely things to play with and nothing is happening - not a thing!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

We're Back!!!!

Well we were back last night but after a day of washing etc this is the first chance I have had to log on.
It has been a wet week but we have had a busy time visiting places and exploring the beautiful Devon countryside.
When I have sorted through the piccies I will give you a peek :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Mid Week already!

Our house is just sooooo quiet without these two munchkins of mine. It is so strange.
They are of course having a fabberoo time with my Mum and Dad, so much better than being with boring ol' Mum ;)
Unfortunately I have just not had time to much crafting wise as I have either been working or getting stuff ready for our holiday.
I am really looking forward to a week away. We all need a break after recent events and it will be great to hae some quality time together.
Speaking of quality time together hubs and I are going out on a date tonight. A meal and the cinema are on the agenda and I can't wait!!!! xxx

Monday, August 11, 2008

Time for goodbyes.

Steve and his family have a long and tough day ahead of them.

This afternoon in Edinburgh they will be saying goodbye to hubs' Uncle Morris who died after a very long illness.

We are just thankful that he is at peace and no longer in pain.

Today I am going to keep Steve's dad and granny company and make sure they behave. It seems so weird not having my boys around at the mo. The house is so quiet and I really do miss them loads.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Getting organised.

Well we are heading 'up north' tomorrow to drop my boys off at my Ma and Pa's.
I am a little unsure of how I will feel about this as it will be the longest I have left both of them since George was born.
I know they will be well looked after by Mum and Dad as I don't trust anyone more than them with my babies. :)
Infact the boys will probably not miss me at all LOL!

Here is a pic of the album I made at last weeks workshop with Traci. I really enjoyed the day and am looking forward to the next one - hint hint!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Its the weekend!

Yes at last its the end of a bit of a funny week!

On Saturday we are not doing a great deal but Sunday we are dropping the boys off at my Mum and Dads for a few days.
The only downside besides missing my boys will be that I have to drive home........down the M6 oh crikey!!!
Yes thats right Steve and I are getting to spend some time together on our own. OMG does this mean we will have to talk to each other ha ha ha!!!!

I have been looking after 4 children today and boy did I know there were 4. They really did test my sanity bless their hearts.

No crafting to show you at the mo but here is a pic from Whipsnade Zoo which I actually quite like. I hate having my pic taken as I don't think I am photogenic but this one isn't too bad!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What a wet day!!!!

Oh my goodness ..... the heavens well and truly opened today. It has just rained and rained and rained!

Went to craft club this morning with the boys and can honestly say that I won't be doing that today. They have just been at each other all day and it has really really annoyed me!
Needless to say they are now in bed for a well deserved early night!!!!

This afternoon I uploaded pictures from our day trips last week to Whipsnade and Warwick. I could not believe how many I took.... people must have thought I was a Japanese tourist as there are loads and loads. :)

The layout was another created for Particraft last month using Fancy Pants products :) To be honest the photo does not do the layout justice as it does look really good in RL ...... honest!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Bit further afield.

Today I decided to drive the boys over to the inlaws so that the boys could take their minds off yesterday's events.
This meant driving over there on my own with the boys for the first time. Have to say although it was nerve wrecking I did it and felt quite proud of myself. Its only a 45 min journey but the roads involve the A14, a couple of nasty roundabouts, and the fen roads.
Small steps as they say.......small steps.

Here is another card using the heart stamp set I mentioned yesterday. I made this card a while ago for hubs for no other reason ........ just because.

Tomorrow is hopefully going to be slightly quieter with abit of craft club thrown in too - hurrah!!!!!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sad news again :(

Think the Feary household is having one of those weeks this week unfortunately.
We have had some dreadful news this afternoon concerning Steve's Uncle and Godfather. He has been ill for quite a while now and was admitted into hospital a few days ago but he suddenly passed away his morning. Although his illness was terminal we were just not expecting this news just yet.
Poor Steve is understandably in shock as is his Dad, Mum and Granny, who has now lost two sons.
Its not an easy time at the moment but we are trying to think of the good times.

I have posted a card which was in last months Particraft magazine. The hearts are part of a stamp set which is one of my favs and certainly on my shopping list while the rik rak and button are Fancy Pants. All products are available through your local Particraft demonstrator.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

A lovely day today.....

I have really had a fantastic day today!!
I took part in a Particraft workshop hosted by the lady herself Traci.
We made a lovely album using Junkitz papers and naked book. It was just really fab being with other crafters and having no other interruptions other than 'who wants tea or coffee?'
Thanks Traci for a great day and for the lovely book we made xxxx
BTW I will take a piccie of it tomorrow and show you all.
This layout was made for the 1st edition of the Particraft online magazine and the 2nd copy is available right now from their website. I have another couple of projects in this one too which I am pretty chuffed with :)
The little cutie in this pic is my hubs - don't ya think George looks like him? It really is uncanny :)
I would also like to say thank you for the lovely comments left on here concerning our bad news yesterday. Harry is still upset but he was really touched that people had left him messages - thankyou xxxxxxx

Friday, August 01, 2008

A Sad Day Today.

This morning Harry had to make a really difficult decision but one which made me very proud of him.
2 1/2 years ago he bought with his birthday money this little hamster which he named Hermione. In that time she made us laugh and Harry has taken such care of her and given her so much love.
Unfortunately over the last few days she has lost a lot of weight and she has not been as perky as usual. We know she is quite elderly for a hamster and that she is bound to be slowing down but we felt she needed a check up.
The vet informed Steve and Harry that she was really not well at all and if not in pain at that moment it was only a matter of time. Harry made the decision that it was not fair that she should be in pain and so the vet put her to sleep.

We have all shed tears today and I know we will all miss her terribly especially Harry who loved his little friend so much xxxxx