Sunday, October 05, 2008

It was my Birthday :)

Regular readers of my little blog may remember that last year on my birthday my foot was in plaster which made for a bit of a damp squib of a day. But this year .....omg my boys spoilt me rotten - they really did.

On my list was a Wii Fit which I was lucky enough to have but what I didn't know was that my lovely hubs had bought this pink little beauty!!!!! How shocked was I???? Well that shocked that I cried :)

I also had some lovely pressies from friends and then some money from family which will be spent on my girlie weekend in Cheltenham next month.

So I had a fabby day - thank you to everyone who made it special xxxxxx


Dianne said...

You Lucky Lady!! So glad you had such a fab birthday, you deserved it!!

Anonymous said...

Wow lucky girl! So pleased you enjoyed your day, and this year you were all in one piece!
Pat xx