Friday, February 06, 2009

And it's still snowing!!!!!

Just when we think it is all over we get more.

But don't think I am moaning about it as the four of us are at home in the warm chilling out. Well apart from Steve who is actually working :(

It really is a blizzard out there. So much so the boys don't want to go out just yet, which I can't blame them.

This is the view from our bedroom window and was taken about an hour ago. It really looks beautiful out there :)

Here is a pic of Harry from yesterday. He loved the sledging and was with a group of friends most of the afternoon. Well until he had a slight sledging accident which has resulted in a couple of bruised legs as well as a bruised ego!

Snowman building is the plan for later - oh this is fun!!!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely pics Clare. Harry is so handsome! Make the most of the snow, it's not often we get it :)
Pat x