Thursday, December 03, 2009

A little late.....

to post yesterdays Journal page but it was done on time......honest!!!

I am not too sure about this page. But its done and dusted and I am not messing with it anymore.

I am still carless despite being promised my car back on Tuesday - grrrrrr. But am promised it will be back today (oh it had so better be)

Tonight we have are going to watch Harry's Christmas concert and bless he is doing a solo. Will deffo be proud Momma moment :o)

Its the start of the silly season as far as concerts go - one tonight, one Sunday, two next week and then one the week after. Two are George's but the rest are Harry's and I am seriously worried that he won't have a voice left by the end. But he wants to do it so am going with the flow.

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Kim Dellow said...

Oh very cute layout! Hope you get your car back soon. Kim