Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

Ok so a little belated with the New Year greetings but better late than never!

We had a busy December hence my abscence but the holidays were great and filled with fun and laughter with family.

One bad point was me being diagnosed with arthritus in my hands and feet. Must admit to be stunned at first but have been taking some medication and feel good at the mo so am feeling optimistic about it! :o)

My car has been replaced with another Fiesta so hopefully that is sorted - although because i am making an effort to walk more I am not driving much. But at least it is on the drive more than in the Ford Garage now which is fab!!!!

I have been crafting a little when my hands (and time) has allowed me and have taken a few pics but need to take them off the camera. Actually I need to take the Christmas pics off there too - how awful!!!!!

Right think I am caught up with the latest news in the Feary house - here is a bad pic of Harry dressed as a Pickle Boy for a Church concert.


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Dianne said...

Happy New Year to you too Clare :)

Sorry to hear about your arthritis - I too have it in my hands and feet amoung other places. It can be very painful can't it. Take care of yourself.

Lovely pic of your Boy there too!!

BTW it's great to see have back on CC :-)