Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sunday but I don't care!!!

Normally on a Sunday evening I get a little sad as it's the end of the weekend and hubs and the boys will be off to work/school the next day.
Not this week though!!! Oh my jove no!!!
Steve has a week off and of course the boys are on summer hols! Yipeeeee!!!

On a crafting note I don't have a pic to show of my latest creations - that will be tomorrow. However my friend Di has been asked to join a DT for this lady and I have to admit these crochet flowers are on my need list!!!


Elaine said...

Aaaah it tis indeed blissful that its the holidays, and you are in the same position as me as my hubby is off this next week too ;)

No rushing around, bliss... :)

Enjoy it Clare :)

Elaine x

Sue said...

Enjoy your week with the boys and your OH.

Tracey-Ann said...

Enjoy your week Clare :-)