Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What a mad day!!!!

It really has been one of those days today. Actually one of those weeks if I am quite honest.

George came down with a stinker of a cold on Friday afternoon and no amount of dosing him up could prevent an ear infection on Monday. He has been a poorly boy but this morning he was up and in his uniform ready for school. I had my reservations but let him go and well he lasted an hour.
An hour later I then had a call from Harry's school telling me that my oldest had a sore throat and was quite unwell too!!!!! Following a trip to the docs it was confirmed that while his tonsils were swollen they weren't infected although they took a swab to confirm.
They are now both in bed dosed up to the hilt and we will see what tomorrow brings with them.

My tumble dryer has also packed up this afternoon - actually it started smoking which I don't think is a good sign :o) As finances are more than a little tight at the mo I am going to see if I can make do without one for a little while. Ha ha ha could be interesting!!!!!

In between all of the dramas today I have managed to make a couple of quick cards which I will take pics of tomorrow. A couple are Christmas cards - I know I know!!!!!
Anyway here is another Gorjuss girl card to show you. I really do love the images!!!


Sue said...

I'm loving the card, especially the colour:)

Sorry to hear about your boys, but know from a post on Scrappers that they are well enough for school today.

Smoking is a dreadful habit, especially for a tumble dryer:) Hope you can manage hun.

I was enjoying looking at your blog, until I saw the 'C' word:) It sure is fast approaching.

♥♥ Elaine ♥♥ said...

I do hope both your boys are okay today Clare, what a rough lot you've had lately. Hope work is okay and you have a lovely day.

Your gorjuss card is perfect, just love it :)

Elaine x

Pat said...

Love your Gorjuss girls Clare. I have seen cards not half as good as these, comemrcial cards I mean, in a local shop and they are VERY expensive! Hope the boys are now fully recovered xx

Dianne said...

Great work Clare !!