Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why do I do it??

Well I went to my friends house last night and yup you guessed it I feel like total crappy poo at the mo. Damn that fizzy rose!!!! (was a very very good night though ha ha ha)

My inlaws friends heard from their son and all is well with them. They have been evacuated but they are safe thank goodness

Here is a LO using pics from a trip to Warwick Castle nearly three years ago. It just makes me smile :)

Right full fat coke is now calling me! xx

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Sue said...

Glad you had a nice evening. Hope you aren't so delicate now;)

Glad your inlaws friends are safe.

Another fab LO. I've been to Warwick Castle. It was when the original Henry was on TV,w hich I think was in the 70s.