Friday, May 10, 2013

Catch up!

So Clare whats been going on since you last posted on your blog?
  • Harry almost definitely has Aspergers. Not a great surprise but we have our foot in the door with CAMHS and so things, hopefully, will start moving.
  • Mum has been in hospital twice :-( Its been very very scary for us and her but she is home now and continues to improve.
  • Oliver rehearsals are continuing and going well. Oh and Harry has another show lined up for afterwards so busy busy!
  • George was awarded Clubman for the u11 rugby team - so proud!
  • I have a new job! So excited and pleased. I start in June and it will mean no more Saturdays or working till 5pm! 
So its been a busy and emotional time for us all but things are good at the mo.

I haven't been stitching alot but here is one of the cards I made for Harry's 15th (yes 15) birthday last month.

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