Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How was your Easter then?

Ours was lovely!
We met up with friends and family alike. Spent time together and just chilled out really (recovered from a hangover too!).
On Saturday we went to the cinema and watched The Spiderwick Chronicles. Oh what a brill film - go and see it!!!!!
Sunday morning we awoke to a blanket of white outside and it was fantastic. Snow ball fights galore were fought and my mum and dad still made it from up north to spend the day wth us. Brilliant!!!!!

I have made a couple of cards but tonight I wanted to share a model which George made last week for his school's Easter Exhibition. He had a teensy bit of help from his dad but he did the majority of it.
It is fantastic and sits with pride on the mantelpiece. I have been promising him I would post it on my blog for a few days now - here it is little man!!!! xxxxxxxx

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yamsi sue said...

Wow, what a great model, i adore it.You're a very clever boy George big hugs to ya((((George))))

Glad you had a lovely easter and you enjoyed your snow, we had a very similar easter here too:-)