Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We had Snow!!!

Yes finally this morning we had some of the white fluffy stuff.
I have never seen George move out of bed so quickly as he did when he was told it was snowing :)
But alas it was not to last and as I type this there is no snow left :(

Went to crafting class this morning and had fun with Traci. She had some things for us to play with and I have ordered some new stamps! Yipeeeeeee!


Jules {Creative Makes} said...

No snow where we are, but I believe it snowed up on the nearby moors. It wasn't there long enough for us to nip up and enjoy it though *sigh*.

Lovely picture :-)

yamsi sue said...

We also had a very small amount,if we blinked we missed it.lol
Looks lovely on your piccie though claire :-)