Monday, March 23, 2009

How quiet is it???

Well today everyone went back to work/school and omg it is quiet around here!!!!
Had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday. My boys thoroughly spoilt me and treated me, my mum and mil to lunch out. How fab is that???? I was really made to feel special and it meant the world to me :)
On Saturday I did a spot of crafting and I made this card for a friend using templates from this blog. I love the card and will be making some more - hope my friend likes it!


Carolina. said...

¡Hola! Me llamo Carolina y acabo de hacer un Blog, sobre mi próxima novela. Soy de Argentina. Encontré tu Blog a través de otro, ya que Blogspot no tiene buscador. Me gustó mucho tu Blog.
Nos mantenemos en contacto.


Dianne said...

Clare!!!! How cool is that!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that card Clare! Fab colours!
Glad you got spoiled, you deserve it :)
Pat x