Saturday, March 28, 2009

Icky icky icky!

Yup thats me - it's all finally caught up with me and I have come down with a stinking cold which has done nasty things with my sinuses :(
I woke up this morning looking like I had been punched in the face. This is not a good look when you are about to spend the day fitting shoes on children - the aim is not to scare the children ;)
Still the day went very very quickly as we were very very busy (what recession??) and infact had one of our busiest Saturday's ever!!!!!!
I have had a hot bath now accompanied by a very generous glass of Merlot and am feeling a whole lot better. Actually feeling even more so as Robin Hood has returned on the Beeb and Mr Armitage is looking very very scrummy (quite like the angst look!!).

Tomorrow I am letting Steve do the Rugby training while I catch up on a few things at home. I must also do a couple of Easter cards.
Here is the Mother's Day card to my Mum - nice and simple but I like it!!

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