Thursday, February 04, 2010

Busy Busy!!!!

Did not have chance to update yesterday - what a busy day!!!!
Still it flew by especially at work as it was hectic which is just the way i like it. Lots of pretty shoes have come in - wish I had a girl (sigh!!!)
Sometimes I get the chance to make girly cards though. For some reason I have a few Dufex decoupage sheets and so used one for this card. Very girly but making use of all the stuff I have around me.
George has a party to go to on Sunday and this card is for his friend Scarlett. Am loving that name (fav film), infact I wanted Harry to be Katie Scarlett if he was a girl. Steve put his foot down and we settled for Lara Beth (fav film and book).
Today I have Steve keeping me company - yay!!!! Lets see what the day brings shall we? xxx


Anonymous said...

Great minds Clare! My eldest is Lara, for the same reason!
Be thankful for the boys, girls can be a nightmare lol
Fab card!
Pat x

Dianne said...

Fab card Clare - it lovely & girly!!

Sue said...

Lovely card.