Sunday, February 14, 2010

Slow Sunday!

Have had a busy few days so am glad that today is for chilling. Have not touched any stash so I must have not had time!!!!

I made this layout the other day and it shows my ice cream monster - otherwise known as George. I didn't add the flowers at first but it seemed naked so gave it a go and actually its not bad.

I have a few friends who ae going through tough times at the mo and its hard to see people you care about hurting. Its even harder when you don't live near to them and so can't help as much as you would like to. Hugs to you all ((()))

Finally as it's Valentines Day I just want to say to my hubs that I love you and always will. xxxx


Sue said...

Lovely LO. I adore ice cream as well:)

Pat said...

Fab LO Clare, your ice crem monster is sooo cute. xx

Dianne said...

Excellent LO Clare and I too think that your ice cream monster is cute too!!