Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Boy!!

Been very slack on posting lately as boys have been on hols so its been manic here and also I seem to have completely lost my crafting mojo. If anyone finds said mojo please could you return it to me!!??
The major event in our family has been the 13th birthday of my eldest boy. I really cannot believe he is 13 years old now - time has truely flown by. If I am quite honest about it I am really sad that he is growing up so quickly.
Harry is very intelligent and extremely focused on what he wants to do when he is grown up. He is obsessed with dinosaurs, Star Wars, Doctor Who and anything to do with the Natural World. The boy will get up on stage and sing and perform infront of hundreds of people but finds it hard to make friends. I am told he is extremely polite and well behaved when he is out and at school and he loves his little brother....alot!
Harry eats like a horse, is stick thin and if he drinks coca cola or eats certain e numbers is hyperactive for days! He has no fashion sense, will never have his hair cut short again and prob changes his pants every couple of days. But he is my boy and I love him!!!! xxxx


Sue said...

Clare, I saw your mojo lurking. I told it to scarper right back to you:)

You've done a fab job with Harry. So nice to hear of polite young lads.

Pat said...

He's growing up into a such a handsome young man Clare, all credit to you and Steve. Not sure he'll thank you for mentioning his pants though :D xx