Monday, April 04, 2011

Up and down!

Up and down is very much how I would describe my life at the mo!!!
Still given the circumstances it could be worse. Last Sunday Steve and George were involved in a collision with another car. Luckily Steve managed to swerve out of the other drivers way slightly or things could have been much much worse. They both are suffering from whiplash at the mo but hopefully with time this will ease.

No crafting has been done whatsoever as I have been acting as nursemaid and taxi driver. However, today everyone is back at school or work so I am back to my routine again :)

The boys break up from school for two weeks on Friday which will be lovely as I am not working very much at all over the hols - plus its my Harry's birthday on the 16th! 13 years old - oh my goodness.


Pat said...

Thank goodness they came out of it virtually unscathed Clare! Easter hols already? Goodness, it's not long been Christmas lol xx

Sue said...

I hope Steve and George get over the whiplash soon. Must have been such a shock for you all.

Hope the weather is nice for your boys.

Now how can you have a 13 year old? Must have been a child bride:)