Friday, November 25, 2011

Feeling better

Well the last post was a real pity post. Not sure where all of that came from but let me assure you that my glass is def half full today.
I have decided that I need to teach them to be more independent and not rely on mum to sort stuff out automatically.
So tonight I have decided that Harry is going to make tea for them both (under my supervision of course) which will just be soup or beans on toast but it's a start!!
I have also realised that things need to change work wise and so I am trying to do something about that too. Can't say much now but obviously if something happens I will post on here.

In my haste to have a more organised Christmas I have already conjured out some thankyou cards for the boys. A simple design using accents from Cuddly Buddly. On the back I have added a preprinted thankyou with gaps for the boys to add their own notes.

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Sue said...

Glad you are in a better place today. Sounds like you have thought things through and are getting things sorted.

Hope all goes well with work.

Lovely Thank You cards.