Saturday, November 19, 2011


That's how I felt today when I caught up with an old friend at work today.
A year ago next week a couple Steve and I have known for quite a while lost their baby daughter who was just a few days old. They brought her home from the hospital and she passed away surrounded by her parents and older siblings. It was devastating to them both and I often felt dreadful for them as although I have not lost a full term baby I did loose through miscarriage 2 babies and that was awful.
Anyway I spoke to the husband today and they are expecting another baby in the next few weeks. This baby will be another girl and I am sure much loved by her older brothers and sister and treasured by her parents.
I have another card from a couple of weeks ago. It is for my neighbour who I love very much and whose birthday is next week.
Have a great weekend ! X xx