Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Using old stuff!

I think it was last year's resolution not to buy anymore crafting stash and ok while I have maybe bought a Christmas card kit and the odd stamp I can proudly announce I bought no new patterned papers etc!
Having said that I still have loads of stuff but to be quite honest I have not crafted as much as I like so my stock has not dwindled as much or as quick as it could.
This year I am making a really good effort to craft more. It really does chill me out and provide me with 'me' time. As a mum of two boys/young men I need it believe me. For the last couple of weeks what I have been aiming to do is once housework is done, boys sorted etc etc to go in the study and do something. Even if it is just for half an hour and I think I am feeling the benefit of it. :)

This card is from a birthday pack of papers which I have had for yonks, infact yesterdays card is from the same set. I am also ashamed to say i have two packs of this! Oh well plenty of birthday cards for everyone :) I coloured in the sentiment, which is taken from a Kirsty Wiseman cd, with a promarker pen to fit in with the colour scheme.

On Sunday I spent the afternoon coloring in some stamped images with my promarkers and so am now batch making some boys and girls cards which hopefully will be done later.

So whats going on with the family today? Well:
Harry - seems to think his option choices are safe although he can't decide between history and geography. His other choices are drama, German instead of French and RE and philosophy. Rehearsals for his latest local production (Bartered Bride) are going well and he has been given a small speaking part :)
George - back injury is healing well (rugby on Sunday and collapsed scrum). Unusually he is testing my patience at the mo
Steve - finishing early today - yay!

So thats all for today folks xxx

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Sue said...

So0unds like family life is about the same then:)

Fab card. I have those papers as well.