Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Well didn't the weekend go quick? So quick I didn't update my blog - ha ha ha cos I do that regularly???!!!
Anyway work was interesting to say the least and we were driving the boys here there and everywhere for rugby or rehearsals. Don't think I saw alot of my hubs over the weekend but still there is this weekend to look forward to as I am off :)

Last night we had a meeting at Harry's school concerning a forthcoming trip to France and Belgium to see the WWI trenches etc. Its Harry's first trip abroad without us hence the title of this post. I know he will be fine and he will love the trip. Infact I am really jealous as it sounds fab but I will miss him dreadfully - although its only for two nights.
George is currently reading the Warhorse, or rather trying to. He got to a certain part on Sunday evening and starting sobbing and I mean sobbing. He cried that much he wore himself out. Needless to say Monday nights book was Horrid Henry ;)

Anyway onto the crafting. I have made a card for Valentines Day using a Cuddly Buddly image, some ribbon and embellishments which again I have had for yonks - I really need to get through them :)
This card is for Steve but I am waiting for Harry to ask me for one for his girlfriend Ellie. Hmmm thinking about it maybe I should make it up before he asks as I know he will suddenly realize on 13th Feb he hasn't done anything for her!!!!


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Sue said...

I am sure Harry will have a fab time and before you know it, he'll be back home telling you all about it.

I want to read The War Horse before I see the film.

Lovely card. Maybe Harry could make a card for Ellie?