Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Different hats!

Being a mum is all about hats and the last two days I have worn my nurses hat.
Harry is still under the weather and that has meant that today I have not been to work. Not such a bad thing in some ways but then if I don't work I don't get paid :(
Anyway hopefully tomorrow he will be going to school as I think he will be much better after a good nights sleep.

Today I have been cutting out decoupage and sticking it together. I haven't any cards in mind yet but just wanted to cut pictures out.
I have lots of sheets in a folder which need using up so am slowly but surely making my way through them.

Here is another batch of cards I made from a stamped image and some scrap patterned paper. I am going to have a look at a different type of punch for my sentiments though as I am getting fed up of the plain circle.

Right chef's hat needs to be put on my head :) xx


Sue said...

Hope your nurses hat has been put away and Harry is well enough for school.

Lovely card.

Dianne said...

Fantastic card Clare as are all your cards, I am so sorry for being a bad blog reader, I am nearly as bad at blogging lately!