Friday, July 23, 2010

Its almost here!!

The summer hols that is and I am really looking forward to it!!!
I have to work all day tomorrow but then have the next 10 days off with my chaps. Yipppeeeee!

Here is one of the cards I have made over the last few days. I am happy to say that my mojo has been found skulking in a corner somewhere and I have dragged it out kicking and screaming.

I am still working my way through a kit I bought from Create and Craft earlier this year. There are some very cute images and background images to use along wit some fab ribbon I received from Kirsty Wiseman the other day.

The plan is to try and get some scrapbook pages done over the summer as i seem to have slipped where that is concerned. Then again I haven't crafted anything much recently until this week so even making some birthday cards is a bonus.

I must get some pictures taken of Bruce as he seems to have grown so much since he came to stay with us. Mind you he seems to think he is a goat at the moment as not only does he love emptying and eating the contents of any bin but I caught him sitting on top of the patio table the other day. Hmmmmmm what did we let ourselves in for!!???


Elaine said...

What a really cute and colorful card Clare :)

Bet you re excited now, as its now 2.15 so not long til the boys finish for the summer :)

Have a wonderful evening :)

Elaine x

Sue said...

Enjoy the days off with your boys.

I love the card. So glad your mojo has returned. Hope you get more crafting done.

Bruce is still a puppy, so just make it clear when he's doing something wrong and the rest of the time enjoy having such a cute chap.

Tracey-Ann said...

I love this card Clare, its so bright and cheery :-)