Saturday, July 03, 2010

Its been a busy week full of rehearsals and then shows! Harry did so well in the lead role - I was so proud of my boy!

A couple of weeks ago I bought some Smirk decoupage which was masculine themed.
I was very impressed!!!!
Images for everyone in the set and the matching papers are really fun.

Not done as much crafting as I would like to lately but now that things are settling down health wise, school wise and work wise I am going to make an effort.



Sue said...

Great card for a little fella.

So glad Harry's play went well.

Glad to hear life and especially your health are calming down.

Hope you can get more crafting in.

Pat said...

Fab card Clare. Wish I could see Harry's play, I just know he was fantastic! xx

Dianne said...

Fab card Clare !!

Elaine said...

Such a fun card Clare... just love it, hope things settle down for you, would love to see some more crafting from you hee hee :)

Well done Harry, you ve every right to be proud hun :)

Elaine x