Monday, February 04, 2013

So sorry!

It's been a few days since I last posted so thought I should pull my finger out and get sorted.
George has been off school today with concussion. He had a little bump at rugby training yesterday but woke up feeling dreadful this morning so 8am this morning we were sat in a&e.
We didn't have a long wait and were seen by 2 nurses and a doctor fairly quickly. Infact we were back home by about 9.30!

Harry is doing ok at school etc. rehearsals for Oliver are going well and he is enjoying being back in the swing of performing and rehearsing. Am feeling frustrated at getting referrals sorted for his Aspergers diagnosis and for something else of a more personal nature. I am going to wait until Friday and then will start chasing etc.

Steve is really enjoying his mosaic work and over the weekend he worked on a mirror. It looks amazing and will look even better once its grouted. As soon as it is I will post a pic.
He is looking at maybe selling some of his pieces and I honestly think they are good enough!

And me? Well I haven't done loads if stitching as I have been quite busy but I did finish two pieces over the weekend for Mother's Day - one of which is shown below.
Some fab news and which I still can't believe is that my mum and dad are buying a new iPad for me for my birthday. I am so excited!!!!!!

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