Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Busy day!!!

Yes I have actually been at work today and been there for 5 hours!
I work the odd hour at a local children's shoe shop and it is quite a nice job to have! Usually it is on a Saturday I work but as it is stock take time extra hands were required!

Also this morning I had a card order - fabby!!!! Hopefully a few more will follow and I also need to get my Xmas cards finished as soon as!

Here is a card I did a little while ago. I do have some cards awaiting photos to be taken. I will try and get these done tomorrow - honest!

Right hubby has just turned up from work finally so going to spend some quality time with him xxxx

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Nimble Fingers Blog said...

Hi Clare - sorry about the weird way in contacting you - its Nat from Nimble Fingers here, Traci's friend. She said I need to get in touch as I am convinced that I have the answer to a long term bug bear for your hubbie. When you get chance, please ring me 0845 362 8511 at the shop or 01536 711968 eve. Thanks
Nat ( PS: sorry to be a bore everyone but this has absoloutely nothing to do with crafting I'm afraid !!)